Mini Cooper Suspension Stock & Performance upgrades

The factory original Mini Cooper Suspension was designed for the masses, which means it is a compromise between comfort and performance. If you are not interested in compromise we have a great selection of suspension upgrade to make it even better. Yes and even to make to smoother!

Mini Mania is your source for all MINI Cooper suspension and steering parts! We offer both Factory Original (OEM) parts and the very best in MINI Cooper suspension performance parts from names like Koni and Bilstein, as well as a lineup of standard aftermarket replacements. The experts at Mini Mania also offer a selection of sport tuned suspensions and shocks that will allow you to tune your MINI to your specific wishes. Suspension kits will allow you to either maintain your stock ride height (with better shock control) or raise the car to avoid becoming a snow plow in the winter, or lower the car for that great day at the track!

We also offer tie rod assemblies, ball joints, control arm bushings performance sway bars and sway bar links. From MINI Cooper shock absorbers to MINI Clubman sway bars, we have the MINI suspension and steering parts you are looking for!

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