MINI Cooper Oil Change Maintenance Kit

Here at Mini Mania, we've made it easier and more affordable for you to maintain your MINI by offering oil change kits.  Regular oil changes will keep your car happy and healthy (and you happy).   We carry OEM (original equipment manufacturer) kits for all MINI models. 

Choose from one of three oil change kits below, based on your car type:

oil change kit for R50 R52 r53 MINI Cooper

Gen1 OEM Kit: NMK6500
R50 Hardtop/Hatchback Cooper NON-S (2002-2006)
R53 Hardtop/Hatchback Cooper S (2002-2006)
R52 Convertible Cooper NON-S/S (2005-2008)

oil change kit for R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61 MINI Cooper

Gen2 OEM Kit: G2NMK6499-P

R56 Hardtop/Hatchback Cooper NON-S/ S (2007-2013)
R55 Clubman Cooper NON-S/ S (2008-2014)
R57 Convertible Cooper NON-S/S (2009-2015)
R58 Coupe Cooper NON-S/S (2012-2015)
R59 Roadster Cooper NON-S/S (2012-2016)
R60 Countryman Cooper NON-S/S (2011-2016)
R61 Paceman Cooper NON-S/S (2013-2016)

oil change kit for F55 F56 F54 F57 and F60 MINI Coopers

Gen3 OEM Kit: G3NMK1050-P

F56 Hardtop/Hatchback Cooper NON-S/S  (2014+)
F55 Hardtop/Hatchback 4-Door Cooper NON-S/S (2015+)
F57 Convertible Cooper NON-S/S (2016+)
F54 Clubman Cooper NON-S/S (2016+)
F60 Countryman Cooper NON-S/S (2017+)

MINI Cooper Service & Maintenance Schedule Gen 1
Mini Cooper Service & Maintenance Schedule for Gen2 Minis
Mini Cooper Service & Maintenance Schedule for Gen3 Minis

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