MINI Cooper Brakes Parts

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MINI MANIA has a full range of brakes parts for your new Mini Coopers whether it's a Cooper S, a non-S or JCW. You can find the OEM and aftermarket, upgrade and replacement brakes parts you need from brakes and big brakes kits, rotors and calipers, brake pads and cables/lines. Plus, we have tons of articles, videos, installation instructions, etc. in our Brakes Articles section.


MINI Cooper Brakes Parts Categories include:

MINI Cooper S brakes parts and accessories is also available.


 So, whatever you need for  your Mini Cooper’s brakes, chances are we’ve got it a price you can afford.


And don’t miss out on our Brakes Installation articles and General Articles and Videos.


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Our Brakes Parts for your MINI Cooper fits the following MINI Cooper Non-S, Cooper-S and JCW models:

GEN 1 models

Hatchback (R50) 2002-2006 (non-S)

Convertible (R52)  2005-2008

Hatchback (R53) 2002-2006 (Cooper S)


GEN 2 models

Clubman (R55) 2008-2014   

Hatchback (R56) 2007-2013  

Convertible (R57) 2009-2015  

Coupe (R58) 2012-2015

Roadster (R59) 2012-2015

Countryman (R60) 2011-2016

Paceman (R61) 2013-2016


GEN 3 models

Clubman (F54) 2016 - 2017+

Hardtop 4-Door (F55) 2015-2017+

Hardtop (F56) 2014 - 2017+

Convertible (F57) 2016-2017+

Countryman (F60) 2017+