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BMW Mini Cooper

Grilles, Trim and Bumpers for Your MINI Cooper

Browse our wide selection of grill and bumper parts for your MINI Cooper. We carry OEM factory replacement and repair parts as well as aftermarket upgrade options. You will also find trim kits, grill badges, bumper protectors and more!
In the old days it was very clear when someone talked about a 'bumper' we could all picture in our mind- most often thought of as chrome bars affairs that extend from the front and back of the car. In today's world of aero-dynamics it is much more difficult. A Mini Cooper Front Bumper could be simply a large piece of plastic that is covering the real protection under it. Seeing the pictures of the various 'bumpers' as below will help tremendously.

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What type of Mini do I have? VIN number says, 2007 mini Type S, convertible Turbo however it does not appear to have turbo, but it is supercharged. is it a R52, or R57 or what type? please help with vehicle ID
If you have a 2007 Cooper S Convertible, it is the R52 with the supercharged engine.
NOTE:  When you search for parts on our site, please use the 2006 R52 convertible cooper s. Our car search does not recognize the 2007-2008 R52 convertibles.

FOLLOW UP QUESTION:  I am also looking for the front bumper lip.

ANSWER TO FOLLOW UP:  Here is the replacement front lip for your 2007 convertible.