Doesn't Your MINI Need to Look its Best!?

Killer Wheels Borrani Killer Wheels: We know its the dream upgrade, but we'd be remiss if we didn't include gorgeous Borrani wire wheels on our list of best performance upgrades. These classic Italian wheels are hand-crafted from aluminum alloy (at least 25% lighter than steel) and are likely to be seen on Ferraris and Maseratis.
(Part number G2NMW5000)
Carbon Fiber Upgrade Carbon Fiber Upgrade: Carbon fiber, as they say, is the new black. Its super flexible and light-weight, has high tensile strength and resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion. It is the super material in motorsports. Parts are available for exterior and interior.
(Part number CARBON-FIBRE)
pilot case PILOT Travel Case: This work/travel case is loaded ith retro Mini flair.  But it doesn't just look great.  Check out the details: retractable telescopic handle, sturdy carry handle, easy-glide wheels, interior compartments for clothes, documents, mobile phone, and pens. Plus, it sports a separate laptop sleeve and an integrated TSA lock
(Part number G2NMA5230)
iPhone Holder iPhone Holder: Any great car needs a good place for a smart phone. We want our iPhones where we can see our maps, music, and other apps without taking our eyes off the road. This mount clips on adjacent to the tachometer without harming your MINI.
**See our product review and instructional video at**
(Part number G2NMI7351)
Options for iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G/3Gs
Custom-Fit Car Cover Custom-Fit Car Cover: The accessory of choice for the MINI enthusiast, these custom covers fit like a well-tailored glove. The indoor model keeps out every speck of dust in the garage – and has a cheeky look about it, to boot. The outdoor model is serious business, keeping the elements at bay when parking on the street.
(Part number G2NMA1201)
Custom MINI Luggage Custom MINI Luggage: These bags are specially shaped to match the dimensions of the boot, fully utilizing all available space with Convertible and Hatchback options. Triple-layer fabric heavy duty hardware, practical utility pockets, and a core layer of insulating material round out the meticulous design.
(Part number G2NMA5200)
leather shift knob Leather Dress Kit: Is the carbon fiber look just too modern for you?  If you like your MINI to have some classic flair, leather accents like these shift knobs, e-brake handles, and boots, add richness to your MINI's interior.  Plus, they come in a variety of colors.
(Part number G2MNI1000RR)
Scale Model JCW Scale Model: This is no toy.  These are limited edition, 1:18 scale models for the serious enthusiast.  This miniature is a highly detailed version of the MINI Cooper S (2007+ R56). Chili red with a black roof, bonnet stripes and rims, it also features carbon fiber detailing. 
(We won't say a word if you play with it when no one is looking...)
(Part number G2NMA6150)
Plug-In Cooling Bag Plug-In Cooling Bag: If you spend a lot of time working in your car, this is for you. Keep food and drink nicely chilled and close at hand. This insulated bag plugs into any 12V power outlet for CFC-free cooling.
- Capacity: 0.5 cubic feet. Exterior dimension: 16" x 16" x 5.5"
(Part number G2NMI2075)
Mini the Book MINI, The Book: Forty-plus years of MINI history in two hundred pages. If you want to sit back and soak in MINI culture, this is the book for you.  Colorful, limited edition volume contains rare photos and never-before-told stories from renowned fashion designers, artists, photographers and writers about the evolution of an automotive icon.
(Part number G2NMA6104)