MINI Cooper High Performance Brake Rotors

Stopping is critical for safety and performance. Performance brake rotor selections are always the best from the largest MINI parts supplier in the USA.
Brake rotor replacement is often done for a number of reasons but can best be summarized as maintenance or performance upgrade. When a rotor is simply used up, it can show itself in a number of way. As the rotors wears it gets thinner and loses some of its ability to dissipate heat from the friction. Hot brakes do not stop as well as cool ones. As the brake rotor gets thinner it is also more likely to develop cracks that at a minimum will increase the wear rate of the pads and decrease stopping power. If the cracks become sever it could result on catastrophic brake failure. Brake rotors don’t have to be too thin to result in problem. If the rotor has been subjected to heavy braking as often occurs when driving aggressively, it is not uncommon to have the brake rotor “warp”. This condition results in a pulsating feel to the brake pedal and a lose of stopping efficiency.
When thinking performance it is often the case to include upgrading your braking system and typically that results in upgraded brake rotors. Upgrades are available in a number of fashions. Simply getting a stock size and design rotor made from a better material will help. But is also very common to consider other options of ‘vented’ or ‘slotted’ type and even larger rotors.

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