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How to Reset the Brake Wear Service  Warning Sensor on Your MINI Cooper

When the Brake Wear Service indicator illuminates, one of the two Brake Wear Warning Sensors has been triggered.  The brake wear sensor is a wire loop that gets worn down against the rotor.  Once the wire is worn thru and the circuit is opened, the brake wear indicator is illuminated.   The MINI has a brake wear sensor in the front left wheel, and the right rear wheel.

After replacing the worn sensor, reset the sensor service warning indicator with the following procedure:

For "Generation 1" 2002-2006 R50 and R53 Hatchback and 2005-2008 R52 Convertibles

A.  Turn the ignition key to the #2 position for around 30 seconds without turning over the engine
B.  The warning indicator should go out! 

For "Generation 2" 2007+ R56 Hatchbacks, 2008+ R55 Clubman, 2009+ R57 Convertibles,  2012+ R58 Coupe and R59 Roadster, and R60 Countryman & R61 Paceman

To enter the service Menu:
A. Insert Key
B. Do not press clutch / brake
C. Press Start button
D. Wait until the Car / relevant Service warning symbol disappears on the Rev counter display
E. Immediately after the symbol goes out - Press and hold Both buttons on the Rev Counter
F. Continue to hold - the system Will run a dash light check
G. Continue to hold
H. Display will then show VIN / Menu, - continue to hold through this until the time Reappears on the display.
I. Now release Only the Right hand Button (trip reset) for about a second, and then press and hold again (whilst still holding the LH button)
J. After another second or 2 the display will show the Front Brake Symbol You Are Now in the Service Menu:D
K. Use the BC Button (on indicator stalk) to scroll through to the relevant symbol - eg Rear Brakes
L. To Reset the warning indicator alarm - Press & Hold the BC Button at the relevant symbol until RESET appears - then press and hold again until the process is complete.
M. Turn Off and On the Ignition again - Warning should now have gone!

And if that didn't work, try this:
A.  Sit in car, close door and turn ignition on.
B.  Press and hold trip reset button for 10 seconds.
C. The upper display in the tach will be illuminated with a service warning item. the lower display in the tach will indicate the remaining time or mileage left for that service item. Pressing the BC (board computer) button repeatedly on the end of the turn signal stalk will allow the display to scroll through all of the condition based service items.
D.  To reset, press and hold the bc button again and the lower screen will indicate reset.
E.  Pressing the bc button only resets the item displayed in the upper window only. Repeat the procedure for any additional service reset needs.