Temperature Falls, Safety Calls

Toss the pumpkin latte. Stay safe with new breaks, lights,
wipers and more

It's that time to get your Mini up to par with the weather change.

Brakes and lights (lamps) are a necessity to make sure yourself, friends and family, and your fellow drivers stay safe as the roads get wet and the sun sets early. And to keep your prized Mini safe as well.

High percentages of accidents are caused by brakes.

Common contributing factors to brake-related accidents include:

  • Faulty/Worn Brake Lines. Leaks in brake lines may allow brake fluid to drain away, compromising brake performance.
  • ABS Malfunctions. An Antilock Brake System (ABS) is designed to automatically prevent the wheels from locking up when drivers hit the brakes hard—preventing slipping and loss of control. ABS malfunctions can compromise braking performance.
  • Worn Brake Pads & Discs. The brake pads and discs in your car wear out a little bit more with each and every use. Over time, this wear makes it harder to stop your vehicle, resulting in longer stop distances and increased accident risks.

And headlights can be just as important for your Mini!

Headlights and taillights increase visibility significantly, showing you not only more of the road, but making it so that other drivers are better able to see your vehicle too. Bust vehicle lights make your car much harder to see in the dark or in inclement weather, increasing your risk of getting rear-ended or sideswiped.

  1. And now there are more options such as LED headlights and HID headlights.

    Here's 7 tips for this season
  2. 1) Don't brake on leaves
  3. 2) Avoid sun glare
  4. 3) Drive like its raining
  5. 4) Be careful on bridges
  6. 5) Adjust your eyes
  7. 6) Watch for deer
  8. 7) Make sure your vehicle is up to the task. 
  10. That means you should:
    • Check your tire pressure. Tires lose 1 to 2 pounds of pressure for every 10-degree temperature drop, according to the Utah Safety Council.
    • Replace your windshield wipers. A really clean window can help you see when there's glare.
    • Adjust your headlights. If your headlights seem too dim, ask your mechanic to make sure they're aligned properly.

    Just remember, SAFETY’s FIRST!