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These are the Top 10 MINI Accessories
They are easy to install, and create no permanent modification.

Perfect for those of us who Lease our MINI!

Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers Mirror Covers in the Carbon Fiber Look. We like the entire Carbon Fiber Look set, but these mirror covers make MINIs look a little richer – a little extra bling. Simple to install, these fit over the factory cover and actually protect the stock mirror. Bonus!
(Part number NMA1251)
Sunroof Wind Deflector Sunroof Wind Deflector We like the fresh air when we get out on the open road, but sometimes our kids, dogs, and hairdos don't appreciate gusts. This MINI factory option clips onto the sunroof with rubber seal between it and the roof to protect your paint finish.
(Part number NMX1105)
Shorty Antenna Shorty Antenna When we go to the car wash, we always forget about removing the antenna. Not a problem. A factory antenna, this guy stands only 4" tall. Fits MINIs and COUNTRYMAN - no tools required. Fair warning: if signals are weak with your stock antenna, this won't do you any favors.
(Part number G2NMX7618)
Magnetic Grille Badges Magnetic Grille Badges One of the easiest ways to customize MINIs is the grille badge. A tradition going back to the classic Mini, today you can find anything from flags to military insignia to holiday themes to the jolly roger... This is part of what makes owning a MINI fun.
(Part number NMX2100)
Magnetic Stripes Magnetic Stripes If you're hesitant about committing to vinyl adhesives, these are a great way to get your feet wet. In both white and checkered-flag options, your MINI can change its stripes to suit your mood. And years-worth of reviews say these won't harm your finished if you put them on clean.
(Part number NMX4071)
Rear Boot Cover Rear Boot Cover This is a must-have for dog-owners and grocery-getters. Resistant to water and dirt, this boot cover can fight off a host of threats to MINI cleanliness. Plus, we dig the easy-fit design and faux leather fabric - also comes in black.
(Part number G2NMI2061)
Italian Leather Armrest/Storage/Cupholder Italian Leather Armrest/Storage/Cupholder Add a little extra comfort, storage, and style – molto bello! Easy to install and designed for a MINI without a factory armrest, the assembly can be 'flipped up' out of the way when not in use. Installation is simple, mouting into the rear cup holder with only three screws.
(Part number G2NMI4016)
Doggie Dish Doggie Dish For many MINI owners, their dogs are their ultimate accessory. An essential for MINI dogs on the go, this container is waterproof, easy to clean, and collapsible. Features a lux leather exterior and screen printed with a MINI flag accent stripe.
(Part number G2NMA5217)
iPhone Holder iPhone Holder Any great car needs a good place for a smart phone. We want our iPhones where we can see our maps, music, and other apps without taking our eyes off the road. This mount clips on adjacent to the tachometer without harming your MINI.
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Options for iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G/3Gs.
(Part number G2NMI7351)
Block Fleece Jacket Block Fleece Jacket Technically, its not an accessory. But we like to wear our love for our MINIs, and t-shirts get tired. These fleeces are a far more elegant choice, with block-colored side paneling, a tasteful logo, side and shoulder pockets. The fact that it also comes in a ladies' fit is icing on the cake.
(Part number G2NMA5081)