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Precision Steering Amplifier W/shop Manual - R50/52/53

Precision Steering Amplifier W/shop Manual - R50/52/53

Precision Steering Amplifier W/shop Manual - R50/52/53
FREE Haynes Workshop Manual with the Precision Steering Amplifier!

Dramatically improve handling characterstics with the Precision Steering Amplifier. The PSA improves the suspension geometry by reducing roll center movement in MINIs with stock and modified suspensions.

The roll center on the stock front suspension of MINI Cooper and Cooper S has large position changes when cornering. This is particularly true and evident in MINI's that have been lowered. The result is poor feedback to the driver and less than optimal handling characteristics.

The Precision Steering Amplifier was created to correct this problem and to significantly reduce roll center motion during cornering. The result is dramatically improved handling characteristics with street and competition MINIs while significantly improving feedback to the driver. The roll center movement is substantially reduced with the Precision Steering Amplifier and has been verified by real on-track testing and supported by calculations and computer simulations.

Track testing showed even temperatures across the front tires with improved turn-in response. Better handling AND longer lasting tires!!

See 'Tech Article' for a more detailed analysis of the PSA.

Fits 2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper, R53 Cooper S, and 2005-2008 R52 MINI Convertibles. Minimum 17" wheels required. (Will fit 16" wheels if the ball joint stud is shortened.)

Torque Ball Joint bolts to 50 ft-lbs.

Alignment is required following installation for best results.

See installation instructions here.

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