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Mini Cooper Brake Pads Ebc Greenstuff Fronts Gen1 R50-r53

Mini Cooper Brake Pads Ebc Greenstuff Fronts Gen1 R50-r53

Mini Cooper Brake Pads Ebc Greenstuff Fronts Gen1 R50-r53

Mini Cooper Brake Pads Ebc Greenstuff Fronts Gen1 R50-r53

Mini Cooper Brake Pads Ebc Greenstuff Fronts Gen1 R50-r53
Selected: NMB1100
Mini Cooper Brake Pads Ebc Greenstuff Fronts Gen1 R50-r53
Cooper & Cooper S Front
Part No: NMB1100
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List: $103.85
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EBC Greenstuff Front Brake Pads deliver increased stopping power, reduced brake fade and reduce brake dust over many aftermarket semi-metallic offerings.

For 2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 MINI Cooper S, and for 2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper and S Convertibles.

The new Greenstuff material reduces pad to disc operating temperature by up to 200 degrees while offering high initial 'bite' and are effective up to 800 degrees F. Features factory style spring clips for accurate and quiet operation. Fits all models

Follow manufacturers bed-in procedure for proper operation.

These pads are slotted for the factory brake sensor.

For Rear Pads, see NMB1101.

For maximum dust reduction, see the EBC RED Pads.

If you plan on 'tracking' the car for DE events, see the EBC YellowStuff Pads - these are 'track rated' street/track pads.

Brake Dust

Some BRAKE DUST is inevitable from every brake pad and it is impossible to totally eliminate dust otherwise brake vibration will occur. We never advertise ZERO DUST we only advertise LESS DUST and we appreciate that in some cases dust will be almost the same as original pads. However, please note that dust is always more severe in the first 1000 miles of driving especially if pads were fitted to partly worn rotors. Another condition which promotes significant dust is wrong pad compound choice. If you have a car with over 200bhp (horse power) or drive above what we might call a spirited street level, for example green pads would not be suitable and red ceramic, being a slightly harder pad, can handle these higher speeds and loads and gives off less dust … there may be cases of overload where the Green pads are carbonising in use and a higher spec pad (Red Ceramic) is needed. Yellow compounds are a fantastic brake, probably our best but they are equal in dust to Original parts and should not be chosen if a low dust pad is what you need. Our CLEANEST pads are RED CERAMIC for sedans.

If your brake wear warning light is illumninated, see replacement sensors.

Brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years. See ATE Performance Brake Fluid for replacement brake fluid. ATE® Type 200 Amber is a high quality performance fluid that will last much longer than the standard DOT4 fluid. This is an ABS friendly fluid.

ATE® Super Blue and ATE® TYP 200 Amber has a dry boiling point of 536F and a wet boiling point of 396F which far exceeds standard brake fluids meeting the DOT 4 requirements. This fluid is NOT SILICONE and is compatible with conventional brake fluid. 100% synthetic fluid is specifically designed to resist the high temperatures of racing brakes and yet very suitable for daily driving.

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