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Mini Cooper Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit Gen3 F56

Mini Cooper Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit Gen3 F56

Mini Cooper Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit Gen3 F56

Mini Cooper Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit Gen3 F56

Mini Cooper Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit Gen3 F56

Mini Cooper Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit Gen3 F56

Mini Cooper Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit Gen3 F56
Part No: G3NMK3005-P
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The Stage 2 kit for the MINI Cooper blends the racing performance experience of Mini Mania with the demands of the enthusiastic MINI street driver. A simple 'bolt-on' kit that adds 35-50+ hp!!! (Max power dependent on fuel octane.)  If you are looking for More Power and Great Sounds - this is the kit for you!

Fits the following Cooper S models:

2014-2020 F56 MINI Cooper S Hardtop

Available with the following variations:

  • Quicksilver Exhaust or NM Engineering Exhaust
  • Black, Blue, or Red Intake Tube

This Stage 2 Kit adds NM Engineering's Power Module to the proven Stage 1 Performance Upgrade Kit which is all about improving efficiency and 'flow' through the engine with a performance Intake Kit and a Free Flowing Exhaust system. More air thru the engine results in more Power and the sport exhaust gives it a nice bump in exhaust tone.  To top it off, the Power Module adds a healthy 'bump' in horsepower.


The NM Power Module is an all new propriatery tune box designed specifically for the F56, not some rebranded 3rd party product for the BMWs. It is a plug and play box that intercepts the T-MAP sensor and can be installed or removed within minutes without any detection. MINI Cooper F56 without reducing the reliability or integrity of the engine, clutch and driveline. This adds 44HP & 34FT-LB Torque (with 100+ octane fuel). It is the simplest and best alternative to ECU Upgrade or chip tuning.

The electrical components are housed in a billet aluminum enclosure which is protected from the elements and is designed and manufactured to be positioned within the engine bay of your vehicle. The wire harness is manufactured using automotive quality wiring which is both oil and heat resistant, and has the same OE water proof connectors as used on your engine. MINI Cooper F56 without reducing the reliability or integrity of the engine, clutch and driveline.


Two position switch:

  • LOW: 91+ Premium Fuel (+23HP/+23TQ)
  • HIGH: 100+ Octane Fuel (+44HP/+34TQ)


  • Allows ECU to remain in control of boost
  • The actual boost is increased by a precise amount
  • Boost is increased in a gradual, progressive fashion
  • Correct Air/Fuel mixture maintained from the wide band O2 and closed loop mode of the ECU
  • Ignition timing optimized by the ECU
  • Retain factory engine safety protocols
  • Not effected by ECU reprogramming by the dealer
  • Plug-and-play intercept at T-MAP sensor connector location
  • Installation or removal can be completed in a few minute
  • No trace Power Module was ever there after removal
  • Power Module can be sold or transfered to another vehicle of the same engine type.


Not to be used with 1.5T engine (Cooper non-S).

OBDII displays actual boost and not compensated, which makes the module compatible with all OBD reader/scanner, such as: Scan Gauge, P3, PLX, Torque Pro, etc.

Take a look at this Power Module Dyno Run video:



NM Engineering introduces the intake system for the new 2014+ F56 MINI Coopers. It is a completely bolt-on 'Open-Air-Box' system which gives you the most abundance and unrestricted 360° of air source compared to OEM's sealed air box. A simple 1/2 hour install will get you quicker throttle response, increased power, and more pronounced engine and turbo tunes!

This kit includes Intake Tube in BLUE

The NM Intake Kit features:

  • One piece mandrel bent aluminum tubing
  • OEM triangulate mounting locations
  • OEM style billet conical mounting posts
  • Wall shield between filter and hot radiator reservoir
  • Billet Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor fitting
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Washable filter element


See Hi Flow Intake Installation Instructions here.


NM exhaust systems are constructed from 100% aerospace quality T304 stainless steel – inside and out. Large diameter metric sized tubing and low restriction stainless steel mufflers are carefully designed to reduce weight and meet State noise restriction standards. polished muffler and tips, CNC mandrel bends, precise fit flanges and mounting hangers are standard on every NM exhaust system. 10~14 HP gain.

DRC System

NM F56 Downpipe-Back Exhaust System features Dual Resonance Chamber (DRC) muffler and resonator. It is a proprietary muffler design where it offers two different sound levels and characteristics depending on boost level and throttle input. At partial throttle the system will give round and deep sound level. Passengers can converse comfortably without any issue. At full throttle the sound level increases paired with raspier exhaust note as well as enhancing the famous MINI exhaust popping (burble) note at deceleration.

This system starts right after the downpipe at the factory v-band clamp. Complete bolt on system without any cutting. The system features 70mm tubing with dual 100mm (4") polished tips.

NOTE: This exhaust system for off road use only.


Engineered for fun, we unleash the full potential of the MINI experience offering a sound with more depth at lower revs and a higher pitch when you put your foot down with all the pops, bangs and burbles added too for good measure.

From manufacturer of high-end exhaust system upgrades for European Exotics just for the MINI, QuickSilver's High Performance Lightweight Exhaust system for your 2014+ F56 MINI Cooper S Hardtop. This system offers more horsepower, a crisp sporting sound, with twin 3" tips that fills out the rear bumper, and an all straight-through design for optimum efficiency.

A lighter weight system that has more efficient flow and shows a noticeable improvement in throttle response whilst enhancing that sports car sound. The system is designed to work with the engine, so at lower revs the sound remains relatively civilised and at higher revs it provides more presence and volume.


  • A defined sport car sound
  • Made from T304 Stainless Steel
  • Improved throttle response
  • Less weight benefits all areas of performance
  • 21.6 lbs system weight



NOTE: Some States (like California) have ever tightening requirements for emissions testing and inspections. Always check your current local regulations on compliance for street use.

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