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Light In Sight Windshield Wide Angle Lens

Light In Sight Windshield Wide Angle Lens

Light In Sight Windshield Wide Angle Lens
Part No: G2NMI5000
Internet Price $24.95
Do you have trouble seeing traffic lights when stopped at an intersection because the roof-line blocks the view or the rear view mirror is in the way??

Here is your solution!

LightInSight is a unique new product that solves a problem many drivers have faced, without any costly equipment or installation. LightInSight is a clear windshield mounted fresnel lens for assisting drivers in seeing traffic lights that would not be in the driver's normal field of view.

Many drivers can be seen at traffic lights, scrunching down, craning their necks to see the light changes above them. LightInSight can help! It works great in the MINI, especially for taller drivers, drivers with mobility problems (such as a neck or back problems), or if you like to have your seat raised in the high position.

LightInSight is self-adhering, easily removable, and reusable. It is installed at the top of the windshield, using only a wet paper towel or clean rag. LightInSight is made of optical quality, flexible vinyl and measures approximately 7" by 1 1/2". U.S. patent #6,108,141 was issued in August 2000.


* Clean the inside of the windshield in front of the driver near the top.
* Wet the inside of the windshield thoroughly with water.
* Place the smooth side of LightInSight against glass.
* Do not install in driver's normal field of view.
* Carefully push all the air bubbles to the edges.
* LightInSight may appear cloudy until all moisture has evaporated, it will turn perfectly clear in 6-24 hours.

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Stop bending and straining to see the lights
Easy and quick install on the inside top of the windshield. We installed one in both our minis. Really helps me since I normally have the seat way back to drive comfortably. Takes a week to get used to, you see things above your roof line fly by at the top of the windshield. It is a slight distraction the first day or so. But it is really great when you are the first in line at a light. Even better at night, you can sit back at an intersection and relax, watching the traffic light, above your line of sight, by simply watching it's reflection in the lens at the top inch or so of your windshield. It is non adhesive so easy to remove and reapply if you ever need to. After a few months, it is a natural way to drive now and I wouldn't want to drive even our trucks without one. Great product, fool-proof installation. Light in Sight works day and night to bend your sight line without stretching over the wheel and under the mirror to see the traffic lights when you are first in line.
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