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Anatomy Of The Classic Mini By Mark Huthert

Anatomy Of The Classic Mini By Mark Huthert

Anatomy Of The Classic Mini By Mark Huthert

The Mini's long production life saw many model changes and literally thousands of component changes, making choosing and assessing the correct part for a classic Mini very difficult. This book is the result of years of research, and comprises 2000 photos showing these component variations, with captions explaining which Mini model and date each was originally designed for. With no German parts listed, this book is an essential volume for all restorers of the classic Mini looking for true authenticity. The purpose of this book is to enable  the reader to identify important parts correctly , and help source replacements from other vehicles from the same manufactures , particulary engine and gearbox components.

The engine fitted to the classic Mini was originally called the AS#. It then became the A-Series in 1952 when Austin and Morris came together to form the British Motor Corporation . The engine was built between 1951 and 2000 , and there were literally millions of them produced.

This is by far the most valuable tool any and every Mini owner should have! After 40+ years of building/ restoring Minis this handy reference book not only will make the job easier but will be the greatest aid ever in helping you understand the wide crazy world of the Mini.  

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Created: February 16, 2006
Around 8% of the classic Minis were built outside the UK - do you know where your Mini was built? This article covers the history of Minis, and a myriad of identifying features of Minis built for the markets outside the UK.
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