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Mini Cooper Exhaust Header Manifold Gen2 R53 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Exhaust Header Manifold Gen2 R53 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Exhaust Header Manifold Gen2 R53 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Exhaust Header Manifold Gen2 R53 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Exhaust Header Manifold Gen2 R53 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Exhaust Header Manifold Gen2 R53 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Exhaust Header Manifold Gen2 R53 Cooper S
Specially Priced Item
Part No: NME1124
Internet Price $1475.00
This is a Special Priced Item
OFF ROAD USE ONLY! This product is NOT CARB Approved, and is never to be used on Pollution Controlled Vehicles or Public Highways

Performance and Quality from Quicksilver - UK's premier exhaust products manufacturer!

The original manifold has four short primaries and a restrictive collector followed by two catalytic converters in series. These catalytic converters have cores with about 500 cells per square inch (cpsi) giving a flow area of approximately 60%.

The Quicksilver Manifold and 'Race-Cat' has four longer tuned length primaries followed by a single free-flow catalytic converter. This 'Cat' has a microscopically thin Fecralloy metallic core of 200 cpsi to which the essential Platinum and Rhodium are applied at a much greater density (25 grams per cubic foot compared to 10 grams on a typical aftermarket product).

This all results in a flow area of approcimately 85% whilst remaining clean enought to meet emissions requirements.

[ ] The Fecralloy metallic core is very durable, far more so than ceramic cores typically used.
[ ] Incorporates a triple-walled flexible section to a much higher spec than the twin-wall OE item.
[ ] Accelerated gas-flow draws heat away more efficiently.
[ ] Bolt-On fit - precision engineered.
[ ] The two original lambda sensors are retained.
[ ] Dyno tests show a 12 bhp improvement and increased mid-range torque.
[ ] Type 304 Stainless Steel - Raw Finish

Imported from the UK. Deliver may take 2-4 weeks.

Not legal for street use in California and other states adopting California Emissions Standards.


Due to the racing application of this product, the limited warranty covers the product for 30-days from purchase against defects from manufacture or workmanship. Since an improperly tuned engine can cause the 'Check Engine Light' to illuminate, there is no guarantee against 'Check Engine Lights' when using this product. Off Road Use only.

About Quicksilver

QuickSilver Exhaust Systems has been a recognised maker of original and ‘Sports’ performance stainless steel exhaust systems for the World’s finest classic, prestige and exotic sports cars since 1973.

Over 80% of the business is mail order to a worldwide private and trade client base. The exhausts are manufactured by craftsmen in order to ensure the original performance, appearance and sound.

At QuickSilver the whole system is made out of stainless steel. QuickSilver Exhaust Systems has achieved an ISO 9001 Accreditation following a complete assessment by the independent auditors, CQS. This prestigious honour is the Global Benchmark for quality and excellence.

The award recognises and demonstrates QuickSilver’s commitment to an exceptional level of service, production and delivery. Only around 3% of UK businesses hold this certificate.

In the early 1970’s the average life expectancy of a standard (mild steel) exhaust system was only 18 months - There was a demand for something better.

QuickSilver Exhausts grew from a prominent Fast-Fit chain and was founded in 1973, originally in Esher, Surrey.

A family business, originally formed to concentrate on distributing stainless steel systems, which grew into producing it’s own range of exhausts.

QuickSilver have always manufactured it’s standard systems to duplicate the original, as closely as possible, using the same thickness of material, the same mountings and the same internal silencer designs to ensure the correct appearance, performance and sound.

QuickSilver moved briefly to the Old Kent Road in southeast London before settling down in Battersea, central London from 1985 to 2003.

In 2004 QuickSilver moved to new purpose-built premises in Wormley, Surrey to focus on the creation of a modern QuickSilver Sports range of systems for the world’s finest cars. With a catalogue featuring over 3000 models QuickSilver believe they now have the largest range in the world. Please check for your system in our catalogue page.

Over the decades QuickSilver have accumulated an enormous volume of reference material with a comprehensive library of exhaust catalogues and manufacturer reference material back to the early 20th century.

Original Equipment Supplier to:

Aston Martin, Rover, Lotus, General Motors, AC, MG, Panther, Jensen, TVR, Volkswagen, Ford.

Partnerships with:
Tyrrell F1, Pacific F1, Jordan F1, Alfa Romeo, Brabham F1, Lotus F1, McLaren, Bentley.

Producing exhaust systems for other competition cars:
GT Touring Car, Classic Rally, Saloon Historic, Other Single-Seater Formula


HARDTOP R53 & R50 2002-2006 NME1122 NME1120
CONVERTIBLE R52 2005-2008 NME1121  
HARDTOP R56 2007-2013 G2NME2020  
CLUBMAN R55 2008-2014 G2NME2022  
CONVERTIBLE R57 2009-2015 G2NME2021  
COUPE R58 2012-2015 G2NME2024  
ROADSTER R59 2012-2015 G2NME2024  
COUNTRYMAN R60 2011-2015 G2NME2023  
COUNTRYMAN ALL4 R60 2011-2015 G2NME2025  
COUNTRYMAN ALL4 JCW R60 2011-2015 G2NME2028  
PACEMAN R61 2013-2016 G2NME2026  
PACEMAN ALL4 R61 2013-2016 G2NME2027  
HARDTOP F56 2014+ G3NME2020 G3NME2021
HARDTOP F55 4-DOOR 2015+   G3NME2023

For help finding the correct Exhaust System for your MINI, take a look at our Mini Cooper Cat Back Exhaust Application Guide.

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