MCN Product of the Year Award
Innovation Award for Low Dust Automotive Brakes
Award for High Performance Brake Products
Max Power Award for High Performance Brakes


 Founded in 1978, the EBC Brakes Group is still a private company owned exclusively by the current managing director Andy Freeman (pictured below at a customer appreciation evening in Bristol 2007).

Premium quality EBC brake pads and rotors for cars, trucks, motorcycles, is our business .... all made in the UK.

EBC Brakes manufactures the world's largest range of disc brake pads.

EBC Brakes forms part of the Freeman Automotive Group, based in Northampton, UK.

With business commencing in 1978, the company has grown from an importer distributing products from a single van to a multi-national group employing over 400 staff with manufacturing in three countries and worldwide sales in excess of $100 million.

The product range comprises brake discs and disc brake pads for motorcycles, all terrain vehicles (ATV or Quads), mountain bikes, go karts (or shifter karts) and automobiles.

The group also owns 100% of the shareholding of EFI (European Friction Industries Ltd) of Bristol, UK who are Europe's no.1 independent manufacturer of disc brake pads. EFI has a 50 year pedigree of manufacture in heavy brakes such as commercial vehicles (trucks and trailers), earth moving equipment such as bulldozers and dump trucks, and railway applications. Its products are the preferred choice of numerous rail networks including Docklands Railway, Tyne Tees Metro system, and are specified by the original equipment builder Tectran in the United States.

The group is still currently owned by the founder and now Managing Director Andy Freeman who is a strong proponent of British manufacturing. The motto at EBC Brakes and EFI is NOT to import any brake product from third world countries and to manufacture every piece possible in its own facilities.

We are proud of our products, proud of our team that work for us, and intend to continue to develop our ideas based on British and US manufacturing of quality products for the discerning buyer.

We all LIVE in this world so why not take care of it.

EBC Brakes is a Company equally motivated by its public conscience as it is by its balance sheet.

We never target to be the cheapest brakes because cheap materials and processes lead to abuse of humans being or the planet we all live in.

The water we drink and is our very source of life is to be respected, chemicals in brakes that wash into rivers and streams are never used in our products.

The air that we breathe is equally important and brake materials that give off toxic gas like Xylene vapour and Toluene ( some actually do) are actually nerve gases and are a bi-product of many cheap brakes . These are also strictly taboo at EBC Brakes .

The saying in life goes "You get what you pay for or a little less" and that holds true especially for brakes.

We are equally proud and conscious of the products we make as we are of our valuable workforce that make them.

Next time you shop for brakes, think about the environment when someone offers you an unknown generic named product in a boring box, what is its pedigree, who made it, whats in it.

Lets think for the future of our children and the planet and lets not be blind to the dangers of cheap toxic products just to save a few shillings.

EBC Brakes has been working for many years with the University of Exeter in what is known as its ELV project which stands for End of Vehicle Life.

This project was formed to immediately eradicate toxic ingredients commonly used in the brake pad industry which EBC Brakes has accomplished years ago. Thereafter the project continues to research and pioneer materials that use organic components, a filed in which EBC Brakes is a clear leader. For us to describe the elements used in modern day EBC product would be of great help to our competition so we prefer to leave them guessing, suffice it to say that EBC Brakes being a young and long term thinker has more ideas than most of its competitors combined in this area of research.

Not restricted by low price targets by the OEM builders or greedy “Reboxer” Companies overloaded with desk jockeys who’s philosophy is to sell nothing  but part numbers, EBC brakes products may not always be the cheapest to buy but in the long run, they cost you less in terms of lifestyle and the world around you.

EBC brakes will continue to do its parts and one day, when the consumer shouts loud enough and stops looking for the quick fix with a product made using child labour and by nations that dumps tons of toxic waste into its rivers and oceans, maybe we will live longer and more healthy lives.