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Mini Cooper Limited Slip Differential Lsd Os Giken Gen1 R52 R53

Mini Cooper Limited Slip Differential Lsd Os Giken Gen1 R52 R53

Mini Cooper Limited Slip Differential Lsd Os Giken Gen1 R52 R53
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OS Giken Super Lock Limited Slip Differential

The Giken unit transfers power to the wheel with traction and allows you to slingshot out of a turn - customers reports no understeer and no torque steer. The torsen type MINI Factory offered Limited Slip Differential is a compromise for the street - better than no lsd, but not up to the task for track duty. The factory optioned limited slip (which is no longer available) is limited to 31% lock, the Giken unit can reach 100% lock when sufficient torque is applied! Which would you rather have??

Fits the following Cooper S models with the 6-speed manual transmission:

2002-2006 R53 MINI Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper S Convertibles

Also fits JCW models.

Two available configurations:

STREET - 1 Way setting

Provides full benefit of the Limited Slip allowing your MINI to accelerate out of turns with 'up to' full lock.

TRACK - 1.5 Way setting

In addition to the limited slip under acceleration, the Track setup allows moderate locking capability under braking.

NOTE: Replace the transmission fluid 500-1000 miles after initial installation. After that, normal fluid change per OEM guidelines is sufficient unless the car sees frequent track or racing conditions.

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The factory optional Electronic Differential Lock Control (standard on JCW) is a result of the factory's cost cutting effort and works adequately for the street, but this Giken unit OUTPERFORMS the EDLC on the track. The EDLC uses independent braking to limit wheel spin in order to increase safety on the street with some inherent understeer on the track. Serious racers report the EDLC is NOT adequate for the track, not to mention the EDLC causes the brakes to overheat on some tracks, resulting in premature brake fade!

Giken's Clutch type limited slip will always work, consistently and predictably, even if you should lift the inside wheel off a berm in a turn - Torsen type limited slip becomes an open differential if the inside wheel should leave the ground - which is the last thing you want to happen!

For the matching OS Giken Clutch/Flywheel upgrade, take a look at NMG1630.

See G2NMG1100 for 2007 and newer R56 Cooper S Hatchbacks, R55 Cooper S Clubman, R57 Cooper S Convertibles.

Requires two carrier bearings - see NMK7101.

OS Giken utilized its accumulated racing knowledge and engineering experience to develop its own limited slip differential. Four years of extensive research and development lead to a new and revolutionary LSD design with the capacity to house an unprecedented number of friction plates (10 plates for the MINI) and thus the OS Super Lock LSD was born. The increased number of plates directly has not only dramatically improved our LSD design's locking force and enables it to lock fully and completely. An added benefit to being a fully locking mechanism is that less heat is generated, thus resulting in incredible durability and reliability.

OS Giken SUPER LOCK LSD advantages:

.:. A true 100% locking LSD: No movement of internal parts means less heat is generated while in operation and less wear of the friction disks. Less initial torque loss and incredible longevity and durability can be realized.

.:. Proven Durability and Reliability: No drop in performance or loss of initial torque, even during long and stressful endurance races.

.:. Straight line stability: During a drag race, our LSD will lock 100% and provide torque equally to each powered wheel. Stable and straight runs will result thus eliminating torque steer in FF applications and lower the chance of drive-shaft breakage.

.:. Customizable: Lock timing can be customized by adjusting the pressure spring inside the pressure ring. Tune the LSD to custom fit any application and set-up of your desired vehicle and driving style/skill level for optimum performance.

.:. By using a pressure control ring, the LSD responds smoothly to the application of initial torque. Lock engagement is smooth and the impact vibration is significantly reduced. This increases the stability of the vehicle and allows more freedom for the driver to trace the desired racing line.

.:. On snow tracks and regions with unstable road conditions, our OS SUPER LOCK LSD easily adapts and adjusts tire rotation to increase vehicle stability. Bad weather and harsh road conditions are not a problem when the vehicle is equipped with an OS SUPER LOCK LSD

.:. Less under-steer during cornering: When entering into a corner with the throttle closed, the spring inside the pressure control ring will react accordingly and immediately return the differential's internal components to the original initial torque settings and thus creating less under-steer. However, with a conventional differential, there will be a lapse of time before returning to the initial torque settings, as it takes time for the cone springs to react and make contact with the friction disk in order to close the pressure ring.

.:. When exiting from a corner, our LSD's transition to the full 100% lock position is smooth and predictable. This gives the vehicle better traction and stability, resulting in better lap times while racing.

.:. OS Giken SUPER LOCK LSDs do not require any break-in process. OS SUPER LOCK LSD's are composed of parts that have been precisely machined to exact specifications and are ready to use upon installation.

In racing applications, the function of the LSD is to allow the drive wheels to apply equal traction under acceleration and deceleration. Unlike our competitors' products, the OS Giken SUPER LOCK LSD is engineered to be extremely responsive to throttle input to smoothly lock or loosen accordingly. Through its innovative and patented design, up to twice as many friction plates are able to fit into the housing when compared to our competitors' products, enabling the OS Giken SUPER LOCK LSD to achieve true 100% locking capability.

Unlike our competitors, the OS Giken SUPER LOCK LSD is also customizable by adjusting the spring inside the pressure ring. Additionally, its superior design allows for excellent streetability, virtually eliminating the “chatter” associated with other clutch type LSD brands.

Each component of every OS Giken SUPER LOCK LSD uses only the highest grade materials and manufacturing processes and is constructed and finished to extremely tight tolerances, eliminating any “break-in” period necessary with other brands. Due to its superior design and extreme care throughout the manufacturing process, there has yet to be a case recorded of an OS Giken SUPER LOCK LSD failing in the field, or even requiring a rebuild!

As expected from OS Giken, our LSDs are not only made from the highest quality materials, our precise machining, forged gears, and sound engineering makes our LSDs the most durable and reliable race performance LSDs available.

In 1975, OS Giken made it's memorable entry into the racing world with the its unparalleled Four Valve DOHC TC16-MAII/TC24-B1 engine and firmly established itself as one Japan's most innovative race engineering companies.

Because all of OS Giken's designs and concepts are based on sound engineering and quality manufacturing, their reputation for reliable performance and durability is unparalleled.

Consequently, OS Giken’s drive train products are commonly the first choice for professional race teams in Japan, because in order to finish first you must first finish the race.

Recommended transmission fluid when using this limited slip.

Read OS Giken's FAQ's.

Note: Depending on inventory, this product may need to be supplied from the manufacturer overseas. Delivery 'may' take 4 weeks.


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