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Prima Hydro Seal Super Polymer Protection 16 Oz.

Prima Hydro Seal Super Polymer Protection 16 Oz.

Prima Hydro Seal Super Polymer Protection 16 Oz.
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Hydro Seal is a water-activated polymer sealant. Simple wipe-on, wipe-off application will yield months of protection with a rich, organic shine. Hydro Seal will not stain or discolor trim. It is safe to use on any non-porous surface.

While the application is unique, it is also extremely easy, especially for a product so durable. Thorough testing has proven a reliable 6-8 months. It has a wet, luscious look with remarkable depth. It doesn't have the "sterile" shine of many synthetics and yet is different from the look of a carnauba. The water beading is very tight, dense and stays consistent wash after wash. It can be applied over traditional synthetics such as Prima Epic. It can also be applied over Prima Amigo or Hydro. Prima Hydro Seal can be immediately layered if desired.

See the Hydro Wash as a prep agent for the Hydro Seal.

Application notes...

Start with 2 plush microfiber towels and a spray bottle of water.

Apply to a clean car, out of the direct sun. Soak one plush microfiber towel with water then wring out excess water so towel is lightly damp. Fold it in fourths. Spread a quarter-sized dollop on the wet towel. Mist a section of paint with water. Wipe Hydro Seal onto the paint until it begins to disappear. Any remaining Hydro Seal is immediately ready for removal. Wipe any residue from the paint with your dry towel. Continue to the next section. Feel free to follow with original Hydro or add a layer of Hydro Seal.

See the application video here.

Note that although it can be applied over Epic, Amigo or Hydro, the car should be wet-wiped after polishing (Finish, Swirl, Cut), prior to applying Hydro Seal.

Note also that polymer-based soaps, such as Mystique should not be used before Hydro Seal. This is why we created Hydro Wash.

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Why Prima?

Prima Car Care is an exclusive line of car care products custom-tailored to the most demanding auto aficionado.

The formulas are unique. Great lengths were taken, and no expense spared, in order to create a family of products second to none. Thoughtful design even went into the packaging. The bottles are short and wide for a reason. A solid base and low center of gravity means you are less likely to tip over your glass cleaner as you reach for your QD. If we put this much thought into the package, image what we did with what goes into the bottle.

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Created: December 12, 2013
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