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Skid Plate Steel Sump Guard - R50/52/53 Cooper & S W/manual Trans

Skid Plate Steel Sump Guard - R50/52/53 Cooper & S W/manual Trans

Skid Plate Steel Sump Guard - R50/52/53 Cooper & S W/manual Trans
Even a stock MINI is fairly low to the ground, and when you install lowered springs or low profile tires you should absolutely protect the bottom of your drive train.

The factory installs a short plastic deflector, but a serious driver should consider the Steel Skid Plate as a replacement. It attaches in the stock location but also extends further back to protect the very vulnerable power steering cooling fan which is exposed under the car. While this fan is protected by a fuse (which will blow if a plastic bag becomes caught in the fan), this skid plate will prevent the resulting loss of power steering.

This Skid Plate weighs 22.5lbs, made from Steel with a powder coated finish.


2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback with Manual Transmission.

Understand model designations

Technical Information:
NMA3041 ULTRIK Skid Plate Installation Instructions

ULTRIK Skid Plate NMA3041 Installation Instructions

Download these instructions in printable PDF format

Removal and installation of these components will require the vehicle to be elevated and supported on jackstands. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WORK UNDER YOUR MINI USING THE FACTORY-SUPPLIED JACK, SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH CAN RESULT!

Tools required: 6mm allen wrench, 10mm socket and ratchet, and a large phillips screw driver.

Removal of factory-supplied components:

1. Unscrew the two phillips head fasteners on the outer edges of the factory skid plate.

2. Completely loosen the three bolts in the front of the skid plate, under the front bumper.

3. Pull the skid plate gently down and towards the back of the vehicle.

4. Carefully remove the two phillips head fasteners and plastic washers for installation on the new skid plate.

Installation of new skid plate:

5. Install the two phillips head fasteners and plastic washers in the new skid plate.

6. Apply Loctite to the four allen head bolts.

7. Install the new skid plate in the car by first sliding the new skid plate under the bottom of the front bumper, where the original skid plate fit.

8. Align the new skid plate, and partially screw in the two rearward bolts. Partially screw in the second set of bolts. Screw in the two phillips head fasteners until you feel them lock in place.

9. Tighten the four allen head bolts, then the three bolts in the lower front bumper.

10. Enjoy your new skid plate.

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