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Shift Knob Alloy - Mini Mania Logo - Cooper And S

Shift Knob Alloy - Mini Mania Logo - Cooper And S

Shift Knob Alloy - Mini Mania Logo - Cooper And S

Shift Knob Alloy - Mini Mania Logo - Cooper And S

Shift Knob Alloy - Mini Mania Logo - Cooper And S
Part No: NMA2009
Internet Price $79.95
Upgrade your shift knob to this shiny "Dark Chrome - Titanium look" shift knob with Mini Mania's "MM" logo. Easy to grasp for those quick shifts!

Simply pull off your old knob (with a lot of effort - without twisting), slide the collar and the shift knob over the lever, tighten the set screws and screw on the collar!

Universal design fits all MINI models.

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New Bling For Ruby
My 2009 JCW Clubman, Ruby (Chili Red), need a change so I bought her a new MM shift know to keep her happy. The installation was straight forward and simple. I like the competition feel to the longer shift knob that has a similar look and feel to the old British cars of the 60s. For the benefit of my wife and should I changer her out down the road I created a pattern that neatly fits on the left side of the radio volume knob with the 6 speed shift pattern. With my template in hand I went to the local trophy shop and had them create a plate with the pattern with double sided sticky tape to hold it on. It looks like it belongs there. To make a long winded story short the devil is in the details, you might want to include a simple decal with the knob, cause not everyone that adds bling can always remember which side reverse is on. Thanks, Dave
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Pros: -Faster, more precise shifts -Knob closer to steering wheel -Great feel -Comfortable -Easy to install -High Qaulity

Cons: -Came loose after a couple weeks -Gets a little cold in the morning (it is december)

Other Thoughts: This is acctually a shift knob made by richbrook, a highly reputed italian company. It is very comfortable to shift, it feels great, looks very good, and is all around a great product! make sure you tighten the set screws well though, mine came loose after a couple weeks, but was not a problem, i just tightened them back up again, a little tighter this time, and now its back to perfect feel! I LOVE this shift knob. Highly reccomend it to anyone who's bored of the stock knob, or who have small-ish hands like me
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