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Mini Cooper Bike Rack Roof Or Rear Mount Oem R50/53/55/56/60 F56 F55 F54

Mini Cooper Bike Rack Roof Or Rear Mount Oem R50/53/55/56/60 F56 F55 F54

Mini Cooper Bike Rack Roof Or Rear Mount Oem R50/53/55/56/60 F56 F55 F54
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MINI Factory options for carrying bicycles on your MINI!

The roof mount bike rack accessories requires the MINI Factory Roof Rack Base Carrier which is not included.

Fits following models except where noted:

2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback
2007+ R56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hatchback
2008+ R55 MINI Cooper and Cooper S CLUBMAN
2011+ R60 MINI Cooper and Cooper S COUNTRYMAN

For the Factory Roof Rack Base Carrier, see the following:

For the Gen 1 2002-2006 Hatchback, see NMA8100B.

For the Gen 2 2007+ Hatchback, see G2NMA1150.

For the Gen 2 2008+ CLUBMAN, see G2NMA1177.

For the Gen 2 2011+ COUNTRYMAN, see G2NMA1190.

Touring Bike Holder
Transport your mile-munching two-wheeler directly overhead with this rugged, rooftop fixture. It accommodates bicycles with frame diameters of up to 80 mm and locks to prevent bad seeds from taking you and your bike for a ride. Requires installation of the Roof Rack Base Support System.

Fork Mount - discontinued
A quick-release fastener (with lock) for your bike's front fork and a belt fastener for its rear wheel combine to securely take your ride miles away from home. No pedaling required. Requires installation of the Roof Rack Base Support System.

Bike Lift - discontinued
Bike goes up. Bike goes down. And you don't even have to lift with your legs. It's all thanks to a special mechanism allowing you to lift almost any sized bicycle onto your roof rack-and lower it-without even breaking a sweat. Requires installation of the Roof Rack Base Support System. See Installation Instructions.

Rear Mount Bike Rack - Hatchback only
Yet another ingenious cargo accessory designed with the MINI in mind, this lightweight, aluminum rear-mounted carrier lets you secure two bicycles to the back of your MINI without restricting access to the boot. In fact, it folds down so you can open your tailgate in two shakes of a lamb's tail. And anti-theft mounting means it's going to stay put. A separate Installation Kit is required, see below.

Rear Mount Bike Rack Installation Kit
This kit is required for the rear mount bike rack. See installation instructions here.

For your 2007+ R56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hatchback only. (Rear mount bike rack does not fit the Convertible, CLUBMAN, or COUNTRYMAN.)

Does NOT fit 2002-2006 Models.

User comments on the rear bike carrier:

They made two holes in the bumper, where the rack inserts. A black plastic escutcheon surrounds each hole.

You put the rack's steel shafts into the holes at an angle. When you lower the rack frame, the shafts slide forward and lock the rack in place. There is a key lock securing the rack to the car, and two more locks that hold the bikes in place.

It is very well made: steel on the load-bearing parts and aluminum and plastic elsewhere. It is very easy for me to load and unload the bikes -- something that would be very difficult for me with a top-carrier. An arm holds the bike frame and two tire-stops with straps hold the wheels in their track.

Stowing the rack inside the car is not possible unless you fold down the back seats. I just remove it and hang it up in the garage when it's not on the car.

It is possible to rotate the rack backward and open the boot without contact, whether the bikes are loaded or not.

Removal is very easy: release the clamp on each side, tilt up, pull out. Done. (and quickly folds flat to store).

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