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 Press Release: Mini Mania Targets Can-Am Mini Challenge 2017

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Mini Mania & Don Racine Target Assault on Can-Am Mini Challenge
Vintage Races at Sonoma Raceway

California’s Mini Mania owner/founder, Don Racine, is launching an all-out assault on the prestigious Can-Am Mini Challenge this September with a fleet of vintage Classic Minis featuring race and championship-winning cars spanning some five decades of competition.

The Can-Am Mini Challenge is the featured Marque in California’s 14th Annual Charity Challenge Vintage Car Road Races at Sonoma Raceway Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, sanctioned by the Classic Sports Racing Group (CSRG).

Mini Mania’s Don Racine, 72, is currently assembling a team of up to four American and three European veterans to...Read More