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MINI JCW Swindon & MINI Cowley ?
Created: April 03, 2012
MINI has revealed the latest new models in its range expansion – a new two-berth caravan called Cowley and a two-man tent called Swindon.
MINI Thunder III (3) was Good!
Created: February 24, 2012
When we passed the gates at Thunderhill there were already MINIs in the lot, and more slowly trickling in. Eager participants for tomorrows event, The Mini Thunder 3, were arriving to pre-register, have some dinner, and do a little pseudo gambling afterwards when the casino night started.
JCW Roadster & Coupe caught on tape
Created: May 25, 2011
MINI’s been busy on the ‘Ring lately. This time they’re back with the upcoming Coupe – in JCW flavor no less – doing final suspension testing.
Mini Cooper Golf Carts - Fairway's Mini-Coopers
Created: February 14, 2011
Mini-Cooper Golf Carts Bring Business BERMUDA DUNES — The popularity of those cutesy, British-made Mini Cooper cars wasn't lost on Steve Richardson, marketing director of Fairway Golf Cars, as a way to boost golf car sales.
MINI WRC Gets Dani Sordo
Created: January 18, 2011
[Official Release] Spanish driver Daniel “Dani” Sordo will strengthen the new MINI WRC Team in the 2011 FIA World Rally Championship. He will team up with Kris Meeke (GB) when MINI makes its return to rallying with the MINI WRC this coming season.
Created: April 04, 2016
Need a place to stay during Nevada City Adventures 2016? Check out these four charmers.
Foreign Car Show by Sierra Sports Car Group
Created: September 22, 2015
Foreign Car Show by Sierra Sports Car Group, Oct 17, 2015
Created: February 17, 2015
MINI Cooper Performance Upgrades for 2nd Generation Cars
MINI Cooper Performance Upgrades for the F56 Gen 3 MINIs
Created: February 17, 2015
MINI Cooper F56 Performance Upgrades
Created: November 04, 2014
Free Shipping Promotion, November 2014
Created: April 16, 2014
Mini Mania’s Nevada City & Grass Valley self-guided tour Friday May 30th 2014
Created: March 10, 2014
Mini Mania's Nevada City Adventure. A Great Meetup Opportunity for your MINI Customers
Created: February 21, 2014
Founded in 1974, Mini Mania first presented itself on the Internet in 1996. Always a leader in information and customer service, the Internet was and continues to be a great means of giving more to our friends and customers.
Created: February 18, 2014
This event represents a great early summer meeting opportunity for your club members.
MINI Cooper Headlights
Created: December 12, 2013
Browse our selection of MINI Cooper headlight modules, bulbs, trim and more.
Created: October 01, 2013
2014 MINI Press Release
Created: October 19, 2012
Tell us what you think about the new website and get 10% off* your next order!
2013 MINI Cooper seen on the road
Created: June 03, 2011
photographers have managed to snap the first pictures of the 2013 MINI Cooper
The Mini Cooper Clubman: Fast, Fun, and Hard-to-Find
Created: August 13, 2008
The Mini Cooper Clubman: Fast, Fun, and Hard-to-Find - already a great part of the history of the BMW MINI Cooper in the USA
MINI Cooper  Body Parts & Accessories
Created: September 02, 2014
Top Selling Badges and External Accessories for your MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper body parts and accessories
Created: September 01, 2009
About EBC Brakes - the Company
Created: October 08, 2008
BMW is recalling 560 of its 2009 John Cooper Works and John Cooper Works Clubman vehicles equipped with 16-inch-diameter front brake discs because under "conditions of intense brake usage, braking performance would be reduced."
Brembo Brakes for the MINI Cooper & S
Created: January 27, 2006
Recognizing our passion for excellence has driven Brembo engineers to develop the finest replacement brake systems available in the market today. Seeing the need for systems that either optimized the original equipment brake systems, or replaced their major components for a more significant upgrade, Brembo designed, tested and manufactured these systems to provide the highest levels of quality, style and performance available.
Created: January 28, 2006
The culmination of over 15 years of development, Stormproof™ material is designed by Coverking and made by one of the world's leading textile mills. It is the most waterproof yet breathable car cover material available. Stormproof™ car cover material exhibits outstanding sun and U.V. resistance, able to last for years in Arizona sun without fading. The micro-fiber base material is soft to the touch and won't scratch a car's paint - yet is rolls up into a very compact package for easy storage. Stormproof™ is available in colors, and also with licensed GM logos. As with all Coverking Custom Car Covers, Triguard™ can be custom made in just 2 days
MINI Countryman Clutch Problems
Created: March 23, 2015
MINI Countryman Clutch Problems Reported problems with the factory original clutch used on the early MINI Countryman are easy to find. While more problems seem to related to the All4 version of the Countryman they are by no means isolated to them. The experiences are varied. Some MINIs only suffer ...
R55 / R56 MCS Clutch Bleeding Instructions
Created: March 29, 2011
The clutch operates using brake fluid. It draws off the brake fluid reservoir via a black tube on the side. Fluid flows from the reservoir into the cylinder above the clutch pedal (when there is a negative pressure). Then when the pedal is pushed the pedal cylinder pushes fluid through the tube into the clutch slave cylinder which activates the clutch.
Classic Sports Racing Group Charity Challenge
Created: September 29, 2016
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to race in a vintage race car? Now’s your chance. If you’re around the Sonoma Raceway this weekend, you can take three, hair-raising laps around the Sonoma Raceway with world-class racer, Don Racine. And it’s all for charity!!
Created: January 29, 2013
Created: February 16, 2000
I borrowed a mini for a few weeks and it was probably the most enjoyable drive I have ever had - the remarkable handling sticking most in my memory. I remember travelling with a friend following me in "family saloon" and he confessed afterwards "I nearly lost it on the roundabouts trying to keep up"
What Is a Cold Air Intake?
Created: February 02, 2011
By installing a cold air intake on a vehicle and drawing cool air from outside of the engine compartment, a vehicle can pick up horsepower and have a noticeable feel of added power and throttle response.
Created: March 10, 2008
MINI Cooper Sprint Booster is the ultimate Plug and Play upgrade for all years of the MINI Cooper
Created: January 26, 2006
Nology HotWires are the most technologically advanced ignition wires available. HotWires create the most powerful spark possible. HotWires are engineered with a special built-in capacitor, exclusive only to HotWires. This revolutionary design allows energy from the ignition coil to accumulate in the capacitor until the voltage at the spark plug electrodes reaches the ionization point. At that split second point the entire power of the stored spark is discharged at once, creating a spark 300 times more powerful. The result is faster, more complete combustion, and most importantly, MORE HORSEPOWER that's 100%. Smog Legal.
Created: January 24, 2006
Nuzzo Motorsports, campaigning three MINI Coopers at the Grand Am Cup 200 at Daytona International Speedway this January, announced a partnership with Unichip North America, makers of a plug-and-play piggyback engine control unit (ECU). Nuzzo and Unichip have agreed to a multi-race partnership, focused on building brand awareness through livery applications and outreach in the MINI community, as well as performance benchmarking and testing, using the Grand-Am Cup MINI Cooper S as a marketing platform.
Mini Cooper S Convertible R57 - 'Sports' Exhaust (09-on)
Created: February 02, 2011
QuickSilver's newest development is a 'Sports' Exhaust system for the Mini Convertible Cooper S (R57). Check out the video!
QuickSilver Sport System for Mini Convertible Cooper S (R57)
Created: January 11, 2011
The straight through design optimises efficiency and offers a crisp sporting exhaust note with unique twin 3" upswept tip design which fills out the rear bumper perfectly. The System provides more of the distinctive sporty MINI sound with an enhanced whistle from the Turbo. Suitable for everyday use, saving 10 kilos of weight over the original equipment.
Mini Cooper QuickSilver Exhaust Systems at Mini Mania Inc.
Created: June 17, 2009
Mini Mania Inc., is proud to announce the addition of the Quicksilver line of products for the MINI. QuickSilver Exhaust Systems has consolidated its activities to a new headquarters office and warehouse facility all on one site. After over 30 years in London the brand new premises are in the heart...
Created: January 30, 2006
BORLA PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIES has built a reputation as the leader in the design and manufacture of automotive stainless steel performance exhaust. For nearly 30 years, we have been committed to providing world-class exhaust products that surpass the expectations of our customers in providing the ultimate power, style, and endurance.
Created: January 26, 2006
BORLA PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIES, INC. warrants its products to the original purchaser of record and for the original vehicle on which the product was installed, against defects in materials and workmanship for one million miles. BORLA's sole obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement at BORLA's option, provided, however, this warranty shall apply only if BORLA's examination of the returned product discloses a manufacturing defect. Note all attachment to universal mufflers must be made at the nipples; there should be no welding to the shell or end caps.
Exterior Trim
Top Selling Exterior Trim for your MINI Cooper
Created: August 26, 2014
A list of popular exterior trims for your MINI Cooper
Many MINI Mirror Covers!
Created: February 10, 2011
Why be boring? Add a touch of color and fun with these easy to apply mirror covers!
Created: January 28, 2006
Colgan Bra History In 1960 I had a shop in Burbank, California with about 5 employees doing custom auto and boat upholstery. No request seemed unusual at the time, from suede leather headlining to diamond tufted rumble seats. One day a group of Lockheed engineers brought me a ragged piece of canvas with sewn-in wooden slats, rubber bands, crude hooks and other miscellaneous innovations. They asked if I would be interested in making about a dozen of these and I remember saying "What the hell is it, a chastity belt for Godzilla ?" They replied that it was a protective cover used by the Porsche factory for road testing new cars and on unofficial loan to them.
MINI Takes Third in WRC Rally Germany
Created: August 25, 2011
Sordo had a rally long battle with the Ford of Mikko Hirvonen (FI) and after 19 stages and 359.59 kilometres of competition finished 48.1secs ahead of him. For Kris he started the final day in fourth ahead of Petter Solberg (NO) in his Citroen. Despite a rear puncture on the first stage of the day, Meeke only lost 1.1secs to Solberg. However, on the second one what Meeke described as an ‘optimistic’ pace note saw him have an excursion into the vineyards and drop to fifth. Despite this he started a fight back, but then when the car stopped on stage 18 the battle with Solberg was over.
Magna to make another Mini model in Austria: report
Created: January 26, 2011
VIENNA (Reuters) - BMW's  British brand Mini will add another model to the products which Magna builds for it in Austria, newspaper Kleine Zeitung reported on Wednesday.
Mini Mania Test drives the new MINI Countryman
Created: January 17, 2011
Mini Mania Test Drive: 2011 NEW MINI Countryman A team from Mini Mania took advantage of the opportunity provided by Niello MINI in Sacramento to test drive one of the new MINI Countrymen. This latest model from BMW MINI seems to be focused to yet further expand the base of customer types that would find a MINI fit into their life style..
The 2011 Mini Countryman REVEALED!
Created: December 14, 2010
Clearly, the Countryman is a different animal, but the product lineup is similar to other Minis. It starts with the 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman base model, and extends to the S and all-wheel-drive S ALL4.
Created: October 01, 2010
The world premiere of the MINI World Rally Championship car. Based on the MINI Countryman, it is the rally car to watch out for. It is being developed by British rally legends, Prodrive and will be powered by a 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine built by BMW Motorsport. It will be the first World Rally Car designed by MINI for the World Rally Championship since 1967.
MINI Scooter E Concept
Created: September 29, 2010
There are a total of three interpretations of the MINI Scooter E Concept conceived by Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design: two of which will be shown at the Paris Motor Show next week, while the third concept, inspired by the swinging sixties, the hey day of classic Mini is being shown exclusively in London.
Created: September 21, 2010
Created: August 19, 2010
Meet the tiny MINI that packs a mighty punch! Following our scoop that revealed a new smaller MINI is in the pipeline, insiders have hinted that a hot John Cooper Works model will also make production.
Created: July 13, 2010
The concept of the MINI Countryman puts clear water between the new model and the brand’s existing line-up. This new direction is expressed in its confident body design. Measuring 4,097 millimetres (161.3?) in length (MINI Cooper S Countryman: 4,110 mm/161.8?), 1,789 (70.4?) in width and 1,561 millimetres (61.5?) in height, the four......
Created: March 16, 2010
Cars are getting bigger batteries while efficiency standards are on the rise worldwide. Through it all BMW has decided to become not only the maker of performance oriented cars but efficient ones as well. Core to that plan is the MINI brand and the future ...
Created: November 18, 2009
Created: September 21, 2009
MINIs 2010 Press Kit All Models
Created: September 09, 2009
Created: May 06, 2009
The Mini Cooper was redesigned for the 2007 model year. Beginning with 2008 models manufactured after July 2008, changes were made to the side torso airbags to improve occupant protection in side impact crashes
Created: February 04, 2009
Created: January 23, 2009
Connie Keane of MOTOR MATTERS test drives the 2009 JCW MINI Cooper - a hip and Euro-looking Mini now with a new top-of-the line, sport-oriented companion to join the hardtop, convertible and clubman models. The new Mini John Cooper Works is designed for the unconventional and it shows.
Created: September 10, 2008
Created: August 26, 2008
It’s only been on sale for a month, yet the new MINI John Cooper Works has already claimed the title of Best Hot Hatch 2008, awarded by Auto Express.
Created: August 08, 2008
After the burnouts are done and the arm-drop signals the start, drag racing enthusiasts attending this weekend’s PINKS All Out competition may find themselves cheering on a new crowd favorite
Mini Cooper Clubman History
Created: May 02, 2008
Mini Cooper Clubman Less attractive than a drunk Jade Goody, Mini's Clubman doesn't make the best case for itself... hopefully it can claw back some credibility from the drive. I'll come clean from the start. I didn't really know what to exp.
Created: January 22, 2007
Created: May 29, 2005
BMW wants to sell even more Minis in North America, and this is how it's going to do it: with a 4x4 `soft-roader'. A rally car – and possibly a rally team – could also follow.
Created: May 26, 2004
THE German car maker BMW is close to deciding on a major expansion of its Mini plant in Oxford to cope with booming demand for the iconic car. Output cannot grow much beyond the current 180,000 units because the plant's paint shop is already working almost at full capacity.
Created: March 17, 2004
With a rise of 4.2%, automobile sales in the BMW Group showed a clear positive development in February. In total, 77,790 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce cars were delivered to customers (prev.yr.: 74,660). Up to and including February, the corresponding figure, at 152,155 units, is slightly below last year's level (154,620/-1.6%). In the Munich plant...
Created: May 01, 2003
Hundreds of Mini owners in the United States are seeing red over a safety device for their cars that BMW Group won't turn on. The item? Rear fog lights.
Created: March 20, 2002
Mini dealers hope to make their new baby a household name in America. With a base price of $16,850, dealers will get a decent 10 percent profit margin. But they still plan to make most of their money from accessory sales and merchandise.
Created: March 20, 2002
It’s been 35 years since the last Mini was sold in the US. Now BMW is getting ready for the launch of the MINI, and dealers, media and technicians are learning about the new car’s heritage and discovering first hand from people such as Paddy Hopkirk what the car is all about.
Created: March 12, 2002
Some people feel that the New MINI lacks the sporting edge -- which is why the Sussex-based Cooper garages has been developing a high-performance model.
Created: February 14, 2002
If you can't wait for the official version of the MINI cabrio, there is an alternative: have your MINI fitted with an "unofficial" ragtop in Sussex!
Created: October 15, 2001
The rumors from England are that the two colors of MINI seen here will be available only on the Cooper S models, due to be released
Created: October 03, 2001
MINI fans are going to blow their top at the sight of this! BMW has plans to build a whole range of models around its new baby, and the first will be this amazing roadster
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Created: September 25, 2001
A New MINI concept car running entirely on supercooled hydrogen was unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, which closed Sept. 22.
Created: September 04, 2001
THE new Mini is being recalled because of fears that fuel vapour from its petrol tank could cause an explosion.
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Created: August 21, 2001
Quick thinking and a beer can close at hand saved designer Frank Stephenson's presentation of the New MINI
Created: August 06, 2001
An on-line dealer in England is offering £1000 discounts on new right hand drive Mini One and Mini Cooper models.
Created: July 24, 2001
The New MINI is proving so popular, motorists are offering up to £3,000 above list price for the car.
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Created: July 23, 2001
The award-winning MINI will be joined by more siblings next year. BMW confirmed
Created: July 16, 2001
BMW is holding talks with Toyota about the possibility of buying diesel engines for 30 per cent of BMW’s new Mini cars.
Created: July 13, 2001
Interest in the new Mini has been described as “completely unprecedented”, with crowds of people converging on showrooms to catch a glimpse
Created: July 10, 2001
The name that has graced some of the most desirable Minis of all-time is back. Though not yet officially recognised by BMW, the famous John Cooper Works badge will be ready for action from early next year.
Created: July 09, 2001
Over 1500 orders have been taken for the new MINI in its launch weekend of July 7th according to BMW's initial figures.
Created: July 06, 2001
And here it is, undisguised, sweating it out on hot-weather testing in Arizona's Death Valley. That air intake on the bonnet shows that this is the really quick one,
Created: June 25, 2001
A new Cooper visits a northern California car show.
Created: June 04, 2001
A wooden dashboard, Sport Suspension Plus, heated door mirrors and an auto-dimming rear view mirror – it's all available on the dazzling new MINI. BMW has unveiled the full range of options this week, and the good news is...
Created: May 24, 2001
The new MINI has been launched in Perugia, Italy and the occasion has been chosen to announce that Britain – the home of MINI – will be the first country in the world to see the car on sale (7th July), two months before anywhere else.
Created: May 21, 2001
BMW Financial Services NA, LLC (BMW FS) is launching a group of services to support the company's MINI brand.
Created: May 21, 2001
Rumours have it that the Cooper S model of the new MINI may not stay as top-dog in the showrooms for long...
Created: May 10, 2001
Volume production of MINI One and MINI Cooper began on April 26 2001, at BMW Group's Oxford plant, on schedule for UK and European launches in July and September respectively.
Created: April 26, 2001
Volume production of MINI One and MINI Cooper begins today at BMW Group's Oxford plant on schedule for a UK launch in July...
Created: April 24, 2001
Motorists in the market for a new MINI have already placed £50 million worth of advanced orders...
Created: April 19, 2001
BMW Canada announced today that it has named TAXI as its advertising agency for the Company's new MINI brand.
Mini will arrive at under £10,500
Created: April 12, 2001
MINI ONE, from BMW, will go on sale on July 7 with an on-the-road price tag of £10,300 (retail list price of £9,900).
Created: March 28, 2001
It's the most eagerly awaited car of the year and potentially the most controversial of the decade. Expectation is huge, as anyone interested in cars has an opinion about it – before it's even turned a wheel.
Created: March 27, 2001
MINI will not be attending this year's London Motor Show.
Created: March 13, 2001
Coinciding with the reveal of MINI ONE in Geneva, BMW Group has announced European performance figures for the MINI COOPER, due in the US from March 2002.
Created: February 27, 2001
BMW has finally unveiled its MINI for the masses, the sub-£10,000 entry level version of the rejuvenated car that it hopes will emulate the success of the classic original.
Created: February 26, 2001
The new entry level Mini will be unveiled at the Geneva motor show next week. The Cooper versions have been displayed at previous motor shows, but news of the non-Cooper Mini which will be known as Mini One has only just been revealed.
Created: February 19, 2001
Rumors abound that mid-decade BMW will replace the current MINI engine (a Tritec unit manufactured in Brazil) with a BMW-designed engine using gasoline direct injection, probably the same engine that will power the BMW 2-series.
Created: February 16, 2001
MINI announced today the selection of Crispin Porter Bogusky, Miami, as its Brand Advocacy Partner. Crispin Porter Bogusky's role will be to support the launch and on-going development of the overall MINI brand experience in the US market.
Created: February 15, 2001
At a presentation by BMW in Holland it was announced that New MINI production will begin next week at Cowley. However, Mark Harrison of MINI UK denied this.
Created: February 12, 2001
The fact that Toronto might not be hip enough to get a Mini franchise gives you some idea of how different BMW's strategy for marketing this new line of small cars will be.
Created: February 09, 2001
Jeep concept may use New MINI's engine A Jeep concept vehicle could be the first to use an early version of the supercharged engine destined for the New MINI Cooper S.
Created: February 06, 2001
By offering its workers a deal they could hardly refuse, BMW has avoided an industrial relations dispute that could have threatened production of its new Mini in the UK.
Created: February 06, 2001
The MINI dealer network begins to take shape this week with the signing of MINI dealership contracts by BMW (GB) Ltd. All BMW dealers were offered the opportunity to sell MINI as a distinct brand, separate to BMW cars, and all dealers took up the challenge. 95 per cent received the thumbs-up this week to progress with their building works, and the recruitment of over 300 new staff in the MINI outlets.
Created: January 22, 2001
The first Mini dealership contracts were signed by BMW this week,in preparation for the launch of the new Mini. All BMW dealers were offered the opportunity to sell Mini as a distinct brand, separate to BMW cars, and all dealers took up the challenge. Around 95 per cent received the thumbs-up this week to progress with their building works, and the recruitment of over 300 new staff in the Mini outlets.
Created: January 18, 2001
MINI by name and mini by reaction. That's exactly how the Americans greeted the new MINI when it made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show.
Created: January 15, 2001
Waiting lists for the new car are so long that BMW are waiting until the last minute to put the cars into dealerships.
Created: January 15, 2001
Despite the current craze over huge sport-utility vehicles, there is reason to believe that the small car may be on the verge of a boom in the United States.
Created: January 14, 2001
A mini British invasion, or rather a British MINI invasion hit Los Angeles today as the team bringing the all-new MINI COOPER to the US landed to show off their little British legend.
Created: January 12, 2001
One of the biggest draws at the Detroit motor show previews during the past week has been the new Mini from BMW. But market analysts are questioning whether the car - even in the performance Mini Cooper version - will attract the 20,000 buyers annually that BMW hopes for in the North American market.
Created: January 12, 2001
One of the biggest draws at the Detroit motor show previews during the past week has been the new Mini from BMW
Created: January 12, 2001
BMW's new MINI is currently on display in Munich, according to MiniWorld reader Wolfgang Tarnofsky.
Created: January 11, 2001
BMW AG's Mini Cooper compact car drew a crowd when it was unveiled at the motor show in Detroit, but doubts linger as to how well it will sell in the U.S. The Mini, which the German luxury car maker hung on to after disposing of the Rover group last spring, will go on sale in Germany and the U.K. this summer. The U.S. Mini Cooper version will be available in the U.S. from spring 2002.
Created: January 09, 2001
THE MINI makes its US comeback this week with the launch at the Detroit Motor Show. The model doesn't go on US sale until March next year, but just like VW has used the new Beetle to re-kindle sales, BMW hopes the revamping it has done on Mini will bring a resurgence for the 1960s icon. Selling for around £13,000 in the US, the Mini's main competitor will be the new VW Beetle.
Created: January 08, 2001
Woodcliff Lake, January 08, 2001, … MINI COOPER today made its US debut at the Detroit International Auto Show following its triumphant press and public unveilings in Europe.
Created: November 22, 2000
The prestigious British Mini and Bentley car brands may be swapped in a deal believed to be under discussion at BMW and Volkswagen. The possibility of Mini being transferred from BMW to VW in exchange for Bentley has been discussed at boardroom level in Germany. Such a move would result in VW having ownership of the world's two most famous small car brands in the Mini and the Beetle, while Bentley would be reunited with Rolls-Royce.
Created: November 02, 2000
The new MINI COOPER, due to be unveiled in the US at the North American International Auto Show in January 2001, has been wowing crowds at its home debut at the British International Motor Show.
Created: October 26, 2000
MINI, a division of BMW of North America, Inc., has retained Roth Associates to consult in the brand's search for a Brand Advocacy Partner(s) to manage the launch and on-going support of the MINI brand in the U.S. "This is not your run-of-the-mill agency search.
Created: October 19, 2000
New Mini looks set to become a high street name under plans revealed by BMW at the Birmingham International Motor Show. As the long awaited replacement for Britain's best loved little car made its UK debut at the NEC, BMW announced a radical marketing strategy for its new baby.
Created: October 18, 2000
A BMW boss has stressed the importance of the new Mini to the British manufacturing industry. Speaking at the British International Motor Show in Birmingham, Dr Norbert Reithofer said: "At a time when there are questions hanging over the future of some car manufacturing operations in the UK, the investment in plant and jobs at the state-of-the-art Oxford factory are a shot in the arm for the UK car industry.
Created: October 17, 2000
BMW's new MINI made its UK debut and attracted huge attention today at the International Motor Show in Birmingham, a week after getting "the thumbs up from potentially its fiercest critics," MINI's general manager, Trevor Houghton-Berry, said today.
Created: October 12, 2000
The press conference (which was packed, as was the stand for the duration of both press days) featured BMW's top two execs, who spoke about the role of the MINI (yes, according to BMW, it's all caps) as a premium brand alongside BMW and Rolls Royce (starting in 2003). They announced a price for the Cooper "well under DM30,000", so I'll let the rest of you do the various conversions. An entry level Mini and high end Cooper S were also confirmed.
BMW Reveals Mini Family
Created: October 06, 2000
The newly born Mini is set to expand into a family of models, including a cabriolet, an estate and even a pick-up. BMW, which retained ownership of the brand in the wake of the Rover crisis, is giving visitors to the Paris Motor Show a preview of how the new models could look by showing a computer-generated film of each of them.
Created: October 03, 2000
Designing and building the new Mini, which was launched at the Paris Motor Show, was a 'high-risk' decision, according to the man who led the design and engineering team. Dr Burkhardt Goeschel talked about the car as it continued to draw huge interest at the show.
The Mini finally grows
Created: October 02, 2000
Forty one years after it was first produced, the Mini has attracted a middle aged spread. The new-look model unveiled at the Paris Motor Show is 11 inches longer than existing Minis. At 11ft long, it is now similar in size to family hatchbacks such as the Ford Fiesta.
Created: October 02, 2000
The new Mini, the sensation of the Paris Car Show this week, could be stretched to create a Clubman Mini wagon or a two-seat pickup truck version of the legendary British small car, its designer said on Friday.
Created: September 29, 2000
The relief of ending BMW's troubled association with Rover is clearly showing. The 56-year-old professor of engineering was in good spirits as he launched the company's new Mini and its new name: the MINI. "We are the only car company in Europe not to have any weak positions," he says.
Created: September 28, 2000
Created: September 27, 2000
Mini mania is about to start. If BMW AG has its way, this fall will mark the beginning of frenzied anticipation for Britain's longtime favorite small car, the Mini. The cute, economical auto with the heart of a race champion is being reincarnated in a new, modern package by BMW, which now owns the Mini name.
Created: September 26, 2000
Move over, Volkswagen New Beetle. Out of the way, Chrysler PT Cruiser. Mini is coming back. Great Britain's longtime favorite small car and 1960s trendsetter is returning to U.S. shores for the first time since 1967. The new model—sporting a new spelling in all capital letters: MINI—will be sold by a select number of BMW dealers starting in early 2002.
BMW's little problem
Created: September 18, 2000
The new Mini is too little and too late. Not little in the physical sense - it is 18in longer than the original - but in the scarcity of advanced and clever ideas. That it is late is indisputable. It can be argued that a new Mini should have appeared 30 years ago, but even the car that goes public this week will have taken nearly seven years from the idea to delivery.
Paris debut for Cooper
Created: September 12, 2000
At the same time as the world's media see the Mini for the first time, anyone with access to the internet can do so too as the unveiling will be broadcast live on the Mini web site at www.mini.com . The wraps come off at 11.30 am UK time.
Created: September 12, 2000
Following on the heels of the retro-looking Volkswagen New Beetle and the Chrysler PT Cruiser, the Mini, the little British car that revolutionized the small car segment in the 1960s, will return to the U.S. market in 2002, BMW AG said. Over 30 years after the last Minis were sold in the United States,
Created: September 08, 2000
German luxury automaker BMW said on Thursday it has begun installing assembly equipment at its Oxford, England, plant for the Mini, the little car it inherited from Britain's Rover. BMW will spend $330 million on machinery, equipment and plant work to prepare for the expected Mini production launch in early summer of 2001, the company said in a statement released in the United States.
New Mini Faces The World
Created: September 06, 2000
The car that refused to die has finally met its match! The greatest four-wheeled icon ever to hit the road is ready to roll out of showrooms once again and capture the imagination and hearts of millions of motorists across the globe.
Created: August 02, 2000
BMW is snubbing the British International Motor Show and launching the new Mini in Paris instead. The decision by the German group is a major blow to organisers of October's show in Birmingham. The German group confirmed the long-awaited launch would now take place at the Paris Motor Show, just two weeks before the National Exhibition Centre event.
Created: July 19, 2000
There is growing speculation that Rover might want to build a small car aimed at the same sector as the new Mini. Rover is also wary of giving too much credence to suggestions that the Austin and Morris names could return. The indications are that in particular it would like to bring back the Austin Healey marque.
Created: June 09, 2000
UK components in the new Mini which is to be built in Cowley by BMW, will contain only 40% of components sourced in the UK. This compares to the current Mini which has a local content of 95%.
Created: May 24, 2000
German car maker BMW AG completed the pull-out from its loss-making British Rover subsidiary on Wednesday, selling Land Rover to Ford Motor Co and sweetening the deal by agreeing to take on the unit's debt.
Created: May 15, 2000
Announcements are expected over the next few weeks about how BMW will restructure after getting rid of Rover - particularly how it plans to build up its volumes and expand its model range. Training builds have started at the Cowley plant in the UK of the new-generation Mini, which BMW is retaining with production targeted at as many as 125,000 units annually.
Created: May 08, 2000
BMW is in exclusive negotiations with Phoenix over the sale of Rover, but has warned that it will shut down operations unless a buyer is found by the end of the month.
Created: May 01, 2000
BMW said Saturday it was considering a deal to sell its troubled Rover Car operation to a British consortium headed by former Rover chief John Towers, after talks with another prospective buyer collapsed.
Created: April 24, 2000
BMW AG said on Monday that Alchemy Partners was its first choice of partner to buy its loss-making Rover car unit, and that it expected to conclude negotiations soon with the private equity firm.
Created: April 13, 2000
Originally slated to be released at the Birmingham NEC in October 2000, BMW has confirmed that it may unveil the new Mini at the Paris Auto motor show this fall. According to a BMW spokesman, the original plan was to unveil the Mini in Birmingham because it was being built there; but that is no longer true.
Created: April 05, 2000
Celebrities from across the country are being asked to turn their hands to car design, to mark the launch of the new Mini. In the run-up to the launch of the new Mini, the car is teaming up with a number of leading celebs and artists to produce specially designed one-off ‘Star Cars’.
Created: March 30, 2000
One night after work I decided to stop off at Mini Mania just to see what was going on -- and I am now very glad that I did. Don Racine saw me pull up and asked if I would join him in his office to discuss a matter of importance. He asked if I might be interested in becoming involved in a "focus group" discussing future plans for the Millennium Mini.
Created: March 15, 2000
German car maker BMW AG could propose closing its UK Rover group's Longbridge plant rather than sell-off the unit, an industry source told Reuters late on Tuesday.
Created: March 15, 2000
British unions on Tuesday voiced dismay at news that BMW AG was considering selling off its loss-making Rover subsidiary, urging the company to make its intentions clear.
Created: February 23, 2000
BMW's concept model of the new Mini incorporates the style and economy of its predecessor. Its U.S. release is scheduled in about 18 months after a 30-year absence.
Created: February 13, 2000
VOLKSWAGEN and BMW are holding secret talks to strike a manufacturing alliance over Rover, the ailing British car maker owned by BMW.
Created: February 06, 2000
BMW, emboldened by the success of Volkswagen's nostalgic New Beetle, is considering bringing the Mini back to the USA.
Created: February 03, 2000
The new Mini will make its official world debut in October 2000 at the Birmingham International Motor Show.
Created: January 30, 2000
Top executives of German car maker BMW have for the first time suggested that they may have to close down their UK subsidiary Rover Group because of mounting losses.
Created: January 17, 2000
BMW is not saying exactly how it will do it, but the German automaker will begin selling the British-built Mini in the United States next year
Created: November 03, 1999
BMW has had a change of heart over the pricing of the New Mini.
Created: August 21, 1999
We took some bodyshells, chopped them up and added extra length and width. We wanted it to look right, and adding 50 mm to both dimensions was the most acceptable solution
BMW Dealers To Sell The New Mini in Austrailia
Created: June 09, 1998
BMW and Rover have announced that the new Mini, due in the year 2000, will be sold in Australia through BMW dealerships.
Wizardry: 10 New MINI facts
Created: September 13, 1997
SORTING Mini fact from Mini fiction amid the chaos of the launch was difficult, but here is the state of the Minimalist nation as far as we can tell.
New Mini seen as fashion accessory for café society
Created: July 25, 1997
Customers will be ushered into Italian-style café/boutiques where they will be encouraged to buy "The Mini" clothes and "The Mini" extras such as wheel trims and leather seats to go with their car.
Fun Things
Tell a Joke week! Tell us your Jokes - Mini Mania
Created: August 08, 2012
A good laugh is the best stress buster that one can think of. So it is not surprising that among all the special days in the annual calendar, there is a National Joke Week.
MINI and thier Olympic Contribution
Created: August 07, 2012
British automaker MINI has unleashed a fleet of MiniMINIs onto the field at London’s Olympic Stadium to fetch thrown objects; in this case of the Javelin, Discus, Shot and Hammer variety.
Created: February 15, 2012
No excuses! Simply take 10% off the next 72 hours and we will donate another 5% to United Way http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/
MINI starts the Youth Motoring
Created: January 26, 2012
MINI UK has joined forces with a group called MotorSport Vision, providing a group of MINI Ones for their YoungDrive events where kids as young as 11 years-old get their first experience behind the wheel of a car. What better way to be introduced to driving than behind the wheel of a MINI?
Our 10 Most Luxurious Mini Upgrades
Created: October 28, 2011
Our 10 Most Luxurious Mini Upgrades
10 Favorite Performance Upgrades
Created: October 28, 2011
If you're going to do it, do it right!
The 10 Most Famous Minis
Created: October 28, 2011
The Minis that made it "the" Mini!
Our Top 10 Commuter Products for MINI Cooper
Created: October 28, 2011
Essentials for the daily grind!
Top 10 Mini Accessories & they're Lease friendly
Created: October 28, 2011
Top 10 Mini Accessories & they're Lease friendly
The 1st MINI Arrives in the US
Created: October 28, 2011
In 2001, Mini Mania was the first to bring a new BMW MINI to the United States. This is its story.
Our 10 Most Mind-Blowing Mini Mods
Created: October 26, 2011
Modified Mini are exposed and show with great photos for the customized to the performance minded Mini Cooper owner
6 Amazing Light Painted Minis
Created: March 18, 2011
Light painting, also known as light drawing or light graffiti is a photographic technique in which exposures are made usually at night or in a darkened room by moving a hand-held light source or by moving the camera.
Meet the MINI Countryman’s Classic Cousin, Mini MAX !
Created: March 04, 2011
The Mini MAX is undoubtedly purpose-built, but sensible given Mila's activities, which include publishing his Czech-language publication "OffRoad 4x4 Magazine" blitzing sand dunes in sub-Saharan Africa; and barreling over glacial tundra in Iceland.
Mini Rocky IV
Created: February 18, 2011
When Mini meets Porsche, the Champion remains standing.
MINI Countryman Playing In The Snow!
Created: February 01, 2011
Watch as this MINI owner puts his Countryman to the snow test!
Most People Crammed in a MINI!
Created: January 27, 2011
Squeezing a place into history may be a feat unrealized by many, though for data storage firm EMC, they comfortably fit themselves in by earning a Most people crammed into a Mini Cooper, new model Guinness World Records™ record!
MINI USA Announces Pandora Integration
Created: January 13, 2011
All 2011 MINIs equipped with MINI Connected will be able to stream Pandora, enabling access to personalized internet radio across the entire vehicle lineup. Unique features to the MINI Connected app will include popular Pandora features, such as: easy access to existing stations, the ability to create new ones using the car interface and high-resolution, color display of album art.
Created: March 08, 2010
The Mini at 50: why we'll never tire of these wheels
Created: January 19, 2009
The Mini was invented in 1959. And thank heavens for that, for without it the Sixties would surely not have been possible. How would Twiggy have got around? And never mind who your favourite Beatle was: which was your favourite Beatle's Mini? Paul's green 1965 Cooper S? John's GT? Or George's psychedelic Mini? Or Ringo's high-spec Radford Mini?
Created: May 01, 2008
Minis Instant Collectible
Created: April 15, 2006
May 11, 2006 Thunder Hill, Willows,Calif. To date, over 450 MINIs have attended past BIG MINI Day track events. The BIG MINI Day offers a unique opportunity for drivers of all skill levels to learn and practice driving techniques in a safe and controlled environment.
Created: March 17, 2006
Mini Mania recently visited the Unichip America dyno to have various custom programs designed to get the maximum performance from the various Mini Mania stage kits. The exercise proved very informative and proves that even the most exotic of engine set-ups can benefit from ECU tuning.
Created: November 07, 2005
The Phil Wicks Ultimate Mini Driving Academy will be at Laguna Seca on Wednesday, December 14. The activities will begin on Tuesday, December 13, at the Embassy Suites on Monterey Bay with pre-registration and opening reception.
Created: July 01, 2004
Created: April 29, 2002
Gray skies and drizzle didn't deter the determined Mini and MINI drivers from having a great time during for the 2nd Annual "Mini" Miglia Fun Run
Created: April 03, 2002
Who could not have guessed that Austin Powers wouldn't have a new MINI at his disposal for the newest upcoming movie?
Created: October 02, 2001
Peter Horsburgh sent us this photo of a rather eye-catching MINI promotion in London. "We had it on one of our buildings," he writes, "but the planners asked us to take it down!"
Created: July 16, 2001
A squad of women rugby players have smashed their own record for the number of people that can fit in a mini.
JCW Models for 2013
Created: June 21, 2012
The HP figure will remain at 211 hp (208 for the US) for the R5X range of JCW cars. Furthermore we’ve heard rumors from well placed sources that the US spec JCW Countryman may also end up with 208 hp rather than the higher 218hp figure seen in Europe.
Created: May 17, 2012
Important information you need to know about your Warranty and Routine Maintenance.
Countryman Coupe spotted!
Created: May 09, 2012
Mini’s lineup continues to grow, and as this test mule shot by our spy photographer indicates, the brand’s forthcoming seventh model looks to be just around the corner.
MINI Coupe Performance Package from AC Schnitzer
Created: February 02, 2012
BMW Group tuning specialist AC Schnitzer has gotten a hold of a 2012 MINI Cooper Coupe and has wasted no time getting to know it personally.
Mini Tec MTB2 Honda B18C Type R vtec Powered 1976 Mini Clubman. 220hp = SuperFast!
Created: January 30, 2012
We just wanted to share with you our latest build. This is a 1976 Mini Clubman with a JDM Honda B18C Type R Power-plant (about 220hp) using our MTB2 Kit. The Clubman's offer a little more room than the standard round-nosed Minis making for a clean looking and easy installation.
MINI's clean slate in 2013, thanks to BMW
Created: January 27, 2012
BMW intends to share platforms and engines going forward And while we’ve known for some time the generalities of the plans, we’re starting to get a much a much better view of the future.
MINI brings a Diesel Countryman .. a Rumor?
Created: January 16, 2012
Since the moment the first MINI diesel was released in Europe, US MINI enthusiasts have been wondering when they could share in the diesel love. It would now appear that the answer is 2013
MINI USA Water Pump Recall
Created: January 16, 2012
In perhaps the largest recall ever announced, MINI USA is recalling every Cooper S and JCW model sold from 2007 to 2011. The recall effects almost all 2007 – 2011 R55, R56, R57 and R60 models with the turbocharged Cooper S engine. For a full list of the cars affected and the specifics behind the problem...
MINI Clubman Cargo Van revealed
Created: January 05, 2012
MINI intends on showing a cargo van version of the current Clubman in late February at the Geneva Motor Show.
MINI Countryman  John Cooper Works coming
Created: December 20, 2011
Officially, Mini is remaining quiet on exact technical specifications of the model ahead of its Geneva reveal. Insiders have hinted that the JCW is in line for a significant power hike
 MINI USA Sales up! Record November SALES
Created: December 07, 2011
WOW! MINI’s incredible 70% increase in sales for the US. Now it’s worldwide sales. The MINI brand recorded its best November.
Importance of MINI Cooper Snow tires
Created: November 28, 2011
With our own winter tires arriving today we thought it appropriate to talk about why you should consider winter tires if you live in the snow-belt
MINI Countryman too small for USA?
Created: November 28, 2011
According to research MINI USA has just received, the number one complaint from US about the MINI Countryman is that it’s too small.
The New 2012 Mini Coupe John Cooper Works
Created: November 04, 2011
2012 Mini Coupe first debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009.The new MINI coupe version will hit the dealerships at the end of 2011.
Mini Meet West 2012
Created: October 13, 2011
Mini Meet West 2012 will take place in Prescott Valley.  Prescott Valley is in Central Arizona and although it is only 90 miles north of Phoenix the average June temperature is 75 to 85 degrees.
Winterize your Mini - Checklist
Created: October 13, 2011
Mini Mania's 12-point Winterization Checklist
MINI goes to India in 2012
Created: September 22, 2011
Mini Cooper, an icon that's hard to miss is looking geared up for the Indian car market sometime in 2012.
New Zealand's Nelson Hartley Goes for Speed
Created: September 20, 2011
Come August next year and Nelson will be behind the wheel of a Mini screeching across the Bonneville salt flats in Utah chasing four world land-speed records.
Mini is adored by Richard Hammond of Top Gear
Created: September 15, 2011
how in the name of all that's holy did Alec Issigonis and his team manage to take one massive leap with the original Mini in 1959?
The TOP 100 Greatest cars of all time
Created: August 23, 2011
This is the definitive list to end all 100 Greatest Cars lists. You'll never have to read another list, and this list is absolutely, scientifically, precisely and transcendently correct. That is until next millenia..
Romeo Ferrrari's 150th Celebratory MINI Countryman
Created: August 16, 2011
The MINI Countryman may be, you know, British, but that hasn’t stopped Italian tuning house Romeo Ferraris from creating a special edition in celebration of Italy’s 150th anniversary as a nation.
MINI gets a TUMI Makeover and Luggage
Created: August 15, 2011
"MINI Goes TUMI", this collaboration will explore the reach of creativity and design, along with art and technology, with the appointment of a MINI One Clubman and MINI Cooper S Clubman
MINI Goodwood shows off
Created: July 21, 2011
It’s no secret that MINI knows how to throw a party.
2011 MINI Secret Colors
Created: July 21, 2011
MINI Yours is introducing two exclusive colors for 2012 that will be available on all MINIs coming out of the Oxford Plant.
2011 JCW package or ?
Created: July 20, 2011
What happens at the factory to make the JCW the fire-breather that it is? For a start, lighter seventeen-inch wheels shield four-piston Brembo brakes and
MINI released in Indonesia
Created: July 20, 2011
BMW AG plans to launch its Mini brand in Indonesia later this week at the Indonesia International Motor Show in Jakarta.
Lottery winner: Im buying a MINI!
Created: June 29, 2011
"I managed to keep the news to myself all day but Hilary and I celebrated with a bottle of champagne when I got home that night before calling Camelot first thing on Monday morning."
Dairy Queen substitutes MINI for the cherry on top
Created: June 24, 2011
Most people are content with M&Ms or cookie dough on top of their Dairy Queen Blizzards. Nick Kallies of Golden Valley topped his with a Mini Cooper.
New 2012 R58 MINI Coupe unveiled
Created: June 23, 2011
MINI is expanding its product family with the launch of a model geared squarely to maximizing driving fun.
2012 MINI JCW Coupe endurance debut
Created: June 23, 2011
Today takes the wraps off of one of the most ambitious motorsport projects from the brand yet. This weekend MINI will be tackling the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring
AC Schnitzer Eagle is one mean MINI
Created: June 20, 2011
The fastest MINI comes from Aachen: the AC Schnitzer Eagle With a sensational lap time of 1:13.341 min., the new “AC Schnitzer Eagle” concept vehicle (based on John Cooper Works MINI) showed its competitors a clean pair of heels in a direct comparison around the Hockenheim Circuit.
MINI Drivers for its 24 Hours of Nurburgring Team
Created: June 20, 2011
Official news from MINI Motorsports: For the first time Dörr Motorsport starts a MINI at the legendary 24h race Nürburgring this year. In the background of this, Dörr cleverly promotes young long-distance drivers.
MINI's on the Ring.
Created: June 20, 2011
As we gear up for MINI’s run at the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring this weekend we thought we’d give you a quick overview of the track courtesy of Vimeo member Ozan Halici. This video (shot with four Gopro cameras) captures the track and the danger incredibly well.
MINI Team Principle Q&A of the 24hr Green Hell
Created: June 17, 2011
On June 25th, the official MINI Motorsports team, three privateer MINI teams and as many as 200 other competitors will race a grueling 24 hours at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.
NEW MINI Cooper Coupe S - No more hiding!
Created: June 17, 2011
Someone snuck in somewhere they shouldn’t have been and snapped the best pics yet of the forthcoming MINI Coupe.
MINI JCW GP(?) test car spotted
Created: June 17, 2011
Since 2008 we’ve heard rumblings of a higher performance JCW model (in the vein of the 2006 GP) that would close out the R56′s production cycle.
AC Schnitzer MINI Cooper JCW Eagle
Created: June 17, 2011
Tuners are now giving names to their car! We just looked at the Whitestorm, and now check out the MINI Cooper Eagle by AC Schinitzer.
Spacebox concept the future of Paceman & Countryman
Created: June 17, 2011
he MINI (MAT) is the genesis of the Spacebox concept – some have dubbed MINI caveman because of it’s “cavernous” space in the interior (hah-hah) . But if you want to give it it’s final market term it will be called the MINI Traveller
2012 JCW Coupe Test Drive
Created: June 17, 2011
Driveline choices are unchanged from the rest of the Mini lineup, which is to say, everything from ordinary (122-hp Cooper) to feisty (208-hp John Cooper Works). Europe gets a 143-hp diesel four that Americans will never, ever see.
BMW confirms new MINI built in UK
Created: June 10, 2011
The BMW Group has announced today an additional £500 million investment in its UK production network over the next three years and confirmed that the UK will be a production location for its next generation MINI models.
Paddy Hopkirk time warp with MINI WRC
Created: June 10, 2011
Monte Carlo winners Paddy Hopkirk and Rauno Aaltonen and MINI’s motorsport heritage in the 60′s. It’s a fun romp through the past that hopefully mirrors future success.
MINI sales are up almost 50% for 2011
Created: June 10, 2011
MINI USA reported sales of 5,801 cars in May – an increase of 37%. For the year things look even better with sales up an incredible 46.3%.
MINI's personal campaign
Created: June 10, 2011
Take a Facebook campaign, add an on-site photo booth, then a huge screen on one of Berlin’s busiest city squares, and you’ve got MINI’s “It’s Personal” campaign.
MINI Rocketman halted!!
Created: June 10, 2011
An interview with BMW/MINI leadership that while the recent BMW investment in UK manufacturing may spawn as many as 10 MINI variants, the Rocketman Concept will not be among them.
MINI takes top 4 places on best MPG Sports Car
Created: June 10, 2011
Sports cars are designed to be driven hard and fast and thus any that are worthy of the name are likely not going to be high on anyone's list of fuel-efficient transportation choices.
24 hours on the Green Hell in a new MINI
Created: June 09, 2011
On June 25th, the official MINI Motorsports team, three privateer MINI teams and as many as 200 other competitors will race a grueling 24 hours at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.
Vilner MINI - Better than the Rolls-Royce Goodwood
Created: June 03, 2011
If you've got the cash, you could always upgrade to the Goodwood edition to have an interior outfitted by the same people who trim the cabin of a Rolls-Royce. But if that's not your cup of Earl Gray, Bulgarian customizer Vilner has got a package that could be more up your alley
Created: May 24, 2011
U.S. safety regulators have upgraded an investigation into almost 60,000 BMW (BMWG.DE) Mini cars for a potential steering problem associated with five minor crashes.
MINI E-Scooter Concept
Created: May 20, 2011
Called the Mini Scooter E Concept, the chrome-flaunting scooters are planned to be shown in three distinct liveries
BMW & MINI Win Engine of the Year in Multiple Categories
Created: May 20, 2011
BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and the new four-cylinder power unit under the bonnet of the MINI Cooper S also received an Engine of the Year award. The commendation of the award-winners took place during the trade fair “Engine Expo” in Stuttgart.
MINI is now testing the 2012 Roadster and Coupe
Created: May 20, 2011
MINI is now testing the 2012 Roadster and Coupe variants on the Nürburgring circuit.
MINI Rocketman OK'd for Production
Created: May 19, 2011
Initially introduced in a concept form, the Rocketman will be heading for production in 2014.
NEW Product Reviews on the fly
Created: May 19, 2011
If you have purchased any product from Mini Mania, You can Review it. So, Go On! Tell us what you think! Be a Mini Mania(c)!
2012 MINI JCW Coupe
Created: May 17, 2011
We'll have to wait a few months yet to see the Coupe later this summer, and a whole year for the Roadster, but these spy shots show MINI is well on the way to delivering a hot version of the two-seater hard top as well.
Funny man John Cleese caught speeding in his Mini
Created: May 16, 2011
Funny man & actor John Cleese has been charged with speeding.
Mini Mania is in MC2
Created: May 13, 2011
Recently Mini Mania went to Hallet Raceway. It turns out Team Mini Mania was showcased in the magazine all about everything Mini… MC2.
NCA 2011 - Are you coming?
Created: May 12, 2011
Nevada City Adventure 2011 Minis, music, and driving fun highlight this 11th annual springtime event in Northern California.
Mini takes on WRC Challenge
Created: May 10, 2011
Combining speed with reliability is the holy grail of rally car design; a pairing that wins championships.
K.I.S.S. & MINI raise money for UNICEF
Created: May 09, 2011
MINI has partnered with legendary rock band KISS to raise money for UNICEF to help children in Japan and emergencies around the globe.
Created: May 09, 2011
MINI Connected gives drivers an even more intense experience of limitless driving fun, and allows that experience to be tailored to personal preferences and even shared with other users.
Rolls Royce Mini: The Goodwood
Created: May 03, 2011
MINI has a new limited edition: "The Goodwood" a Rolls-Royce-fettled Cooper S that could carry a price tag as high as
Speed Dating!
Created: April 28, 2011
Girls, do you want to win at the speed dating game? Then be seen in a white MINI Cooper S!
Denise McCluggage - Racing Legend & Journalist
Created: April 28, 2011
Journalist. Race car driver. Sports reporter. Photographer. Intellectual. And friend to about a zillion people. Denise McCluggage has worn all these hats; many of them so very well.
Women and the Mini Contest
Created: April 25, 2011
Winners get Gift Cards good for anything Mini, Accessories, Parts, You name it!!
MINI Cooper Run Flat Tires  Explained
Created: April 22, 2011
Most everyone dreads a flat tire. Not only are they inconvenient, but drivers who haven't experienced a blowout at speed wonder how they'd react...Run Flat Tires - Explained De-Mystified
a MINI mobile home, in a mini trailer
Created: April 21, 2011
The beauty of this house-on-wheels lies in the fact that its compact and yet boats of ample living quarters. You will find a bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen and an office in the 252° Living Area: Mobile Mini House.
a MINI Bike for your MINI boot
Created: April 21, 2011
a MINI Bike for your MINI boot With city traffic more congested than ever, MINI is offering up a solution to urban parking overcrowding: the MINI Folding Bike.
New MINI Coupes are ordered from USA Dealers
Created: April 20, 2011
New MINI Coupes are ordered from USA Dealers According to reports, Mini USA dealers have officially ordered their launch units of the Mini Coupe.
Created: April 18, 2011
a MINI by SAAB? Saab is lining up an audacious bid to buy the rights to the outgoing BMW Mini platform, according to sources.
Created: April 18, 2011
Nearly Half of new MINI customers are Women Since the last four years, the number of women purchasing cars has steadily increased as a percentage of total sales. According to Polk
Nearly Half of new MINI customers are Women
Created: April 18, 2011
Nearly Half of new MINI customers are Women Since the last four years, the number of women purchasing cars  has steadily increased as a percentage of total sales. According to Polk
The Super Mini Cooper
Created: April 15, 2011
The Super Mini CooperWith its great gas mileage and BMW-like handling, the Cooper S is the perfect fun-to-drive car for a fuel-conscious age. The Good: Fuel efficiency, quickness, practicality in a small package The Bottom Line: A green machine with pizzazz
Melissa Messinger wins a Mini Countryman!
Created: April 05, 2011
MANATEE, FL - Dairy Queen has come to mean a lot to Melissa Messinger.The Sarasota resident got her first job 22 years ago as a 16-year-old at Dairy Queen.Then she met the man who would be her husband there two years later.And just a few weeks ago, she received a real Dairy Queen treat -- a blue 2011 Mini Cooper.
Mini Cooper S Hybrid All Wheel Drive: Spotted!
Created: April 05, 2011
Mini Cooper S Hybrid All Wheel Drive: Spotted! Proving that you can pack a lot of technology and hardware into a small package, we’ve come across photos of what appears to be a hybrid version of the Mini Cooper S.
BMW's DriveNow like ZipCar only better?
Created: April 05, 2011
BMW's DriveNow like ZipCar only better? More signs that the era of the personal automobile may be slowly coming to an end: BMW is launching an interesting new car-sharing system in Munich next month, with plans to bring it worldwide.
MINI at the Red Bull Crushed Ice
Created: March 24, 2011
MINI at the Red Bull Crushed Ice Just when you thought MINI could not possibly be any more ‘fun’ – they go ahead and join the most adrenaline-packed sport this side of skinny dipping water volleyball in a shark tank.
MINI & Rolls Royce "Goodwood" Revealed
Created: March 23, 2011
MINI & Rolls Royce "Goodwood" Revealed It’s been years in the making but a special edition MINI co-developed by MINI Yours and Rolls Royce will be unveiled next month. We’ve held information on the car close to the vest for quite awhile but with the recent leak of the debut date we thought it appropriate to give you a little tease.
MINI is #1 in JD Power Report
Created: March 23, 2011
MINI is #1 in JD Power Report The survey covers five main areas: quality of work done, ease in getting appointments, the performance of the service adviser, the facilities themselves, and the experience of receiving your vehicle again. Congrats to MINI for coming out on top.
Mini Mania "MINI in the Snow Photo Contest"
Created: March 22, 2011
  Mini Mania "MINI in the Snow Contest" We held a Photo Contest on or Facebook page recently. We started the contest in February, and recieved entries until March. We wanted to see your MINI playing in the snow.
MINI to repeat history with Winning Numbers
Created: March 18, 2011
MINI to repeat history with Winning Numbers The MINI WRC Team is planning to carry numbers 37 and 52 on their MINI John Cooper Works WRCs in this year's World Rally Championship.
2011 Mini Cooper S : On The Road
Created: March 18, 2011
My customary reaction to winter driving has been equally consistent. As one who reviews vehicles for a living, I would load up with every all-wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive car, crossover, sport-ute or truck I could get my hands on. Pragmatically, it seemed like the best defence against the slippy-slide season.
Cooper Bike, for your MINI cooper
Created: March 15, 2011
Cooper Bike, for your MINI cooper Cooper Bikes, founded by Michael Cooper almost two years ago, is launching seven models of commuter, lifestyle bikes into North America.
Get Connected: MINI Link App
Created: March 11, 2011
Get Connected: MINI Link App As if motoring in a MINI wasn’t awesome enough, now there’s an app that makes it even better.
The "Chateau Mini" Clubman by Aznom
Created: March 08, 2011
The "Chateau Mini" Clubman by Aznom  Aznom is proud to present the “Chateau Minì” based on the BMW Mini Clubman
MINI Clubman
Created: March 08, 2011
MINI Clubman "S" more charming than a Countryman? With the launch of its new Countryman, the Mini brand is expanding its model lineup, adding a max-y Mini to a model series that includes the mini Mini Cooper hatch and the midi Mini Cooper Clubman.
2011 Mini Countryman Scores High on Crash Tests
Created: March 08, 2011
The New 2011 Mini Countryman proves saftey record. The Countryman is the first Mini model to get the award. In the past, the Mini Cooper hardtop earned scores of Acceptable in side crash tests and roof-strength tests.
New Head of Design at MINI
Created: March 07, 2011
New Head of Design at MINI His new role as Head of Design at MINI is the biggest challenge of his career and for a designer, a dream come true. To learn more about MINI car design, future design languages and the hype behind MINI brand.
2011 MINI Cooper SD spotted in Geneva
Created: March 04, 2011
2011 MINI Cooper SD seen in Geneva Powered by an also new 2.0 liter engine with 143 horsepower, the Cooper SD has brought another wave of driving fun and individuality in the premium brand’s hallmark styl
MINI Rocketman Concept REVEALED
Created: February 23, 2011
MINI Rocketman Concept premiered at Geneva Auto Show 2011 MINI has taken the wraps off of a completely new concept that takes the brand into familiar yet uncharted territory.
Diesel fuel: Economical but with what side effects?
Created: February 22, 2011
Diesel fuel: Economical but with what side effects? Filling one’s tank with diesel does not require a different technique, and there are diesel fueling stations in all 50 states.
Ultimate Throne - Mini Style
Created: February 22, 2011
Designer turns Mini into Ultimate Chair Designer David Gawthorpe has created the ultimate boys’ toy out of one of the best-known classic motors. His entertainment chair is made to look like the front end of a black Mini Cooper.
MINI Dealership to be Mecca for the MINI
Created: February 22, 2011
MINI Dealership to be Mecca for the MINI From the second story of the 20,000-square-foot dealership a variety of Coopers will be showcased in a massive display window. Besides the "bird perch" display window, the two-story location will include 13 service bays. It sits on a 2-acre tract.
Mini Thunder II - weekend pics
Created: February 22, 2011
Mini Thunder II, A Great Adventure! Mini Thunder II has now finished the second annual event at Thunder Hill raceway outside of the small town of Willows in Northern California.
Radical Changes For MINI In 2013?
Created: February 18, 2011
The iconic original Mini, of British Motor Corporation origin, is inimitable in its proportion and style. The new BMW MINI, as much as it pays homage to the original, is an entirely different beast. The next-gen MINI will take the car's design even farther, however, according to the latest reports.
2012 Mini Coupe and Roadster Spy Photos
Created: February 18, 2011
Our spy shooters have gotten the first glimpse of these two-seaters looking nearly ready to hit the assembly line.
Revised Mini JCW kit even sportier
Created: February 11, 2011
Revised Mini JCW kit even sportier Mini DNA has always had a sports gene running through it - now BMW has brought that out even more strongly with the upgraded factory-fit John Cooper Works pack for the Mini and Mini Convertible.
Just in: Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4
Created: February 11, 2011
Just in: Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 I picked up our new Mini Countryman and delivered it to the test track earlier this week, and frankly came away not quite ready to give up the keys.
The Peninsula Got a Mini!
Created: February 10, 2011
The Peninsula Hotel in New York just got even better! Situated right off Fifth Avenue in the middle of mid-Manhattan's shopping mecca, the hotel is now providing new bespoke Mini Cooper S Clubman Cars for guests who stay at one of its suites. It’s complimentary, of course!
So, what is a Sprint Booster?!!
Created: February 09, 2011
Throttle response is often affected negatively by the ETC and drivers often feel a noticeable delay when quickly changing the position of the gas pedal. Sprint Booster acts to not only remove that delay...
Created: February 08, 2011
CoverEFX Mini Cooper Works
Created: February 07, 2011
CoverEFX Mini Cooper Works Cover EFX realized every tuner works on a number of key points when they work on a vehicle, but that seemed a bit too ordinary for them!
MINI in 2011: More power, more sportiness, more individuality.
Created: February 03, 2011
MINI in 2011: More power, more sportiness, more individuality. Premiere of the MINI Cooper SD with 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine and 105 kW/143 hp – John Cooper Works Pack for the MINI and MINI Convertible – MINI Yours presents the MINI Clubman Hampton special edition.
Is The New Fiat More Adorable Than Your MINI?
Created: February 02, 2011
What do you think? Fiat v. MINI, who wins? Sound off in the comments below!
Created: February 02, 2011
World Premier: JCW Pack & 2011 JCW Tuning Kit Much like the M Sport packages from BMW M that’s offered on non M cars, JCW now has a ‘Pack” for non JCW models.
Created: February 02, 2011
No this isn’t the first time we’ve read an official press release on this topic. But now BMW and PSA feel compelled to talk a bit more about their plans. However while some of these goals in may sound a bit lofty, what’s really happening here are two companies coming together to share a hybrid powerplant.
Created: February 02, 2011
The countdown is on to the return of MINI on the international motorsport stage. Today marks the official start of MINI marketing of the team and the car. But the real work has been ongoing at Prodrive for well over a year. This official release contains details, photos, driver profiles and even a couple of Q&As with MINI and BMW executives.
Created: February 02, 2011
Mini Countryman WRC shown Mini has launched the latest development version of its new Countryman WRC car in Monte Carlo.
Mini to get "big design leap"
Created: January 26, 2011
BMW Group design boss Adrian van Hooydonk has revealed that the next-gen Mini will be a “bigger design leap than the last one".
MINI launches New "Matte" Cooper
Created: January 26, 2011
MINI has announced plans to offer a limited edition Cooper Hatch with unique tweaks and accents
MINI launches New "Matte" Cooper
Created: January 26, 2011
MINI has announced plans to offer a limited edition Cooper Hatch with unique tweaks and accents
Paddy Hopkirk tests MINI’s new World Rally Car
Created: January 20, 2011
Last week, 47 years after his landmark victory at the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally, Hopkirk took a ride in the firm’s latest rally challenger, the MINI Countryman WRC, alongside factory team driver Kris Meeke.
Mini Cooper Clubman S by Schmidt Revolution
Created: January 14, 2011
Mini Cooper Clubman S by Schmidt Revolution Wheel manufacturer Schmidt Revolution has prepared a custom Mini Cooper Clubman S by applying the Urban Lifestyle tuning package and called it the STREETWORKER. The Mini Cooper Clubman S by Schmidt Revolution comes with
Has BMW finally admitted to a Torque steer issue with the MINI?
Created: August 25, 2010
With the release of the features and upgrades for the 2011 model year MINI Cooper BMW has taunted the near elimination of torque steering on our front wheel drive rocket ships.  This while never admitting that was a problem with the design from the very beginning.  When a change is positioned as a feature rather than a fix I suppose you limit your liability for past problems.
Created: November 06, 2008
BMW and MINI brand models stand for boundless driving pleasure and high level of customer satisfaction worldwide. During the course of the Mondial de l'Automobile 2008 in Paris (4th - 19th October, 2008), the BMW Group has received two awards.
Created: August 08, 2008
Created: August 06, 2008
Mini Convertible comes off the production line
Created: July 23, 2008
Created: July 23, 2008
Park Lane MINI’s Dreamline Color Option
Created: April 16, 2008
Mini Cooper Paint: multiple layers of metallic paint that actually gave the finished car a different color depending on the angle viewed from
Created: April 04, 2008
Mini Cooper - Ranked Friendliest Car Owners by Carcraft
Created: March 26, 2008
So which car gets you the most friends? Carcraft has ranked the ten models with the largest number of Facebook fans, and the winner is (of course) the Mini Cooper, boasting 310 fan groups with over 23,000 members.Read the rest of the article:http://wot.motortrend.com/6235477/miscellaneous/how-to-win-friends-and-influence-peoplewith-your-car/index.html
Created: January 23, 2008
Created: December 17, 2007
First generation BMW MINI Cooper Clubman bring 5 doors and lots of fun!
Created: December 11, 2007
Created: December 10, 2007
MINI Clubman has been on sale for less than a month and is proving a huge hit with the British public
Created: November 06, 2006
Created: February 13, 2006
Created: January 28, 2006
Quaife Engineering's automotive performance product range covers: ATB Differentials for road and motorsport use Performance gear kits for cars, motorcycles and motorcycle engined cars Replacement race / rally gear boxes Specialist reversing boxes and gear trains for niche vehicles Uprated drive shafts & half shafts Complete heavy duty axle kits Four wheel drive systems GT sports racing cars in either 2 or 4WD
Created: January 28, 2006
That story began forty years ago when engineering entrepreneur Rod Quaife acted upon a chance suggestion from Norton motorcycle specialist Ray Petty. It was tempting enough for Rod to change his strategy he was then involved in and began afresh to specialise in motorcycle gearbox design and production. Enthusiasm and skill made good any financial shortcomings in these early days, and soon the new company - known as RT Quaife Engineering Ltd - began producing the first Quaife transmissions that converted four speed Norton gearboxes into five speed units. Motorsport success soon followed, culminating in John Cooper testing at the TT on a Quaife equipped 350 Norton in 1967.
Created: January 04, 2006
Created: November 03, 2005
Spread the word, there's a new Mini magazine in town. It's called MC2 (as in "Energy equals") and is North America's first independent magazine dedicated to both the Classic and New Minis.
Created: July 25, 2004
GoMini is the new magazine for owners and drivers of the New Mini. Each issue is packed with colourful and informative features on Minis from the UK and around the world, plus innovations from stylists and tuners, and news and gossip from the scene.
Created: September 30, 2003
Created: April 03, 2002
Here's the lowdown on the lack of MINI dealers in the Lone Star State, as well as an overview of MINI's marketing plan and some miscellaneous fun facts.
Created: February 04, 2002
Wondering where your latest Mini Mania order is? MiniMania.com now has an Order Lookup feature, where you can view the status orders any time of the day or night! Here's how it works ...
Created: December 18, 2001
An enterprising limousine service in Berkshire offers New MINIs for rent by the day!
Created: July 09, 2001
Here are BMW’s official answers to key questions that motorists are asking about the New Mini.
Created: June 30, 2001
The New Mini seems to have have deserved all the hype surrounding it, it really is a stonking car! To make the car even more attractive
Created: June 27, 2001
MINI One and MINI Cooper go on sale on July 7 and come with a vast array of options to add a personal touch to each car. Mini owners have always enjoyed personalising
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Created: June 26, 2001
CAP MONITOR predicts the new Mini will have no problem holding its value in the used market. It will have some of the best values in the sector.
Created: June 19, 2001
The long awaited official list of U.S. MINI dealers is now available. Here's a full list of contacts....
Created: June 13, 2001
The MINI's insurance ratings have been announced and, says BMW, are a reflection of the car's technically advanced engineering.
Created: January 10, 2001
The only son of racing legend John Cooper has pledged to keep his father's business going. His vow follows the death, shortly after Christmas, of the man who made the Mini a motoring icon.
MINI Cooper  Interior Trim and Accessories
Created: August 28, 2014
MINI Cooper Interior Trim and Accessories- Top Selling, great for adding your personal touch to your MINI
Mini Mania
Created: February 07, 2017
Join us for our 17th Annual Nevada City Adventure Mini Meet on Saturday, June 24, 2017! Let's celebrate minis, friends, family and the start of summer!
Nevada City Adventure 2016 Recap
Created: June 16, 2016
Mini Mania had the Adventure of a lifetime - the Nevada City Adventure 2016 that is. It was a great event with lots of beautiful Minis and MINIs to gawk at, great lectures from our Tech Talk Speakers and an Adventure Tour to end all Adventure Tours!
Nevada City Adventure 2016
Created: February 19, 2016
Come join us for this Nevada City Adventure, our annual customer appreciation car show and a tour of Gold Country! Where: 870 Gold Flat Road, Nevada City, California When: Saturday, May 21st 2016 - 8:00am to 4:00pm
Same OEM Quality - But at a Reduced Price.  Learn More and Save.
Created: January 21, 2015
MINI Cooper Value Line Service Supplies
Created: February 05, 2014
Motor Werks Magazine covers the Nevada City Adventure 2013 with pictures and stories of the 13 annual event
Cylinder head intake and exhaust valves
Created: January 17, 2014
We offer the most complete selection in the country of original equipment and after market performance parts for the MINI aluminum cylinder head. The introduction of a cost effective alternative for stock valves compliments our existing range of performance and over-sized valves for both the first and second generation models of the MINI.
Created: December 11, 2013
Mini Mania's Nevada City Adventure 2014 What: 14th Annual Nevada City Adventure Where: 870 Gold Flat Road, Nevada City, California When: May 31, 2014 - 8:00am to 4:00pm
Customer Product Reviews
Created: November 28, 2013
Customer Product review posts are in many ways the core of what Internet buying is about—the ability for regular folks to express an opinion about a product, be it positive or negative. Every day, tens of thousands of product reviews are written on websites across the world, and often, on just one product alone, hundreds of new opinion/review posts are written each week.
Created: August 19, 2013
Photo Log Part 3 - Mini Mania Crosses America
Created: August 13, 2013
Don Racine, owner and founder of Mini Mania, is now traveling across the US towing his infamous 1960 Mini to take part in three exciting races
PHOTO Log Part 1 - Mini Mania Crosses America
Created: August 09, 2013
Follow along as Don Racine, owner and founder of Mini Mania, is travels across the US towing his infamous 1960 Mini to take part in three exciting races: Glenora Wine Cellars US Vintage Grand Prix in Watkins Glen, NY, the Historic Festival at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, CT and the Vintage Grand Prix Au Grattan XXVII in Grattan, MI.
Mini Mania Sponsors Twin engine MINI
Created: July 24, 2013
Mini Mania continues sponsorship of team TWINI for their participation in the National Auto Sport Association’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill Endurance Race taking place December 7, 2013 at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA. The team is comprised of Jacques Andres, Steve Romack and Scotsman Chris Knox, w...
Created: June 04, 2013
Mark Your Calendars! We have set a date for Nevada City Adventure 2014! Join us on Sat. May 31, 2014 for our 14th Annual Open House and Car Show. 2014 also just so happens to be our 40 year anniversary. We are already planning an EXTRA special event! RSVP ...
Created: March 01, 2013
1967 Mini Cooper S Restoration Title
Team Mini Mania at the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival
Created: February 05, 2013
Team Mini Mania's caravan of four Classic Mini Coopers have again been selected to participate in the upcoming Sonoma Historic Races at Sonoma Raceway, California. ***UPDATE*** Do you needs parts and you're going to the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival? Mini Mania will delivery them t...
Created: February 05, 2013
Mini Mania is looking to borrow a R56 Mini Cooper S in the Portland, OR area. We need the MINI asap but are flexible with dates. We would have your MINI for 2-3 days for product development. There would be no driving of your car, visuals only. What do you get in return?
Created: December 10, 2012
Sobre Mini Mania
Created: December 10, 2012
Thank you for your order. In order to pay for your goods with your PayPal account, please follow these simple instructions to send money from your PayPal account to our PayPal account
Created: September 20, 2012
Created: September 12, 2012
Classic Mini vs. New MINI
Created: August 23, 2012
The original Mini Cooper was first launched in 1959 and went on to become a style icon of the 1960s which was much sought after, even by the rich and famous.
Nevada City Lodging Guide
Created: June 11, 2012
Local Room Taxes NOT included Seasonal rates may apply, Rates are subject to change
2012 Nevada City Adventure - Recap
Created: June 04, 2012
It was a early morning at the Mini Mania headquarters in Nevada City, Ca. We had MINI’s show up the day previous. Anxious participants were scouting to see if people were camping out for prime locations in the front of our facility.
MOM's & the MINI for Mother's Day
Created: May 07, 2012
We think MOM's are pretty special... Really, Where would we be without 'em? So, for this Mother's Day we want all of you MOMs to treat yourself!
Standing Starts verses Rolling Starts - AUS
Created: May 03, 2012
Standing starts verses rolling startsWhile I am sure this has been discussed, debated and ruled on many time in history I thought I might share a perspective from a newcomers point of view.
Vintage Racing on the Philip Island - AUS
Created: May 03, 2012
Phillip Island is the on the southern most tip of Australia and only 90 miles from Melbourne. The 38 Sq. mile island features spectacular coastal scenery, charming heritage and an abundance of Australian wildlife AND the most famous race track in a country that is 2.9M sq.miles (the USA only has 3M Sq. miles) with a total population of 21.8 Million people (California alone has 37.7 million). Phillip Island itself has a population of less than 10,000.
Drive the race track of your dream - AUS
Created: April 04, 2012
As most of us are driven to race for the experience and thrill of it all with a little tinge of winning it is easy to know that almost everyone has dreams of racing various circuits around the US and even the world.
Vintage racing (and more) in Australia - AUS
Created: April 03, 2012
The mystique of Phillip Island was with us for almost 5 months, before we left for Australia. The anticipation of participating in the world class premiere Aussie vintage racing event was intertwined in our daily life, everything relating to "when we go to Australia....."
Created: March 23, 2012
Win a weekend at Lake Tahoe at this years 12th Annual Nevada City Adventure !
MINI Thunder III (3)  An experience to build on!
Created: February 27, 2012
Go to a track day of Mini's tearing around the rolling hills of California's central valley? What a great opportunity for Mini Mania to attend  MINI Thunder III. Once a year Minis from all over descend on Willows, CA. They converge and meet at one place.. Thunderhill Raceway.
Austrailian Adventure - Don goes down under - AUS
Created: February 23, 2012
Early rise this morning in order to meet Graham Russel at 7 am for our road trip to the Blue Mountains, about an hours drive from Paramatta.
The Daytona-win-$500 Contest - The Daytona 500
Created: February 20, 2012
The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series kicks off its 2012 preparations at Daytona International Speedway. The Daytona 500 is to racing what the Super Bowl is to football.
Created: February 03, 2012
The Big News is WE'RE IN! As it turned out, our little town's Soapbox Derby has generated huge interest!  So much that there had to be a lottery to limit the field to 42 entries.. 
Created: January 23, 2012
It’s safe to say that the MINI Coupé and its sibling, the Roadster, are two of the most highly anticipated models within the enthusiast community since the original ‘new’ MINI.
Mini Mania's 12th Annual Nevada City Adventure 2012 NCA
Created: December 29, 2011
Nevada City Adventure 2012 Nevada City, CA - The Coolest event this Summer will be The Nevada City Adventure 2012, May 19th.
Minis and the Month of November
Created: November 10, 2011
Significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of November; including, the birth of Alex Issigonis.
Even More Minis and the Month of October
Created: October 31, 2011
Even More Minis and the Month of October               Still more significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of October; including, the end of production for Minis in three countries and the passing of Issigonis.
Welcome to the Mini Mania Community!
Created: October 28, 2011
Sign-up automatically enters you to win your choiceof three custom MINI kits.
More Minis and the Month of October
Created: October 26, 2011
            More significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of October.
Jessica Pabalate's Arrive & Drive Experience
Created: October 14, 2011
I was at work when I opened the email Don sent telling me that I won the essay contest for Arrive and Drive. I read it, and then reread it because I couldn’t believe I won! I jumped up out of my chair emphatically yelling “I won, I won, I won!”
Wallpaper for your iPhone from Mini Mania
Created: October 13, 2011
Want to make your MINI the wallpaper on your iPhone? Creating your own Wallpaper for your iPhone is a pretty simple task.
Get 15% back from Mini Mania - Video Upload
Created: October 11, 2011
Make a "Do it Yourself" guide. (a D.I.Y.)Take a Video of you applying, bolting on, installing,or modifying your MINI with your Mini Mania order.
Minis and the Month of October
Created: October 03, 2011
Minis and the Month of October               Significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of October.
More Minis and the Month of September
Created: September 27, 2011
Minis and More for the Month of September               More significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of September.
Minis and the Month of September
Created: September 02, 2011
Significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of September
NEW Oporto Bike for Women from Cooper Bikes
Created: September 02, 2011
The bicycle division of the Cooper Car Company said the Oporto is elegant, simple and high quality, featuring a sophisticated riding position for comfort and a smooth ride.
More Minis and the Month of August
Created: August 29, 2011
            More significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of August.
Jessica Pabalate - 2011 Arrive & Drive Winner
Created: August 23, 2011
        I absolutely loved that car and my favorite thing was to drive along the desolate windy country roads where I lived. My dad even became fascinated with all things MINI and was..
Millionth Post Giveaway
Created: August 10, 2011
In celebration of our One Millionth Post, we want to have some fun with all of you artist-types out there. Send us a photo (via email or snail-mail) of your Mini inspired art! We'll showcase our favorite and give that person a $200 Gift Certificate good for anything on our site.
August is special - Happy Birthday Mini Cooper!
Created: August 04, 2011
On this day in 1959, the British Motor Corporation (BMC) launched its newest car, the small, affordable–at a price tag of less than $800–Mark I Mini. The diminutive Mini went on to become one of the best-selling British cars in history
Minis and the Month of August
Created: August 03, 2011
Minis and the Month of August               Significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of August.
More Minis and the Month of July
Created: July 25, 2011
Minis and More From the Month of July              More events in the life of the Mini from the month of July – mostly about North American Mini Meets.
Many Mini Dashes at Mini Meet West 2011!
Created: June 23, 2011
We've got lot's of Mini Meet West 2011 stuff to share with you! The first is a gallery of some of the many Mini dashes we saw. Use the comment section to vote for your favorite!
Mini Mania's 25th year at the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival
Created: May 05, 2011
The Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival is coming up and were excited!The Festival takes place the first weekend of June. The 4th  & 5thMini Mania will be there for our 25th year and to celebrate were giving a free lunch to anyone that wants to come out and support us.
Women and the Mini Quiz
Created: April 29, 2011
The world of Minis is not populated solely by men. Females played an important role, especially in early Mini history. Here’s a little quiz to see how well you’ve been paying attention when reading about the early days of the Mini; especially, Browning’s, “The Works Minis.”
Nevada City Adventure 2011 ( 11th NCA )
Created: March 22, 2011
Nevada City Adventure 2011 Minis, music, and driving fun highlight this 11th annual springtime event in Northern California.
MINI of Charleston Racing Press release
Created: March 22, 2011
MINI of Charleston Racing Press release March 20, 2011                                                   Braselton, Georgia – The Southeast Division of the Sports Car Club of America hosted a double race weekend at historic Road Atlanta
Learn from the Dyno - NCA 2012
Created: March 22, 2011
the Dyno can yield a lot of great information and this was no exception! Dyno testing is like a ‘great dream’! Lots of us talk about them but how many people can really live them! Proving our metal is often equated to ‘dreaming’ about demonstrated how good we are by how much horsepower we can buy for our steed of choice.
Will this product or part fit my Mini?
Created: March 08, 2011
Will this item fit my MINI? The Mini Mania website has been known for years as having the widest selection of parts and accessories for the new BMW MINI range of models.
Mini Mania is celebrating 20 years of Website Service in 2016
Created: March 03, 2011
Founded in 1974, Mini Mania first presented itself on the Internet in 1996. Always a leader in information and customer service, the Internet was and continues to be a great means of giving more to our friends and customers.
Mini Mania celebrates 40 years in business
Created: March 03, 2011
Mini Mania celebrates 40 years in business during 2014! Mini Mania is located in the heart of the Gold Country in Northern California's Sierra Nevada Foothills. What better place to drive Mini Coopers than in the twisty mountain roads of the region!
Minis, More February and a Bonus
Created: February 22, 2011
Minis…More February and a Bonus.             Here are a few more February Mini-related dates. The later years are pretty boring, so I’ve added a few miscellaneous items at the end to make up for all the “decal specials.”
Minis, More January, and Into February
Created: February 14, 2011
    Mini's, January, & Febuary The last article focused on the importance of January in the history of the Mini as it related to the Monte Carlo Rally successes. Here are a few more January dates that are less well known. How many of these do you know?
Minis, January, &  The Monte Carlo Rallye
Created: February 07, 2011
If one starts digging into the history of the Mini, the month of January was a very important one; especially, on the international scene.
Team Mini Mania Race Schedule 2011
Created: January 13, 2011
The Racine family from Team Mini Mania has annouced a busy schedule for the 2011 Vintage Race season. The team includes, Don Racine, Dennis Racine, Julie Racine and son-in-law John Burmann.
Thoughts from a Mini Mania Customer
Created: October 04, 2010
I want to thank all these people and your business in general for making my foray into this awesome hobby/lifestyle hassle free and extremely fun. Its people like you that bring more people into this hobby. Once again, thank you so much for making this a effortless transition for me. Rob Crawley
Mini Mania partnered with the Economic Resource Counsel
Created: September 25, 2010
Mini Mania partnered with the Economic Resource Counsel of Nevada Country to host a number of tours of the facilities at the headquarters of Mini Mania.
Created: May 26, 2010
The Nevada City Adventure 2010 has been an annual Mini event sponsored by Mini Mania for the last 10 years, and generally marks the beginning of the summer Mini Meet season in the western states. Held on the grounds of Mini Mania’s (www.minimania. com) 6-acre facility in Nevada City, CA.
Created: May 26, 2010
The Nevada City Adventure 2010 has been an annual Mini event sponsored by Mini Mania for the last 10 years, and generally marks the beginning of the summer Mini Meet season in the western states. Held on the grounds of Mini Mania’s (www.minimania. com) 6-acre facility in Nevada City, CA.
Created: April 01, 2010
New Safety Device Exceeds Euro NCAP Standards by Peter D. DuPre & the MC2 Staff Always a leader in the world of automotive safety and technology, MINI has announced the development of a nighttime driver safety product that they feel will greatly reduce the nighttime accident rate a...
Created: March 16, 2010
Created: February 26, 2010
Created: February 26, 2010
Created: January 21, 2010
With MINI’s introduction in 2010 of the MINI Countryman, we need to look back 50 years to another introduction, that of the Austin Seven Countryman.
Nevada City Adventure 2010
Created: January 11, 2010
We would like to invite all Mini enthusiasts to our 9th annual Nevada City Adventure, set for May 15th from 8 am until approximately 5 pm, located in the heart of the scenic and beautiful gold country. This year’s event coinsides with the 2010 AMGEN Tour of California which for the first time ever will begin in Nevada City! It's important to mention this event because if you plan on staying over in Nevada City, you'll need to make your arrangements early, as rooms will book up fast due to this huge bicycling event!
Mini Partes y Accesorios  - PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES - [Spanish FAQ]
Created: June 19, 2009
Mini Partes y Accesorios Enviamos a México! - PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES (En Español) - [Spanish FAQ] Created: June 19, 2009 Mini Partes y Accesorios - Enviamos a México! PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES ¿Distribuyen partes para el Mini Cooper? Sí. Llevamos más de 35 años en este negocio y distribuimos partes para el modelo Mini Clásico (Inglés/Rover/BMC) y para el Mini Cooper S, fabricado d...
Mini Partes y Accesorios  - PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES - [Spanish FAQ]
Created: June 19, 2009
Mini Partes y Accesorios Enviamos a México! - PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES (En Español) - [Spanish FAQ] Created: June 19, 2009 Mini Partes y Accesorios - Enviamos a México! PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES ¿Distribuyen partes para el Mini Cooper? Sí. Llevamos más de 35 años en este negocio y distribuimos partes para el modelo Mini Clásico (Inglés/Rover/BMC) y para el Mini Cooper S, fabricado d...
Created: June 01, 2009
Nevada City Adventure 2009 Galleries & Stuff!
Created: May 22, 2009
We would like to invite all Mini enthusiasts to our 8th annual Nevada City Adventure, set for May 16th from 8 am until approximately 5 pm, located in the heart of the scenic and beautiful gold country. This year’s event celebrates the 50th anniversary of the British classic mini cooper.
What we learned after 5 hours on the Dyno - NCA 08
Created: January 29, 2009
The Nevada City Adventure 2008 at Mini Mania was an experience like no other for many of us! Five hours on the Dyno can yield a lot of great information and this was no exception!
Nevada City Adventure 2009
Created: January 09, 2009
We would like to invite all Mini enthusiasts to our 8th annual Nevada City Adventure, set for May 16th from 8 am until approximately 5 pm, located in the heart of the scenic and beautiful gold country. This year’s event celebrates the 50th anniversary of the British classic mini cooper.
Created: September 18, 2008
Free Shipping Promotion Created: September 18, 2008
Created: August 27, 2008
Hurry! Sale Ends September 1st!!! The Fine Print For internet sales only, does not apply to phone-in orders! Does not apply towards items already on sale.
Created: August 22, 2008
Created: August 07, 2008
Created: May 12, 2008
The Complete Mini Mania Resources Link List
Created: February 20, 2008
The Californian Mini Moke Is Here!Now you can build your own version of the beloved classic! Mini Mania, Inc. has obtained the rights from the manufacturer to sell the recently introduced Mini Moke replica in do-it-yourself kit form. Whether or not you’re familiar with these popular fun cars of the 1960’s and 70’s, there is one Moke that stands out among the rest: the Californian Mini Moke. Auto expert Don Racine hosts www.MiniMokeUSA.com, which chronicles the history of the Moke and it’s evolution into the replica industry.
Created: January 14, 2008
Summer is just around the corner and that means it's time to mark your calendars to join us for our 7th Annual Nevada City Adventure Open House, Saturday May 17th, 8am to 4pm. Some of the events planned include a swap meet, car show, prizes, and of course, great deals on the latest and coolest merchandise! Also this year we will be featuring our "DO-IT-YOURSELF" Install sessions and product demos.
Created: June 05, 2007
The 6th Annual Nevada City Adventure was a great success with over 100 BMW MINI and classic Mini Coopers in attendance. MINI Cooper enthusiasts drove from all over the West to participate in this year’s event...
Created: March 26, 2007
Shipping quotes are now available by simply choosing a product to put into your shopping cart and entering a postal code and country, a login is no longer needed.
Created: March 26, 2007
Shipping quotes are now available by simply choosing a product to put into your shopping cart and entering a postal code and country, a login is no longer needed.
Created: January 24, 2007
Place a Mini Mania banner and link on your home page, and earn a 5% commission on all on-line sales made through your website. No set-up fees, minimum sales levels or other hidden charges; you'll receive a check every six months.
Created: January 24, 2007
It's sad to have to sell such a great car, but our 'track ready' 2003 Indy Blue Cooper S, is being offered for sale. This is the club racer or autocross MINI of your dreams!
Created: December 20, 2006
Created: June 22, 2006
Dale Jr. is looking to upgrade his car collection, so he is auctioning his 2002 Mini Cooper modified by Mini Mania. Bid thru June 29 and get personal delivery from Dale Jr.!
Created: June 21, 2006
Connect and remotely control your iPod via its dock connector while keeping it out of harms way just about anywhere!
Created: April 27, 2006
The Mini Mania Website now offers many customers the option to view all prices in their native currency. This latest innovative feature of both the classic and BMW MINI portions of the Website allows the customer to easily choose the currency they are most familiar with and thus making it easier to appreciate our great prices. On the left side of the screen on almost every page on the classic side you will find a drop down menu that when you select your currency the entire page will reflect your price in that currency.
SEMA Membership & History
Created: January 30, 2006
A love for cars, trucks and SUVs is the motivating force behind the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). This trade association consists of a diverse group of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, publishing companies, auto restorers, street rod builders, restylers, car clubs, race teams and more.
Created: November 16, 2005
Combine the utility of our Glove Box Organizer with the convenience and safety of an iPod® dock!
Created: June 30, 2005
Mini Mania rolls into SCCA's ITE class for some on-going product testing. First up: the ULTRIK Water-to-Air Intercooler.
Created: June 29, 2005
Running a business is like making a good cake: you need to get all the right ingredients and bring them together to create a first-class result. And Mini Mania UK is all about a successful mix of people working together and sharing an enthusiasm for all things Mini.
Created: June 23, 2005
One year after initiating the ULTIMATE Warranty Program, Mini Mania is formally adopting the industry-leading factory-style warranty for all their ULTRIK aftermarket performance products.
Created: February 24, 2005
Created: December 28, 2004
Yes it's true: the legendary Mini Mania Super Cooper 'S' can be yours at a bargain price! Ready to race, or return it to street legal with a few modifications.
Created: November 10, 2004
Created: August 02, 2004
Put your Mini-related website to work by becoming a Mini Mania Affiliate! Earn a 5% commission on all on-line sales made through your website. This is a great way for Mini clubs to raise money for the treasury, or for Mini shops and dealers to get added income with very little effort and no overhead costs.
Created: July 01, 2004
Mini Mania branded products are covered for 2 years/24K miles, OR the remainder of your OEM warranty!
Created: May 25, 2004
Mini Mania's 30th anniversary party drew over 70 New and Classic Minis.
Created: April 09, 2004
Mini Mania's EXPANDED service shop is open and ready to help your Classic Mini or New MINI reach its full potential! Due to increased demand, we have built upon our ..
Created: September 03, 2003
Created: June 04, 2002
Our Guarantee: We offer the best products at the best prices available----
Created: April 22, 2002
That’s right! The famous Mini Mania New MINI race car is for sale and must be exported out of the U.S.
Created: January 31, 2002
It's official! The Mini Mania New MINI will be on display at the 12th Annual Inland Empire Auto Show in Ontario, California, Feb. 27 through March 3.
Created: January 02, 2002
Our race-equipped New MINI will be front and center at the San Jose International Auto Show, January 9-13, 2002!
Created: November 26, 2001
For that very special Mini owner on your gift list (like, YOURSELF!), get a $100 Mini Mania Gift Certificate for 10% off!
Created: November 09, 2001
Mini Mania and our New MINI modifications were prominently featured in the San Jose Mercury News just prior to the Mini Challenge.
Created: October 30, 2001
New Photos 10/31! With a new body kit and our exclusive performance upgrades, our New MINI is ready to be a show-off at the SEMA tradeshow in Las Vegas
Created: October 12, 2001
What's red and white and stickered all over? The Mini Mania New MINI! Here are a few preliminary shots of our New MINI as it is being prepared
Created: August 24, 2001
Our New MINI went right to work the day after arriving at Mini Mania! In the first step toward fitting MINI for the Mini Challenge race, the crew
Created: August 15, 2001
Months of waiting are over! MM's New MINI arrived in Nevada City yesterday, a bit tired from the long trip from the UK but none the worse for the wear.
Created: August 10, 2001
With the help of our friends at Phoenix Air Cargo and Barnhill Minis, our New MINI has arrived in the US!
Created: July 17, 2001
Now you can search through a list of New MINI dealerships by clicking on the “MINI DEALERS” link on all our web pages.
Created: May 02, 2001
On Sunday, April 29th, Mini Mania held it's first Nevada City Adventure event. Being our first swap meet/car show since our move, we weren't sure what to expect...
Created: March 04, 1900
Created: December 21, 2015
Join Mini Mania at MINI Thunder VII For the eighth straight year, Mini Mania is excited to announce that we are a primary sponsor and participant in Stormin' Norman's Mini Thunder! Join us for this all day track event of HPDE (High Performance Driving Event) at the SCCA track in Willows, CA
Created: October 28, 2014
Mini Mania Sponsors Twin engine MINI at 25 Hours of Thunderhill December 6/7 2014
Created: March 13, 2014
Featured at the Hopkirk Golden Jubilee is TWINI, the twin engine MINI Cooper race car specifically designed and built by Jacques Andres to win the 2014 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race hosted by the National Auto Sport Association and held each December at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, CA.
Phil Wicks at VIR Racing Heacock Classic Gold Cup
Created: November 02, 2012
We traveled to Virginia International Raceway (VIR) on Thursday, October 4, so we could take advantage of the Friday morning practice. Floyd Harper, the suspension guru from Black Art Design had spent a lot of time the previous week adjusting the suspension on Snoopy and corrected as best as possible the caster, camber, tracking, ride height, and shock settings.
New Zealand's Project 64 goes for Land Speed Record at Bonneville
Created: June 26, 2012
Garry Orton, Guy Griffith and Garry Grand have named their unbelievable sounding mission "Project 64", as they look to demonstrate to the world just how much power their modified Mini Cooper S possesses.
MINI of Charleston Wins in New Jersey - B spec
Created: May 21, 2012
Robbie Davis, driving the MINI of Charleston, MINIUSA.com, MINI Financial Services 2012 MINI Cooper scored his first ever pro series win at the Grand AM Total Performance Showcase race at New Jersey Motorsports Park
3 Classic Mini's in the Camel Hunt Rally 2012
Created: May 11, 2012
The cars must be at least 20 years old, entrants can choose their own route, and the winner gets a camel: the Allgäu-Orient Rally has its own rules. This year's race will include three classic Mini cars.
MINI Thunder III (3) is Sunday Feb 19th
Created: December 09, 2011
Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that Mini Enthusiast in your life? Make it easy and get them something you know they really want!
Mini joins the B-Spec class
Created: November 17, 2011
If you haven't heard about B-Spec racing yet, you will. Every major racing sanctioning body in the U.S. — SCCA, Grand Am, NASA and World Challenge — will host B-Spec races in 2012. Honda, Mazda, Kia and Fiat are already in. And now, so is Mini.
Arrive & Drive Contest featuring Phil Wicks!
Created: May 18, 2011
Mini Mania, Inc. announces its second annual Arrive & Drive contest! Enter to win a high performance driving class where we equip you with a race-prepared classic Mini or MINI Cooper S!
Mini of Charleston Race Report
Created: May 11, 2011
the SCCA BF Goodrich Super Tour Double National at Virginia International Raceway near Danville, Virginia. This is one of  nine national events that carries a national award for drivers earning a ticket to the National Championship Runoffs in September.
Cattaneo and Trinkler Third at Homestead
Created: April 26, 2011
Cattaneo, who had the ST pole there in 2010, put the MINI’s prowess in the infield to good use: she was in the top 15 by the end of her stint.
Cattaneo 11th at Barber Overcame Obstacles
Created: April 26, 2011
Cattaneo qualified eighth for the Barber 200, her best qualifying effort of the season, but the No. 198—sponsored by Cruise America, Thor Motor Coach, US LED and Pilot/Flying J Travel Centers—was sent to the back of the starting grid because of a data recorder malfunction.
Cattaneo drives at the Continental Tire Challenge
Created: April 26, 2011
Sarah Cattaneo will co-drive one of the team's Mini Coopers in the Street Tuner class during the 2010 GRAND-AM Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge season.
Denise - Mini Cooper S Autocross at Florida AirStrip
Created: April 21, 2011
The latest generation MINI Cooper from BMW makes a great autocross car!
16 year old Savannah Rickli sets sights on Indy
Created: April 21, 2011
16 year old Savannah Rickli sets sights on Indy LITTLETON - High school is often about figuring things out, whether it is the kind of friends you want, how not to look awkward, or your honors physics assignment.
Kris Meeke putting the MINI WRC through the paces
Created: April 18, 2011
Kris Meeke putting the MINI WRC through the paces From the MINI WRC rally team launch event at Oxford this week, here we have video of champion rally driver Kris Meeke showing off the Countryman WRC
Sarah Cattaneo Confident in her MINI
Created: April 18, 2011
When Automatic Racing and RSR Motorsports arrive at Barber Motorsports Park next week for round three of the GRAND-AM Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Series, one driver in particular will be turning heads: Sarah Cattaneo!
Savannah Rickli sets a record at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
Created: April 18, 2011
Savannah Rickli sets a record at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Savannah Rickli, a 16 year old high school senior from Littleton, Colorado, made history on Sunday June 27th, 2010 when she became the youngest finisher in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb during the 88th running of the event.
Relive Monte Carlo with Aaltonen & Hopkirk
Created: March 23, 2011
Now let’s take a look back at the two chaps who helped build that rich racing heritage as they take a modern MINI ’round the snowy curves of the classic rally route.
MINI and the WRC 2011
Created: March 23, 2011
MINI and the WRC 2011 Today MINI has taken the wraps off of the final Countryman JCW S2000 Rally car. This is the final design and specification that the MINI WRC Team will entrust to drivers Dani Sordo (ES) and Kris Meeke (GB) for its debut in the premier category...
Created: March 23, 2011
THE LEGEND RETURNS: MINI LINES UP IN THE FIA WRC IN 2011 The countdown is on to the return of MINI on the international motorsport stage. This season, the new MINI WRC Team will compete at selected rounds in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC).
VDCA – Road Atlanta February 18-20, 2011
Created: March 16, 2011
VDCA – Road Atlanta February 18-20, 2011 By Phil Wicks Power and torque mean everything at Road Atlanta. Suffice to say, we found much more of it in the engine and handling work we did on the Snoopy dog Mini!   After many conference calls with Don Racine at Mini Mania, I re-worked the existing cylinder head
The MINI of Charleston Cars Take Savannah By Storm
Created: March 09, 2011
The MINI of Charleston Cars Take Savannah By StormSponsored by Mini Mania! The three MINI of Charleston cars had a great two weeks from Feb 27th to March 6th winning three times in and around the Savannah area.
Mini to Release a Street Legal WRC car
Created: February 02, 2011
Mini to Release a Street Legal WRC car Various news outlets are reporting today that Mini Cooper is working on developing a road legal Mini WRC in the near future. Mini Cooper is essentially looking to do with its Mini Countryman WRC rally car the same thing Mitsubishi and Subaru do with the Evo and the STI.
Mendocino Forest Rally - 1st ever scca pro-rally event
Created: January 28, 2011
Mendocino Forest Rally - 1st ever scca pro-rally event. The rally was one of SCCA’s Pro-series rally. It was run on dirt roads at as fast a speed as possible. It climbed to 6,000 ft. and back down again several times.
FREE Power Meter App for iPhone - From BMW
Created: January 20, 2011
Free Power Meter App for iPhone - Play with the settings and it can measure your 0-30, 0-50, 0-60 and 0-100 mph times, 1/16-, 1/8-, 1/4-, 1/2- and full-mile runs, your speed and both your forward and lateral g.
Arrive & Drive: The Experience
Created: December 27, 2010
Did I have fun? You Bet! Since the event I have found myself continually reflecting on the experience. I find myself reviewing in my mind’s eye the turns I did well, and the turns I didn’t do well.
New photos & information for the X-Raid MINI Countryman ALL4 Racing
Created: December 10, 2010
TREBUR (Germany) – The X-raid Team unveiled an exciting new cross-country motor sport programme to run and develop the MINI All4 Racing in international competition.
Mini Thunder III (3)  - Presidents Day Weekend 2012
Created: November 09, 2010
MINI THUNDER III - This presidents day weekend Thunderhill Raceway is being taken over by Mini's!!
Created: June 24, 2010
Imagine winning a Mini Cooper High Performance Driving Experience program where you will ARRIVE & DRIVE a Mini Mania Cooper S! As you arrive at the Thunderhill Raceway at Hooked on Driving you'll receive a warm welcome from Don Racine,
Created: June 24, 2010
Imagine winning a Mini Cooper High Performance Driving Experience program where you will ARRIVE & DRIVE a Mini Mania Cooper S! As you arrive at the Thunderhill Raceway at Hooked on Driving you'll receive a warm welcome from Don Racine,
Created: December 06, 2009
a day at Thunderhill Raceway including lunch, tee shirts, coaching, demo rides, and many vendors, including Mini Mania.
Created: February 21, 2006
Join us for a day of fun at Mini Mania at the Fifth Annual Nevada City Adventure! Come show off your Classic Mini, New BMW MINI, Morris Minor – we welcome ALL British cars! Along with the car show and a good old fashioned Swap Meet, we'll have technical seminars for both Classic and New MINIs, manufacturers tech sessions and product installation demos. Plan to make a day of it!
Created: June 29, 2005
Quite a busy and successful month! The MINI of Charleston Solo Team repeatedly trashed the competition. Mark Chiles, driving his MINI Cooper, won the H Stock class in 2 events this month, dominating at the Toledo National Tour event and the Oscoda, Michigan Pro Solo event. Jeff Jacobs’ MINI Cooper S won G Stock twice; at Oscoda with Jeff at the wheel and in Toledo with GH Sharp driving after severe weather grounded Jeff in Philadelphia.
Created: June 24, 2005
MINI USA has awarded Nuzzo Motor Sports for its 3rd-place win in the ST class with two MINI Cooper S' at Watkins Glen, Saturday, June 11th with a $6,000 contingency payout.
Created: June 14, 2005
Nuzzo Motorsports, sponsored by Mini Mania, brings the familiar number 20 MINI Cooper S home in Third place earning MINI it first professional podium!
Created: April 15, 2005
Congratulations to ALBERT WOLLERTON of the Louisville KY area for winning Mini Mania's drawing for a FREE track day at the Phil Wicks Ultimate MINI Driving Academy!
Created: August 25, 2004
For three generations of Garfields, the notion of a family reunion has become something different - racing MINI Coopers in autocross.
Created: July 23, 2004
Race your MINI in BMW Car Club of America's Mini Mania Challenge Cup point series!
Created: November 13, 2003
SEMA International Auto Salon 2004
Get Ahead with TEAM Mini Mania's Contingency Program
Created: January 07, 2003
Join Team Mini Mania and get purchase discounts for doing what you love most -- RACING!
Created: May 27, 2002
Full race MINI found on camera!
Created: May 25, 2002
The new Mini continues to make a splash on the automotive competition front and MINI MANIA is proud to be a leader in the effort! Our recent sponsorship of a new MINI Cooper "S" to partiscipate in this fabulous event provides both a great show and tremndous feedback on our products and plans for the future!
Created: January 23, 2002
R&T's February cover story is all about the New MINI ... and Mini Mania gets a quick mention in the Sports section, too! Look for it at your local newsstands NOW!
Created: January 01, 2002
Catch a preview of Grassroots Motorsports February 2002 cover, featuring the Mini Mania New MINI being test driven at Laguna Seca!
Created: December 04, 2001
Terry Smith sent in some GREAT movies of the Pace and First laps of the Mini Challenge -- you won't want to miss them!
Created: November 05, 2001
Well over 100 Minis attended the Mini Challenge at Laguna Seca this past weekend. Check out the photos here
Created: October 29, 2001
Our New MINI got out of the shop long enough to get tested on the track a few weeks ago. Read our first-hand account on how the car performed with Mini Mania modifications in place.
Created: April 23, 2001
2nd Annual Nevada City Adventure! FREE to all buyers and sellers. All British car parts welcome, vendors welcome, cars for sale welcome, club displays welcome! No cost to buy or sell!
Created: February 05, 2001
The special Mini Cooper Challenge is brewing bigger for the VARA Copper State Classic vintage racing weekend, February 16-18.
Created: January 19, 2001
Mini Mania's very own, President Don Racine, was on hand for the Detroit Auto Show 2001, where BMW unveiled the new Mini.
Created: April 15, 2010
Mini Cooper Shocks by Koni
Mini Cooper S Cabrio Review
Created: February 02, 2011
Mini Cooper S Cabrio Review If you think the Mini Cooper S Cabrio is a hairdresser’s car, I suggest you book yourself in for a consultation with a shrink because this topless Mini is one hell of a drive.
MINI Cooper S R53 Video Review
Created: January 31, 2011
Come with me on a mini adventure and see how the car handles and drives with its Drive by Wire technology and electronic safety features! Will it be much like the original?
Autoblog First Drive: 2011 MINI Cooper S
Created: December 07, 2010
We’re happy to report the 2011 Mini Cooper drives almost exactly like the 2010 Mini Cooper – no real surprise considering the limit of the changes. A boost in horsepower on standard models from 118 to 121 horsepower is nominal, but the Cooper S gets a bump to 181 ponies (up from 172), which can be felt when accelerating up a hill or on-ramp.
Created: June 22, 2010
First photos of the MINI Countryman Cooper S equipped with the Aero Package, just made their way onto the interwebs. Courtesy of BigBlogg, we get a chance to see the first images of this package.
Created: July 31, 2009
MINI John Cooper Works ClubmanTo quote the legendary Sam Cooke completely out of context it’s been a long, a long time coming… But finally, the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman, complete with John Cooper Works Aerodynamic kit, has come.Early in 2008 we were first officially informed of the forthcoming...
Created: January 07, 2004
At the track, Mini Mania's power and suspension upgrades proved a well-enginered package. The Stage III MINI Cooper delivered results that crushed a stock MINI Cooper S. Senior Road Test Editor Chris Walton notes, "You gotta love a front-driver that can get into the elite 70-mph-slalom club. The secret to the Mini Cooper Stage III is to drive it like you're running from the cops. You must trust that the tires will eventually regain grip -- and they do -- on the way to the next slalom cone where you gotta slide it by that one, and so on. I could really feel the limited-slip working at the exit. Where the stock MINI Cooper S hesitates before all the wheels are going the same speed in the same direction, the Stage III says 'Right now!', everything hooks up, and the car blasts out the other side."
Created: November 04, 2002
Autoweek's art director crash-tested the New MINI Cooper S -- the hard way.
Created: July 02, 2002
I went into my local BMW garage this morning and while I was there I decided to take out the new BMW MINI Cooper for a one hour test drive...
Created: March 20, 2002
There's real significance to the 'S' script scribbled discreetly on the new MINI Cooper S - it stands for supercharger. And in almost every way it satisfies
Created: December 18, 2001
An exclusive poll of Britain's national motoring writers and broadcasters has named BMW's beautiful baby as the Star of 2001.
Created: October 29, 2001
Don't just take our word for it: see what AUTOWEEK has to say about Mini Mania's performance upgrades to the New MINI, and its potential for the race track!
Created: August 13, 2001
The hottest pint-size sport sedan of the 1960s, and the original inspiration for the "pocket-rocket" segment, is back. Brought to you by the volk at BMW, the reborn Mini Cooper will come to our shores in March 2002.
Created: July 23, 2001
The New MINI is celebrating its first major award 10-days after going on sale.
Created: July 18, 2001
A rave reception on the streets of Cardiff suggests the new Mini pushes all the right buttons. "This little car is going to sell its socks off," a colleague said as we buzzed a new Mini
Created: July 10, 2001
After the excitement that surrounded the launch of the MINI Cooper, you could be forgiven for thinking that little else on the new car market matters. But nothing could be further from the truth, because this week sees the arrival of the MINI One
Created: June 13, 2001
When the new Mini handlers say they expect to sell upward of 20,000 cars per year beginning in March 2002, you think maybe they're dreaming.
Created: May 29, 2001
The new MINI isn’t so much a rehash of the iconic design by Sir Alec Issigonis — BMW would have been foolhardy to attempt such a thing — as a brand new interpretation of the original ethos. And it works. Brilliantly.
Created: May 29, 2001
Let's get something straight. This Mini bears no relation to the original we have known and mostly loved for more than 40 years.
Created: May 25, 2001
If someone told you that you could have a BMW-engineered hot hatch with a 1.6-litre engine and 115bhp for the price of a Ford Fiesta, you'd think they'd lost their marbles wouldn't you? Yet that's exactly what the German giant is offering British buyers in the shape of the MINI Cooper.
Created: May 24, 2001
The newest MINI road test is in - Auto Express provides a full report...
Why MINI Is So Safe
Created: May 03, 2001
BMW has shown why its new MINI will be the safest car in its class ever when it goes on sale in two months' time.
Created: April 20, 2001
M-DAY is less than three months away, and we can reveal official details on how safe the new MINI will be.
Created: January 12, 2001
The sight of Minis populates my memory of that year. Minis were everywhere, barely bigger than the motorcycles vying for space on the tight streets.
Return of the Mini
Created: October 02, 2000
It's been "missing in action" here for 33 years; but just about every American sports-car enthusiast knows that there is a new Mini in the works - and that it is coming here. The car's worldwide debut will be in less than two weeks, September 28 at the Paris auto show.
Created: September 26, 2000
The original Volkswagen Beetle had it. So did the French Deaux Chevau. And the original Mini from the British Motor Corp. All were popular-selling small vehicles of their day. But they had something else, too—an intangible quality that helped launch a cult following.
The German job
Created: September 12, 2000
FIRST impressions of the new MINI? It was so black and white I thought I was stuck in a parody of Ian Dury's Sweet Gene Vincent - white face, black roof, white socks, black boot, black hair, white wheels...
Inside job: the new MINI
Created: September 12, 2000
From its skinny seats to its bare-bones facia, life within Original Mini was a triumph of logic over tradition. New MINI is very different. Rather unfortunately emphasised by BMW's decision to badge it with capital letters, it is almost 18in longer than its predecessor.
Created: January 28, 2006
The Origins of SPAX SPAX has been making suspension for the past 50 years, we are one of the best known manufacturers in the world. Named after a Somerset village called Spaxton. SPAX were the first company to produce on-car adjustable dampers and patented the idea. 10 Reasons to Buy 1. We are all mad……..about performance!. All of the team that works at SPAX are all confirmed petrolheads, whether they are into racing, classics, modified cars or even bikes, everyone is passionate in one way or another and our products and company reflect this.
The NEW Pirelli  P-Zero™ Trofeo - D.O.T. Track Tire TESTED
Created: April 09, 2012
When we got the invitation I could have been excused for thinking it was a dream, Pirelli wants me to come to Phillip island Race Track, drive some really nice, even exotic cars all day and give its new P Zero tyre a full work out.
Are Run Flat tires.. Running out?
Created: December 07, 2011
Ever since BMW made the switch to run flats, enthusiasts have been waiting patiently for the technology to mature.