Shop By Car

Refine your search- the most efficient way to sort thru the 1,000's of parts offered by Mini Mania is to "SHOP BY CAR" -  Five easy steps to establish the Year, Make & Model of your car.

At the top of every page of our website is the "Shop by Car" menu box.
This box may look like one these:

After clicking on the down arrow- Select your type of Car.
This will enable you to refine all search results to your type of car.

By selecting the year of your car we will only show you parts that fit your application.

As you select the model of your MINI you will be sure to see all the parts that will fit.

By further selecting your body style from the drop down menu we will limit the parts displayed to only those items that fit your car.

The final step of the process is as simply as confirming if you have an automatic or manual transmission.