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Our Aftermarket Value Priced Products Offer the Same Great OEM Quality, Just At A Lower Price!

Mini Mania's aftermarket VALUE PRICED products are specially sourced from top-quality manufacturers (often the same manufacturer of the OEM part) so that we can offer you the same great value and performance quality - just at a reduced price. 

So, What Exactly is a VALUE Priced Product?

When your car was originally built it was assembled using parts supplied by specialist manufacturers. These parts are normally referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, or OEM for short. Subsequently, when you take your MINI for servicing, the dealership is required to use the same OEM parts to service and maintain your vehicle.

Some OEM suppliers also manufacture parts that follow the OEM specifications, but are sold using the suppliers' own brands. And some enterprising manufacturers design and build parts that are intended to exceed the original specifications set out by the vehicle manufacturer. Both these classes of product are frequently called Aftermarket products, and are often used by independent servicers and end user customers who maintain their own vehicles.  

Giving You A Choice

Here at Mini Mania we want to give you a choice of OEM and Aftermarket parts. So for example if you are seeking an oil filter, we will offer you both the OEM version and other aftermarket products which we have selected based on specification, performance and value. You will see these products described as Value Priced Products on our web site.  And  rest assured, THESE aftermarket products are equal to, and sometimes better, the brand name OEM parts you may be accustom to buying.  We  wouldn't sell it otherwise!  Oh, and yes, you may be able to purchase these products for even less, but you won't find them on our website.  Why?  One word - quality.  Cheap products just don't have it.

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