December 2012
Happy December and Happy Holidays, MINI5280!     
There are still a few events left in the year! On December 15th, we have the Annual Children's Hospital MINI Toy Run, followed by the Christmas Fiesta. Don't forget to RSVP! :)
Keep motoring,
Kristan Yadao (Dittin)
MINI5280 Secretary


President's Message

President's Message December 2012


It has been a great year for MINI5280,  the membership has grown, we played, enjoyed our MINIs, both new and older.  We have a super enthusiast automobile, for me it is a pleasure!

Keeping it brief this month,  I want to wish all of our members and friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  May it be good, prosperous and safe for all of you!

A couple of events coming up this December,  see the notices in this newsletter.

A pleasure driving with all of you.


Don Suiter

President MINI5280 - El Prez!


Meet New Members, the Rios family

Your Name: Rios Family
MINI Model: 2009 Clubman S
Your MINI's Name: Meep Meep
Date of Purchase: February 2011
Dealer of Purchase: Mountain States Toyota
Mods/Color: No mods. Silver with black racing stripes
Spouse/Kids/Pets: Jaime (father), Paz (mother), Joaquin (15), Alondra (13)
Employer/Type of Business: UNIX Programmer (Jaime)
Your Location: Longmont
Hobbies: Movies, hiking
Favorite TV Shows: Modern Family, Person of Interest
Goal You Would Like to Achieve This Year: To improve our health and make it to the gym we recently joined more often.
My History with the MINI: Have always made the wife buy minivans. She has always wanted a Mini - I was trying to show her other vehicles this last go around looking at cars. When she saw the Mini though at a dealer we went to, it was over - her decision was made. She told the salesman he had just sold her her dream car.
Favorite MINI Memory: Traveling to Vegas through those winding mountain roads and being the envy of the Vegas strip. Don't think we saw one other Mini there and it was crazy how much attention the car got. People checking it out, asking about it, staring at it ride down the strip - even when next to exotic cars.
Capitol Christmas Tree

Story by Teena Craighill
We got to see the Capitol Christmas tree in Greeley, CO as it heads across the US to Washington DC. Its final stop will be on the west lawn of the capitol building. The tree was harvested from White River National Forest near Meeker, CO. The tree was 74 years old and 73 feet tall. The top of the tree is at the end of the flatbed and you can see it through a small section of Plexiglas. There were local musicians playing Christmas music and 
they were serving hot chocolate and coffee. Santa & Mrs. Claus even showed up.

Since we drove the MINI, it became our mission to get a picture next to the truck. Once we got the MINI into position (with the top down) it became a new center of attraction. People kept stopping to talk to Rich (who was in the driver's seat) to ask about the MINI while I was standing in traffic trying to get the perfect shot. The length of the flatbed was about 5 - 6 MINI lengths long.

Minis in the Mountains 2013 Logo Contest
MITM 2013 - Logo Contest
We need a new logo for MINIs In The Mountains 2013 (MITM 2013) so why don't we make a contest of it? 
1. Size and Resolution: 
  • All submitted art work must be at least 300 pixels/inch and provided in these formats and shapes: In order of preference: .png, .gif, .tif, .jpg should be acceptable for graphics.  If you can provide eps format this is desirable!
  • Rectangular graphic 7 1/2" wide x 3" tall (300 pixels/inch)
  • 3" Round graphic (300 pixels/inch)

2. Everything submitted becomes the property of MINI5280 and no, you won't get any royalties. 

3. Three types of art must be submitted - We would suggest they all tie together somehow.
  • 8-1/2" x 11" letter head
  • 3" grille badge
  • T-Shirt.
4. We choose the winner and no amount of graft or corruption will change our mind (though you are free to try). 

5. No boobies or family-unfriendly themes. 

6. We can change the rules at any time for no apparent reason. 

7. Email to: before 10:49 PM December 8, 2012  to be considered. 

8. Prize:
1 complimentary one-bedroom condo at Christie Lodge Avon, Colorado  - August 7-11, 2013 (valued at $250) for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday nights or nights of your choice during the event) 

1 MITM Registration with 1 Co-Driver & 1 Navigator Badge included as part of the prize to the contest winner. 1 Driver T-Shirt and 1 Navigator T-Shirt (Valued at current 2013 event prices) 
Lights of December Parade 2012
It's time for Downtown Boulder's 25th Annual Lights of December Parade! 
Saturday, December 1, 2012. 
Questions?  Email or call 303-449-3774. 
North Meets South - Coney Island Hot Dog Run
Bailey, Colorado

Article  & Photos by Don Suiter


Our VP Ray Gross set us on a great set of roads to Bailey for lunch.  A number of folks came out to drive from the North meeting place on W-470 and Morrison Road via Hwys 74, 73 and 285. A number of folks met in Colorado Springs to come up the great roads via Woodland Park, Pine and Hwy 285 to the little town of Bailey.

I would say we are blessed to have the Coney Island Hotdog stand up and running even this late in the Fall season.  The owners made sure we were welcomed and had all the proper Hot Dog makings available. With all the folks in their MINIs, it took almost 45 minutes for everyone to get food ordered and another hour or so to eat.  Ray made sure we had malts and shakes on the pre-order list, so our wait was not as long and gave the Coney Island folks a chance to make them in advance,  that was a great idea.

A little collage to share with all the folks who made this drive a very nice day!  Thank you to all for coming and Ray for making it fun.



Don S. 


Veloce Book Sale!

Take advantage of this great sale and snag up some MINI books!
GET 40% OFF ANY VELOCE BOOK* up until the end of December 2012!


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Denver Zoo Day - 11/28/12

Free -  Denver Zoo Day with Teena and Rich 

Article and pictures by Don Suiter


On Wednesday, 28 November, the Denver Zoo hosted the last free day of the season, I think!

Rich and Teena Craighill convinced me (not hard) to come out with the MINI and enjoy the day, take some pictures and have an adventure.

It was great, pretty warm and the crowd was tolerable.  We enjoyed!  We even found some safe spots to park our MINIs.

Here are a few shots so you can enjoy the day too.


Denver Zoo and a thoughtful sign for the zoo patrons. :)


Fun for all, the animals were great rides!


Silverback, Great Ape and the closes I have been to a Rocky Mountain Big Horn.


Neck anyone and the King rests, he was very regal.


Safe Zoo parking for both MINIs, it was a great day!


Don S.

The 9th Annual Children's Hospital Toy Run

Upcoming Event! MINI of Loveland's Lights-Capade
MINI5280 2012 Christmas Fiesta
It is MINI5280 Christmas Fiesta Time! Join us December 15th for MINI5280's holiday party at Old Santa Fe Mexican Grill. 

Date: Saturday - December 15, 2012 Time: 5PM-8PM
Where: Old Santa Fe Mexican Grill - Louisville, CO
Menu: Fiesta bar style, with Tacos, Enchiladas, Tamales and Sopapillas. (Tamales and Sopapillas are traditional Mexican Christmas.)
CASH Bar will be pay for you own drinks and bar tab.
This is a members only event.

Please RSVP by sending an email to with the number of people in your MINI. This is a family friendly event.
Upcoming MINI5280 Events
Upcoming Non-MINI5280 Events
  • December 1st, 2012 - Lights of December Parade 2012 - Website
  • December 13th, 2012 - MINI of Loveland Lights-Capade - Website 
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