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Wiper Blades for all MINI Cooper Models

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All wiper blades are not the same in quality and/or how they fit! Factory original blades for either the front or the rear are typically the best option for long lasting and great performance. The PIAA aftermarket brand is considered the real premium brand that boasts performance that exceeds that of the factory original. Having a clean windshield may not sound like a big deal until you have to drive in a thunder storm or just as bad, on a dirty road with just a little rain.

It has been said by many that the best way to maintain that great vision is to replace the blades every 6 months. We would suggest you can make that a good six months or longer with a little simple maintenance to extend the life of any blade:

1- Keep the pine needles, leaves and any other debris from simply laying around your wipers, Never turn the wipers on with debris of any sort on the wipers. Not only will it likely to damage the wiper while in movement, the debris can actually cause the rubber to degrade as it sits in the rain and sun.

2- Every time you wash your car- wash your wiper blades. Pick them up off the windshield and simply wipe the rubber edge of the wiper with a little alcohol.

If you also find you are in need of any factory original repair parts including wiper arms, windshield washer, washer pumps & motors- they can all be found here at Mini Mania!

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