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PLEASE NOTE: As a pre-owned (used) part, our inventory is subject to change.  Sourcing and delivery may take up to two weeks.

Pre-Owned Classic Mini Cooper 1275cc A-Plus Core Motor Engine and Transmission

Pre-Owned Classic Mini Cooper 1275cc A-Plus Core Motor Engine and Transmission

Pre-Owned Classic Mini Cooper 1275cc A-Plus Core Motor Engine and Transmission
Estimated Availability: Mar 13
Internet Price $1795.00

The later Classic Mini 1275cc model A+ power unit was by far the best assembly produced for the Mini. If it had been used in the beginning, the entire history of the Mini might have been different!

Our 'Pre-owned' power units (engine and transmission/gearbox) have been taken out of cars in the UK and are the ideal starting point for rebuild effort. Our experience has shown that these are easy to rebuild. And note- satisfaction is guaranteed!

The availability of this pre-owned (used) part is subject to change at any time.

These units are shipped by truck freight and we must know if the delivery address is commercial of residential and if a lift gate will be required on the truck at time of delivery (unless you have a loading or access to a fork lift you will probably require a lift gate). The engines are shipped by strapping them to a standard commercial wooden pallet.

Mini Mania - classic mini engines for sale, rebuild or customization. Call us and find out how we can get you the Classic Mini Engine you've always wanted.

We offer a wide selection of engines designed to fit your needs. Use our comparison chart below to help you find the perfect engine for your Mini.  Then once you've found the engine, give us a call and we'll help you modify to your exact specifications.

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