Mini Cooper Camber Plate Fixed Gen1 R50 R52 R53

Mini Cooper Camber Plate Fixed Gen1 R50 R52 R53

Mini Cooper Camber Plate Fixed Gen1 R50 R52 R53
Selected: NMS5210
Mini Cooper Camber Plate Fixed Gen1 R50 R52 R53
Street Fixed
Part No: NMS5210
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Fixed Camber plates for Street applications.


03/2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible

NOTE: These camber plats are compatible with MINIs built during or after March 2002. Differences in front suspension prior to March 2002 make these camber plate incompatible with earlier models. INCLUDE LAST 7-DIGITS OF VIN WHEN ORDERING.

These camber plates can be mounted without modifications to the strut towers. However, in order to gain maximum range of adjustment, especially if you have coilovers with smaller diameter springs, you may need to enlarge the opening at the top of the strut tower. This will not affect the structural integrity of the strut tower since the camber plates add more rigidity than lost by the modification. The Camber plate can also be used with only two of the 4 slider screws, minimizing the need for the strut tower modifications.

If the camber plates are installed on the wrong sides, it will appear that the adjustment slider does not have any range - if this is the case - swap sides!

Street / Fixed
Fixed camber plates that add approximately 1.25 degrees of negative camber to the front suspension. The stock Mini has very little front camber. This additional camber really improves handling without significantly affecting tire wear. These plates include new heavy duty upper strut bearings. They do not require drilling any holes and your strut brace will still fit. Priced per pair. Note: does not fit early (before 03/2002) chassis.

For other Camber Plate options, see NMS5210-P.

For 2007+ Gen 2 MINIs, see G2NMS3010-P.

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