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Mini Cooper Shark Injector Ecu Upgrade 93 Octane Gen1

Mini Cooper Shark Injector Ecu Upgrade 93 Octane Gen1

Mini Cooper Shark Injector Ecu Upgrade 93 Octane Gen1

Mini Cooper Shark Injector Ecu Upgrade 93 Octane Gen1

Mini Cooper Shark Injector Ecu Upgrade 93 Octane Gen1

Mini Cooper Shark Injector Ecu Upgrade 93 Octane Gen1

Mini Cooper Shark Injector Ecu Upgrade 93 Octane Gen1
Selected: NME4100
Mini Cooper Shark Injector Ecu Upgrade 93 Octane Gen1
93 Octane
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The New Jim Conforti's Shark Injector ECU UPGRADE offers SAFE and EFFECTIVE software upgrade for the MINI. Works great for stock MINIs and for MINIs with our 15% pulley upgrade. For MINIs running 93 octane gas or higher.

NOTE: This product is not legal for street use in California due to CARB regulations and may not be shipped to California addresses.

Fits Manual Transmission:

2002-2006 R53 MINI Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 MINI Cooper S Convertibles

The Shark Injector is an amazing hand-held unit that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port and re-flashes the computer with performance software. The software was developed by renowned BMW tuner Jim Conforti, who has nearly 20 years of BMW engine tuning experience. The Shark Injector is one of the safest and most cost-effective enhancements you can do – offering features and results that other upgrades simply cannot touch.

The newly updated Shark Injector includes its own USB port, allowing you change software if necessary (between different octane ratings).

Easily reversible to stock software leaving no trace.


[ ] Not compatible with automatic transmissions
[ ] US models only.

Why you will love this product:

  • More power and torque, particularly in the mid-range from 3500 RPM to redline up to 15hp
  • Quicker throttle response, giving the car a snappier feel,
  • A safe increase in rev limit (great for staying in gear just a little longer)
  • Smoother-running engine with fewer hesitations and dead spots
  • True DIY install with step-by-step instructions (no downtime while your computer is shipped somewhere else for the install)
  • Upgrade and Restore features to install/uninstall on the same vehicle
  • Upgrade-able via USB connection with your PC - add a file to better suit your mods 
  • Retains all of your diagnostic, service, maintenance systems and won't interfere with your normal maintenance routines

This software is a major refinement of the stock software. It makes the car much easier to drive with less hesitation, more torque, and incredibly smooth operation. A lot of tuning has been done at the low RPM ranges to improve response. The car won’t hesitate or lag, making the car easier to drive. And with the extra torque you can drive in a higher gear and not have to downshift as often. Theoretically this means better fuel mileage too!

How does it work? The Shark Injector makes changes to the stock BMW software in the areas of fuel enrichment, transition fueling, camshaft timing, ignition timing, and VANOS control to take full advantage of 91+ octane fuel. BMW ‘de-tuned’ cars for the North American market in the event inferior fuel was used. We reverse those changes to gain more horsepower and torque. 91 or higher octane fuel must be used.

How does it install? The Shark Injector plugs into your car’s On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port, located under the dashboard in most cars. At the push of a button the Injector begins communicating with your car’s computer. The Shark handles everything from that point on – reading and copying the stock software, re-loading its own performance version, and checking its work along the way. The whole operation is completed in under 20 minutes. A battery charger with a continuous 10-20amp charge is required (available below if you do not currently own one).

The Shark Injector CANNOT be shared or used on multiple cars. Once installed, it belongs to the specific car.

Please note that Shark Injector software is offered in both high and low octane fuel tuning versions. You should order your Shark Injector with an octane rating that is compatible with the level of octane/quality of fuel available in your area.

Select Octane rating.

NO RETURNS ON THIS PRODUCT UNLESS THE PRODUCT IS DEFECTIVE. (Standard Mini Mania policy for electrical components.)

Read Shark FAQ's.

Installation Instructions (PDF format).

Check local regulations on conformity for street use.


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