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Mini Cooper Extreme Turbo Upgrade Jm Gen3 F55-f57 F60

Mini Cooper Extreme Turbo Upgrade Jm Gen3 F55-f57 F60

Mini Cooper Extreme Turbo Upgrade Jm Gen3 F55-f57 F60
Selected: G3NME2801
Mini Cooper Extreme Turbo Upgrade Jm Gen3 F55-f57 F60
Cooper non-S Extreme

JMTC's Extreme Street Non-S New Turbocharger for reliable bolt-on performance upgrade! 

Fits the following Cooper non-S models with the B36 engine:

2015-2020 F56 MINI Cooper Hardtop
2015-2020 F55 MINI Cooper Hardtop 4-Door
2016-2021 F57 MINI Cooper Convertible
2016-2020 F54 MINI Cooper Clubman
2017-2022 F60 MINI Cooper Countryman

Extreme Street Turbo Upgrade

The JMTCs Extreme Street Non S turbocharger was designed with the street and track enthusiast in mind.  We started with our huge 47mm compressor and upgraded high flow turbine to give you full boost quick and a huge amount of power at the top end.  We also designed it to maintain the quick response of the original turbo, deliver much more torque and power and give you around 250 to 300hp (with supporting upgrades and tuning). 
This turbocharger not only delivers high torque in the low to mid-range but you will also see a power increase at higher RPM.  No torque or power loss like you see with the original small 34mm turbo. If you are looking for a great street, track, or strip upgrade that delivers full race performance this is the turbo for you.  


  • Billet compressor
  • High Flow Lightened turbine 
  • High strength internals
  • Upgraded 360 degree bearing
  • Designed for higher pressure
  • High temperature alloy turbine housing
  • Water cooled bearing housing


For best results and before installing your new turbo, JMTC recommends having your OEM catalytic converter refurbished or get  a new high flow downpipe upgrade.  This will insure that the exhaust flows as well or better than it did when it was new.  Also install a new oil line. This is the only way JMTC can guarantee that pre-existing problem/s or the problem that caused the initial turbo failure do not cause the same issue again.  Do it right or you may have to do it twice.

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