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Classic Mini Rebuilt 1275cc Engine & Transmission

Classic Mini Rebuilt 1275cc Engine & Transmission

Classic Mini Rebuilt 1275cc Engine & Transmission
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Classic Mini Rebuilt 1275cc Engine & Transmission
1275cc Standard Performance Engine & Gearbox

1275cc Classic Mini Cooper Power Unit – Engine & Transmission (Gearbox)

Our Classic Mini Motor is guaranteed 12 month, 12,000 miles!

This is a rebuilt 1275cc Classic Mini motor engine assembly from Mini Mania that includes both the engine and the transmission / gearbox.  Both have been rebuilt using our vast experience to ensure the right combination of economy and performance; you get good performance at an economical price!

Our Classic Mini Motor is built to use unleaded gas, the engine should produce between 65 and 75 horsepower (comparable to original Cooper "S").

The transmission is the rod change linkage type that uses inboard CV joints & 3.44:1 final drive ratio. Special order units with the older remote shift and yoke outputs are also available! Clutch, flywheel and all covers are in place; it's ready to run!

This powerunit is built to accept your existing intake/exhaust, cooling and electrical systems.  Bolt it in and Go!

  • Bore size will be <= +.040", 8.8:1 compression, new Water Pump
  • Cast Iron cylinder head, stock valves and 1.25 ratio rockers
  • Cast Iron Verto flywheel with stock clutch
  • Street camshaft with standard lifters
  • Simplex timing chain with tensioner
  • Rod Change gearbox with 3.44:1 final drive


There is NO CORE CHARGE for this Classic Mini Power Unit.  And if you're interested in saving even more money - CALL US TO "TRADE IN" YOUR OLD ENGINE!

Mini Mania Engine Comparison Tool - 1275 cc

Cast Iron Head      
Aluminum Head    
3.4 Differential  
3.1 Differential          
3.2 Differential        
4 Speed  
5 Speed        
LCB Header      
Elec. Distributor      
Carb System      
Distributor Wires      
Duplex Timing Kit    
ARP Studs    


Interested in a 1380cc rebuilt engine?  We have those too.

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