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BMW Mini Cooper

 Engine size

 Created by: croc7
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 Posted: Apr 30, 2020 05:26AM
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I think I have heard them reffered to as 1050s. I have been building a few and they make a nice unit.
I use an A+ block and the late 998 press fit rods and flat to 10 to 1 pistons. Bore , clean , hone , deck
, cam bearings and freeze plugs. Grind or polish the crank and balance the complete assembly. I use
two part Cooper balancer and light flywheel and back plate. If using a 940 cyl head I relieve the block for
exhaust valves and drill and tap for extra studs. As long as I can get them I prefer to use the Cooper/
1100 295 cyl head castings. I use cast valve guides, hard exhaust seats, O/S late lead free triple groove
intake and exhaust valves. Head needs to be CC ed and a pretty good wack surfaced to reach 10.2 to 1.
I built one for a customer and used the Swift SW5 cam. The next one I build will get a Kent 266.

I have to use four different machine shops to get all my machine work done. The only shop who bores
small bore is an hour drive each way. The last 998 I did I ordered two sets of pistons and a couple of
sets of press rods. I had two blocks roughed out. I also had a second 295 cyl head done at same time.
All it needs is honing to finish size, balance and order a cam.

If someone needs nice 998 for a summer project let me know. Steve (CTR)

 Posted: Apr 29, 2020 09:43PM
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Originally Posted by croc7
What is the displacement of a 998 bored .060” over?
bore 2.543 standard stroke 76.2mm at +0.060" would give you 1046

 Posted: Apr 29, 2020 08:20PM
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What is the displacement of a 998 bored .060” over?