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 Looking for a center cap for my knock off mini lites

 Created by: Biggles
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 Posted: Dec 12, 2019 03:52AM
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If they say Performance on them, they're not knock off Minilites, they're Australian made Performance Superlites. 
They sell replacement center caps.

 Posted: Dec 12, 2019 12:06AM
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Cheers, Ian

 Posted: Dec 11, 2019 07:00PM
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Hi all, it’s been over a year since posting. I just had a new set of 10” yokos mounted on Biggles today.

I have to admit I didn’t sleep well last night after reading some of the advise in posts. I was worried about using a machine vs mounting by hand. I have a set of mag wheels made by Performance. They look like Mini lites. My Yokohama’s are 165/70/10.

I went to a tire store and watched them use the machine. All went great. No problems, a big relief!

Now I am trying to find wheel center caps and stickers to replace a couple of cracked and missing hubs. I cannot find any hint of this manufacture, “Performance” wheel or caps anywhere.

The hole size on my wheels is 58mm. Cap depth is 28mm, and center For a sticker is 44 mm. I have been burning up the internet, starting with our host, without success in finding a working replacement center cap.

Has anyone else had this problem, or have any suggestions?