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 Clutch replacement

 Created by: kolsen
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 Posted: Nov 13, 2019 11:41AM
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Like Malsal said...can be done in the car.

A tough part is getting the clutch cover (wok) off, especially if the previous installer didn't slot out the rear bolt holes.....a real bitch to get at.

Also depends on what puller you have....not a lot of room in there.

I pulled an engine this fall due to clutch....and some other....issues.  I had the puller on there for a day and a half.I tightened a little more and put some propane heat to the flywheel.  Well this thing let go with a bang and travelled 2 metres across the floor ( I always stand off to theside btw).  I would not have wanted that to happen if it was still in the engine bay.


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 Posted: Nov 13, 2019 09:59AM
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Thanks guys.  I wonder, since my engine has been upgraded, if the non-verto clutch was used for that reason.

 Posted: Nov 12, 2019 08:22PM
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A clutch replacement can be done in place but a lot depends on how hard it is to remove it, some come apart easily others can sometimes take days, if that is the case it I easier to pull the engine and box.
A 93 Mini would have come from the factory with a verto clutch. I
Certain owners think the old style non verto clutch is better and stronger.

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 Posted: Nov 12, 2019 07:20PM
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It can be done. Not fun and tight working conditions.

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 Posted: Nov 12, 2019 07:07PM
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Sitting in the garage looking thru the shop manual.  Just wanted to know if I need to replace the clutch would I have to pull the engine?

Well the first thing is which kind of clutch.  Assuming I have a non-veto clutch since the car is a 93 I was surprised to look and it has the long release lever and the slave mounted to the bell housing.  What does that mean?  Do I really have a 93 or not.  It says 93 on the trunk lever.  Maybe someone can educate me on that.

I guess the other question, which I was trying to find, was can you remove/replace the clutch without pulling the engine??  The shop manual sounds like that's possible.

The reason this came up is a few times when I really get on it the clutch slips on the 3rd gear shift.  Oddly not on the 2nd gear shift.  Not sure what that means.