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BMW Mini Cooper

 guages go dead, intermittenly???

 Created by: mini4rE
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 Posted: Sep 5, 2019 04:27AM
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The gauges / instruments are controlled by the body control module located in the passenger side kick panel. We have had reports of inexplicable electrical anomalies being cleared up by a reload of the software into the body control module (by the dealer).  For whatever reason, the software sometimes gets corrupted...

If you have an intermittent electrical issue, it 'can' be a corroded connection (or ground) caused by water intrusion somewhere...  

 Posted: Aug 30, 2019 07:15AM
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Some (all?) of the Vivian posting has been deleted.

 Posted: Aug 30, 2019 04:31AM
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Vivian Fulton is a spammer.


"Hang on a minute lads....I've got a great idea."

 Posted: Aug 29, 2019 11:15AM
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Hello All.
Needing some help:
My 2006 mini S Conv. will start and run fine, BUT, the whole guage pakage will die and then come back (usually 10-15 seconds off, and I mean it all dies, but the car runs fine?? Doesnt die, or at wierd - just abolutetly no guages!)

Note: I found that the drivers side back end of the conv top had come loose, and we had had some strong rains; so I'm guessing the back battery compartment likely filled with rain water. We get heavy rain here.

SO... Could something have .shorted out?
If so, why would it come and go?
And the car starts and runs great????
How do I even start to troublehoot this? Is there a mini expert here in Austin who could help me? I have a full design and CNC shop, and we could work out some kind of traded work; We can do some pretty cool stuff.

Any help appreciated, text, phone, ext. Thanks so much to begin with!

Waiting to hear back.
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