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Hi to All,

For the History & Mini Funs:
The first 16valve mini worldwide (i think), builted back in 1979-1980 from a young crazy Greek automobile engineer, Mini enthusiast, to compete Simca rally 3 cars in Greek races, long time before Downton's, KAD's,  ... and other funs.

It uses head from HONDA CB 900 F2 Bol d'oro motorbike, with a hell of modifications, splitted in half and rewelded.
Two special nitrided cams machined from billet , with Alfa romeo's ''Facceti'' cam's specs (the Italian school).
A DIY aluminum cast intake manifold, with 2 double downbraught webers 44 IDF.
Compression ratio 11.7:1, with high octane aviation rich fuel, and forged pistons.
Crank EN40B nitrided, lightened, polished & balanced as well as con. rods.
Head aircooled, engine block water cooled.
Straight cut gears, limited slip differential 75%, and all racing accesories for the Mini at that era.
Teethbelt & belt tensioner from Ford OHC engine & 2 teethpulleys kits, from an Italian manufacturer.

Those days there wasn't K1100, NINJA 900, or RX1000 heads, which are by far easier to modify.
After 40 years, a full rebuilt of this engine made  from the today 70year old mechanic, just to honor those crazy years.
Here are some recent pics.  ( There are a lot for any interested to Mini history)

PHOTOS TO THIS ADDRESS:  https://s594.photobucket.com/user/gusvlachos/library/16V%20ENGINE?page=1

Here to upload photos, is a bit complicated ?!?!