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 Roll Bar Question

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 Posted: Aug 8, 2019 07:53AM
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I commented on your other post before I saw this new one. A roll bar isn't a terrible idea, but you will need more than that to reinforce the body structure. Look at convertible conversions on uni-body cars. Since there is no frame, you will need to add some fairly massive reinforcements to the floor pan.

 Posted: Aug 8, 2019 05:20AM
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Hi All, I've never been a fan of rollbars in minis. Take up too much room, gets in the way, and you always hit your head.

I've decided to build a Austin Mini Beach Car. It will be based on the original but not with the wicker seating and their chrome or stainless tubing. I will cut the "B" pillar and add a rollbar. Would like chrome or stainless.

Can anyone offer a recommendation? Widest one? I don't think I want one that attaches to the rear wheel housing. I think it will ruin the sight lines.

Thanks Jim