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  Crackling while under acceleration

 Created by: kaelanfrost
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 Posted: Aug 4, 2019 11:43AM
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What vehicle?

 Posted: Aug 4, 2019 11:11AM
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Hello to all the wise folks who may be able to shed some light to my question. 

Why is there a “crackling” sound coming from the intake when the car is under heavy acceleration? 

The sound is audible from inside the cabin and only happens when you really get on the gas. It isn’t completely consistent, as it is only on for a bit during the mid-high rev range (but isn’t always consistent in this range either) nor does it happen every time I do a pull

The sound could only be described as crackling, but its not apparent where the sound is coming from, because it’s only audible when I’m accelerating hard. 

It doesn’t seem to impede performance, nor did it just start abruptly. I remember it happening pretty much ever since I got the car, but was very noticeable until I installed a cold air intake.

Thanks -Kaelan Frost