Mini Meet East 2020

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WOW.. my hat off to Al Frost. and also to BoB O of florida.. both driving mokes to East meets West this year..  I can do 30 miles at MOST in a moke.. on a HOT HOT day.. later bc

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Al Frost is best remembered in his cameo moke which he drove from Kentucky to  Snowmass CO and back

Also he is the owner of the blue mini pickup with the custom built 5th wheel

Big AL

Niagara Ontario Canada

 Posted: Jul 10, 2019 08:18AM
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Thanks Howard.

Doug L.
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Mark your calendars now for Mini Meet East 2020 which is being held in Owensboro, Kentucky from July 6-10.

Host Hotel: Best Western Plus 1018 Goetz Dr. Owensboro, KY. (270) 689-0939

Reservations are now being accepted for the 50 available rooms held under the Mini Meet East block at the rate of $100/nt.+taxes for a king room and a double room. Early reservations are encouraged as the rooms under this block at the indicated rate will only be available until May 31, 2020.

Nearby overflow hotels will be identified and announced at a later date.

The event organizer and chairman is Al Frost. Providing support is S.I.R. BRIT (Southern Indiana Regional British Car Club) of which Al is a member.

The event web site is currently under construction, and it's launch along with pre-registration information will be announced soon.