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 info about differences between gold seals units

 Created by: caccatamburo
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Jun 17, 2019 10:17AM caccatamburo  
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 Posted: Jun 17, 2019 10:17AM
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i would like to know the differences between different gold seals units: for example for the innocenti 1300 export original engine was 12h719/832 and the gold replacements were : BHM1209E (1275cc - Gold Seal unit, replaced all Innocenti 1300 engines from engine numbers

                                                                                    prefixed 12H610, 12H635 and 12H832)
                                                                   GSE1109E (1275cc - Gold Seal unit for 1300GT (ADO16) and Innocenti 1300,
                                                                                    11- stud cylinder head)


                                                               or 38G559E (1275cc - Gold Seal unit with Simplex cam drive gears for engine numbers prefixed

                                                                                  12H719 and 12H832, for 1300GT (ADO16) and Innocenti 1300, 11-stud

                                                                                  cylinder head)

Anyone may tell me the differences between theese models?

In GSE1109E and 38G559E is specified that the head is "11 stud", but what about the BH1209E unit? 9 or 11 stud ?

I'm asking this info because i found an innocenti 1300 with this engine but i suspect that the head is not the correct one.
It is only 9 stud and i can only see "10A3" label (as in picture).

Thank's in advance to everyone and sorry for my poor english