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 Identify BMC Engines

 Created by: 1967minicooper
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 Posted: Jan 7, 2019 05:57AM
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The link shown is an excellent resource, though not entirely complete.

If the engine is as-built and has its original serial number plate, the beginning numbers indicate (generally) the engine's displacement. However, if the top of the block has been milled to re-level it,  the original plate may have been lost. They also dissolve when the engine has been chemically dip-cleaned. 

The engine may have been rebuilt modestly or significantly during its lifetime, which may also change its actual displacement.


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 Posted: Jan 6, 2019 07:39AM
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I am not an expert at all, but I found this article very helpful

 Posted: Jan 6, 2019 05:46AM
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.How do tell the difference between the engine sizes? Are there marks on the block to look for?