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BMW Mini Cooper


All files below are provided by Mini Mania as a courtesy to our customers and visitors. Mini Mania does not guarantee their accuracy or validity. Files may or may not be current and should be used as an 'informational guide'.
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    Description Download Size
Download Accessories Catalog NM-NOV05.zip Size: 1.02 MB
Download MINI Tuners Catalog NM_Tuner.zip Size: 833.8 KB
Download Performance Catalog NM_PERF.zip Size: 565.5 KB
    Description Download Size
Download Aero Body Kit - OEM NMX2001_INSTR.zip Size: 350.4 KB
Download AP Racing Big Brake Kit NMB2030_INSTR.pdf Size: 77.6 KB
Download Auto Up Window DSC Fog Controller NMA5503_INSTR.pdf Size: 877.4 KB
Download Auxiliary Gauge Mounting Kit - OEM NMI7625_INSTR.zip Size: 512.7 KB
Download Auxiliary Gauges - OEM NMI7620_INSTR.zip Size: 173.8 KB
Download Auxiliary Input Kit NMI7647_INSTR.pdf Size: 394.5 KB
Download Badge Holder NMA7641_INSTR.pdf Size: 1.52 MB
Download Bike Lift G2NMA1153_INSTR.pdf Size: 2.02 MB
Download Block Heater NME7607_INSTR.pdf Size: 586.3 KB
Download Brake Cooling System NMB4000_INSTR.pdf Size: 354.5 KB
Download Brake Light Pulsar NMA2504_INSTR.pdf Size: 429.7 KB
Download Camshaft- Performance Mini Mania NME6045_INSTR.zip Size: 140.9 KB
Download Camshaft- Performance Schrick NME6041_INSTR.zip Size: 140.9 KB
Download Chrome Bonnet Scoop NMA1110_INSTR.zip Size: 135.8 KB
Download Chrome Handbrake Handle NMA1036_INSTR.pdf Size: 148.0 KB
Download Chrome Mirror Covers NMA1200_INSTR.zip Size: 70.2 KB
Download Cold Ait Intake System - Ultrik NME2030_INSTR.zip Size: 112.9 KB
Download Convertible Controller NMA5504_INSTR.pdf Size: 1.13 MB
Download Crankshaft Pulley NME5030 NME5030_INTR.pdf Size: 118.6 KB
Download Crankshaft Pulley NME5080 NME5080_INSTR.pdf Size: 448.9 KB
Download Dinan ECU upgrade dinan ecu.pdf Size: 1,007.3 KB
Download Driving Lights, Factory type NMA3030_INSTR.zip Size: 596.0 KB
Download Euro Chrome Side Repeaters NMA3032_INSTR.zip Size: 107.3 KB
Download Euro Parcel Shelf -OEM NMI7610_INSTR.pdf Size: 92.8 KB
Download Gas Cap Upgrade Kit NMX1050_INSTR.zip Size: 106.6 KB
Download Hitch NMX61xx_INSTR.pdf Size: 4.17 MB
Download Intercooler Bellows Upgrade NME5006_INSTR.zip Size: 273.7 KB
Download iPod Interface Kit Gen2 - OEM NMI4405_INSTR_new.zip Size: 751.6 KB
Download iPod Interface Kit Gen3 - OEM NMI4405_ Gen3_INSTR.pdf Size: 320.6 KB
Download JCW Cold Air Intake Kit NME7606_INSTR.pdf Size: 778.1 KB
Download JCW Roof Spoiler NMA7651_INSTR.pdf Size: 179.3 KB
Download JCW Shift Indicator NMI7645_INSTR.pdf Size: 1.02 MB
Download Midlands / Rover Manual R65_Gearbox.pdf Size: 9.62 MB
Download Mirror Cover Installation - OEM mirror_cover_instr.pdf Size: 291.3 KB
Download Mobility Kit NMA4015_INSTR.zip Size: 460.0 KB
Download Mudflaps, Front - OEM NMX8100_INSTR.zip Size: 44.6 KB
Download Muffler Bypass Upgrade NME1035_INSTR.pdf Size: 244.8 KB
Download OBD II Code Reader NME4020_INSTR.pdf Size: 917.0 KB
Download Palo Uber Light Bar NMA1322 INSTR.pdf Size: 971.3 KB
Download Pedal Set, Automatic - Ultrik NMA2112_INSTR.zip Size: 63.7 KB
Download Pedal Set- Ultrik NMA2110_INSTR.zip Size: 330.6 KB
Download Precision Steering Amplifier NMS6000_INSTR.pdf Size: 275.8 KB
Download Rear Bumper Step Cover NMA7640_INSTR.pdf Size: 672.9 KB
Download Roof Graphics R56_Roof_Graphics.pdf Size: 76.1 KB
Download Roof Rack OEM Bolt-On NMA8100B_INSTR.pdf Size: 111.0 KB
Download Seat Mounted Adjustable Armrest NMI4040LL.pdf Size: 136.6 KB
Download Shark Injector ECU Upgrade NME4100_INSTR.pdf Size: 1.70 MB
Download Short Shift Kit (Early) NMD1020_INSTR.pdf Size: 245.4 KB
Download Short Shift Kit (Late) NMD1025_INSTR.pdf Size: 146.6 KB
Download Side Marker Lights NMA3032_INSTR.pdf Size: 75.5 KB
Download Skid Plate, Sump Guard NMA3041_INSTR.zip Size: 227.4 KB
Download Sprint Booster (update 04/2013) SPR2095_G1_INSTR.pdf Size: 174.7 KB
Download Sprintex Supercharger NME5200_INSTR.pdf Size: 2.45 MB
Download Sunroof Sunshade NMI1060_INSTR.pdf Size: 119.8 KB
Download Sunroof Wind Deflector NMX1105_INSTR.pdf Size: 587.1 KB
Download Supercharger Pulley Upgrade NME5041 NME5041_INST.pdf Size: 237.9 KB
Download Supercharger Pulley Upgrade NME5045 NME5045_INSTR.pdf Size: 101.5 KB
Download Union Jack Mirror Covers NMA1210_INSTR.zip Size: 339.4 KB
    Description Download Size
Download Mini Cooper Rear Seat Delete -G2NMI6010 G2NMI6010_Inst.pdf Size: 180.3 KB
Download R56 Aero Body Kit - OEM G2NMX7500-P R56_Aero_Body_Kit.pdf Size: 500.6 KB
Download R56 Alarm - OEM R56_Alarm.pdf Size: 628.8 KB
Download R56 Bike Rack Rear Mount - OEM G2NMA1179 R56_Rear_Bike_Rack.pdf Size: 2.85 MB
Download R56 Bonnet Scoop Insulation G2NMA1022 R56_Bonnet_Insulation.pdf Size: 499.8 KB
Download R56 Brake Cooling Ducts - OEM R56_Brake_Cooling_Ducts.pdf Size: 652.8 KB
Download R56 Brake Light Pulsar G2NMA2504 R56_Brake_Light_Pulsar.pdf Size: 2.44 MB
Download R56 Center Armrest - OEM G2NMI2005-01 R56_Center_Armrest.pdf Size: 171.2 KB
Download R56 CP Pistons G2NME8230-P R56 CP Pistons.pdf Size: 296.2 KB
Download R56 Door Lights G2NMX2700-P R56_Door_Lights.pdf Size: 4.93 MB
Download R56 Driving Lights OEM R56_Driving_Lights.pdf Size: 1.10 MB
Download R56 DV+ N14 Diverter Upgrade DV_N14.pdf Size: 717.5 KB
Download R56 DV+ N18 Diverter Upgrade DV_N18.pdf Size: 736.4 KB
Download R56 ECU Upgrade G2NME4300-P R56 ECU Upgrade.pdf Size: 820.1 KB
Download R56 Gauge Kits G2NMI7330-P R56_Gauge Kits.pdf Size: 111.1 KB
Download R56 Grille Badge Holder G2NMX2010 R56_Grille_Badge_Holder.pdf Size: 1.66 MB
Download R56 Intake K&N Typhoon N18 R56_KN_Typhoon_N18.pdf Size: 3.10 MB
Download R56 Intake KN Typhoon JCW & GP R56 KN Typhoon JCW GP.pdf Size: 548.0 KB
Download R56 Intercooler N14 2007-2010 R56_Intercooler_N14.pdf Size: 672.0 KB
Download R56 Intercooler N18 2011+ R56_Intercooler_N18.pdf Size: 581.1 KB
Download R56 Intercooler Outlet Pipe R56_Intercooler_Outlet_Pipe.pdf Size: 1.33 MB
Download R56 iPod Interface - OEM G2NMI1222 R56_iPod_Interface.pdf Size: 236.4 KB
Download R56 JB+ Tune R56_JB_Tune.pdf Size: 380.1 KB
Download R56 JCW Brake Upgrade - OEM R56_JCW_Brakes.pdf Size: 699.8 KB
Download R56 JCW Cold Air Intake R56_JCW_CAI.pdf Size: 163.4 KB
Download R56 JCW Front Strut Brace - OEM R56_JCW_Strut_Brace.pdf Size: 266.6 KB
Download R56 LED Hood Scoop R56_LED_Hood_Scoop.pdf Size: 194.2 KB
Download R56 Mirror Cover OEM G2NMI1090-P R56_Mirror_Cover.pdf Size: 250.6 KB
Download R56 Mud Flaps - OEM G2NMX1000-P R56_Mud_Flaps.pdf Size: 171.3 KB
Download R56 Phone Mount Fixie R56_Phone_Mount_Fixie.pdf Size: 208.6 KB
Download R56 Plasma Ground G2NME3041 R56_Plasma_Ground.pdf Size: 546.7 KB
Download R56 Portable Navigation Interface - OEM R56_Port_Nav.pdf Size: 786.0 KB
Download R56 Projector Headlights R56_Projector_Headlights.pdf Size: 2.10 MB
Download R56 R57 Hitch 2007-2010 R56_R57_Hitch_2007-2010.pdf Size: 906.5 KB
Download R56 R57 R58 R59 Hitch 2011+ Cooper & S R56_7_8_9_mc_mcs_Hitch_Install.pdf Size: 1.08 MB
Download R56 Rally Lights - OEM G2NMA1031-P R56_Rally_Lights.pdf Size: 917.1 KB
Download R56 Rear Bumper Strip - OEM G2NMA1200-P R56_Bumper_Protect.pdf Size: 672.9 KB
Download R56 Rear Spoiler - OEM G2NMA3020 R56_Rear_Spoiler.pdf Size: 109.2 KB
Download R56 Roof Graphics G2NMA1100-P R56_Roof_Graphics.pdf Size: 76.1 KB
Download R56 Roof Rack - OEM G2NMA1150 R56_Roof_Rack.pdf Size: 607.1 KB
Download R56 Roof Rack Cargo Bag - OEM R56_Roof_Cargo_Bag.pdf Size: 963.4 KB
Download R56 RS Style Door Pull G2NMI3530-P R56_RS_Door_Pull.pdf Size: 432.6 KB
Download R56 Saris Solo G2NMA3500 R56_Saris_Solo.pdf Size: 388.8 KB
Download R56 Shift Indicator - OEM R56_Shift_Indicator.pdf Size: 234.7 KB
Download R56 Shift Knob/Boot/Handbrake - OEM G2NMI1030 R56_Shift_Boot.pdf Size: 170.8 KB
Download R56 Side Marker/Scuttle - OEM G2NMA1042-P R56_Side_Marker.pdf Size: 252.1 KB
Download R56 Skid Plate R56_Skid_Plate.pdf Size: 477.3 KB
Download R56 Sport & DSC Controller G2NMB2250-P R56_Sport_DSC_Controller.pdf Size: 965.0 KB
Download R56 Sprint Booster (update 04/2013) SPR2095-P SPR2095_G2_INSTR.pdf Size: 256.3 KB
Download R56 Sunroof Graphics G2NMA1109 R56 Sunroof Graphic.pdf Size: 265.9 KB
Download R56 Sunroof Sunshade G2NMI1060-P R56_Sunroof_Sunshade.pdf Size: 119.8 KB
Download R56 Tapless Adapter for oil press / temp R56_Tapless_Adapter.pdf Size: 298.6 KB
Download R56 Temp Sensor Adapter Auto Temp Sensor Adapter Automatic.pdf Size: 1.55 MB
Download R56 Temp Sensor Adapter Manual Temp Sensor Adapter Manual.pdf Size: 1.53 MB
Download R56 Tow Bar Base Plate Adapter R56_Base_Plate_Adapter.pdf Size: 253.6 KB
Download R56 Tow Bar Base Plate MC 07-08 R56_07-08_MC_BX1304_Base_Plate.pdf Size: 585.8 KB
Download R56 Tow Bar Base Plate MC 2009 R56_09_MC_BX1306.pdf Size: 659.9 KB
Download R56 Tow Bar Base Plate MCS 07-08 R56_07-08_MCS_ BX1305_Base_Plate.pdf Size: 646.5 KB
Download R56 Tow Bar Wiring Harness R56_Wiring_Harness_BX8848.pdf Size: 41.1 KB
Download R56 Unichip ECU Upgrade G2NME4220-P R56 Unichip.pdf Size: 3.44 MB
Download R56 Yakima QuickBack Bike Rack R56_Yakima_QuickBack.pdf Size: 1.08 MB
    Description Download Size
Download Big Brake Wilwood Superlite 6R Wilwood Big Brake Superlite 6R.pdf Size: 469.3 KB
Download Bike Rack Bumper Mount Bike_Rack_Bumper_Mount.pdf Size: 2.97 MB
Download Bike Rack King Joe Trunk Mount King_Joe_Bike_Rack.pdf Size: 2.68 MB
Download Bike Rack Yakima Fullback Fullback_INST a.pdf Size: 2.58 MB
Download Bike Rack Yakima Halfback Halfback_INST a.pdf Size: 2.40 MB
Download Borla Exhaust G3NME2000 Borla_Exhaust.pdf Size: 1.86 MB
Download Borla Exhaust Mid-Pipe G3NME2002 Borla_Mid-Pipe.pdf Size: 1.82 MB
Download Bumper Guard Bumper_Guard.pdf Size: 610.6 KB
Download Bumper Protection Installation Instructions F56 Hardtop Bumper Protector Installation Instructions F56 Hardtop.pdf Size: 817.3 KB
Download Click & Drive Module Click and Drive.pdf Size: 355.9 KB
Download Dinan Elite post 12-2014 Dinan_Elite_post_12-2014.pdf Size: 718.2 KB
Download Dinan Elite pre 12-2014 Dinan_Elite_pre_12-2014.pdf Size: 718.2 KB
Download Dinan Exhaust Dinan_Exhaust.pdf Size: 1.07 MB
Download Dinan Sport Tuner Dinan_Sport_Tuner.pdf Size: 565.7 KB
Download Driving Light Brackets Installation Cravenspeed Driving Light Brackets F56 Hardtop.pdf Size: 625.1 KB
Download Driving Light Dual Bracket installation Driving Light Dual Bracket installation a.pdf Size: 789.0 KB
Download Driving Lights OEM G3NMA1030-P OE_Driving_Lights.pdf Size: 1.79 MB
Download F56 Hardtop Driving Light Kit Installation Instructions F56 Hardtop Driving Light Kit Installation Instructions.pdf Size: 2.23 MB
Download F56 Hitch Install F56_Hitch_Install.pdf Size: 1.22 MB
Download Front Strut Bar NM Strut_Bar.pdf Size: 1.81 MB
Download Intake K&N Typhoon G3NME2310 KN Typhoon.pdf Size: 558.5 KB
Download Intake NM Hi Flow Intake Kit G3NME2100-P NM Hi Flow Intake.pdf Size: 774.5 KB
Download JCW Sport Brakes JCW Sport Brakes.pdf Size: 110.3 KB
Download Mirror Glass and Mirror Cover mirror glass and cover.pdf Size: 325.5 KB
Download Power Module NM G3NME4000 NM Power Module.pdf Size: 868.9 KB
Download Rear Adjustable Control Arms NM G3NMS2111-P NM Adjustable Control Arms.pdf Size: 666.8 KB
Download Rear Sway Bar NM 22mm G3NMS2100 NM Rear Sway Bar.pdf Size: 636.4 KB
Download Roof Rack Yakima G3NMA1170-P Roof_Rack_Yakima.pdf Size: 243.8 KB
Download Roof Rails OEM G3NMX1150-P Roof_Rails.pdf Size: 1.94 MB
Download Shift Knob G3NMI1600-P Shift_Knob.pdf Size: 797.5 KB
Download Short Shift Adapter G3NMD7310 NM_Short_Shift_Adapter.pdf Size: 8.37 MB
Download Smartphone Mount XL Pro Smartphone_XL_Pro.pdf Size: 868.2 KB
Download Sprint Booster Version 3 Sprint_Booster_V3.pdf Size: 457.9 KB
    Description Download Size
Download 2002_Manual_MINI_Cooper_and_S 2002 ManualMINICooperCooperS.pdf Size: 1.68 MB
Download 2003_Manual_MINI_Cooper_and_S 2003 MINI Cooper CooperS.pdf Size: 3.08 MB
Download 2004_Manual_MINI_Cooper_and_S 2004 MINI Cooper CooperS.pdf Size: 1.43 MB
Download 2004_Manual_MINI_Navigation.pdf 2004 MINI_Navigation_manual.pdf Size: 1.73 MB
Download 2005_Manual_MINI_All_Models.pdf 2005 MINIAllModels.pdf Size: 2.67 MB
Download 2005_Manual_MINI_Navigation.pdf 2005 MINI_Navigation_manual.pdf Size: 1.73 MB
Download 2006_Manual_JCW_GP.pdf 2006 JCW_GP_Owners_Manual.pdf Size: 393.2 KB
Download 2006_Manual_MINI 2006_MINI.pdf Size: 2.15 MB
Download 2007_Manual_MINI_Convertible 2007_MINI_Convertible.pdf Size: 1.90 MB
Download 2007_Manual_MINI_Hardtop 2007_MINI_Hardtop.pdf Size: 2.36 MB
Download 2008_Manual_MINI_CLUBMAN 2008_MINI_Clubman.pdf Size: 3.81 MB
Download 2008_Manual_MINI_Convertible 2008_MINI_Convertible.pdf Size: 2.40 MB
Download 2009_Manual_MINI_CLUBMAN 2009_MINI_Clubman.pdf Size: 2.65 MB
Download 2009_Manual_MINI_Convertible 2009_MINI_Convertible.pdf Size: 3.83 MB
Download 2009_Manual_MINI_E 2009_MINI_E.pdf Size: 1.94 MB
Download 2009_Manual_MINI_Hardtop 2009_MINI_Hardtop.pdf Size: 2.63 MB
Download 2010 Manual MINI Coupe Roadster Convertible 2010_MINI_Coupe_Roadster_Convertible.pdf Size: 4.10 MB
Download 2011 Manual Coupe Roadster Convertible 2011_MINI_Coupe_Roadster_Convertible.pdf Size: 3.84 MB
Download 2011 Manual Hardtop Convertible 2011_MINI_Hardtop_Convertible.pdf Size: 3.19 MB
Download 2011 Manual MINI COUNTRYMAN 2011_MINI_COUNTRYMAN.pdf Size: 3.29 MB
Download 2012 Manual Countryman 2012_MINI_Countryman.pdf Size: 3.92 MB
Download 2012 Manual Coupe Roadster Convertible 2012_MINI_Coupe_Roadster_Convertible.pdf Size: 3.81 MB
Download 2012 Manual Hardtop Clubman 2012 MINI Hardtop Clubman.pdf Size: 3.81 MB
Download 2013 Manual Countryman Paceman 2013_MINI_Countryman_Paceman.pdf Size: 4.09 MB
Download 2013 Manual Coupe Roadster Convertible 2013_MINI_Coupe_Roadster_Convertible.pdf Size: 6.96 MB
Download 2013 Manual GP Supplemental 2013_JCW_GP_Supplementary.pdf Size: 5.15 MB
Download 2013 Manual Hardtop Clubman 2013_MINI_Hardtop_Clubman.pdf Size: 3.53 MB
Download 2014 Clubman 2014_MINI_Clubman.pdf Size: 6.38 MB
Download 2014 Manual Countryman Paceman 2014_MINI_Countryman_Paceman.pdf Size: 6.68 MB
Download 2014 Manual Coupe Roadster Convertible 2014_MINI_Coupe_Roadster_Convertible.pdf Size: 6.65 MB
Download 2014 Manual F56 Hardtop 2014_MINI_Hardtop_with_Onboard_Monitor.pdf Size: 3.55 MB