Mini Cooper S Cabrio Review
Created: February 02, 2011
If you think the Mini Cooper S Cabrio is a hairdresser’s car, I suggest you book yourself in for a consultation with a shrink because this topless Mini is one hell of a drive.
Autoblog First Drive: 2011 MINI Cooper S
Created: December 07, 2010
We’re happy to report the 2011 Mini Cooper drives almost exactly like the 2010 Mini Cooper – no real surprise considering the limit of the changes. A boost in horsepower on standard models from 118 to 121 horsepower is nominal, but the Cooper S gets a bump to 181 ponies (up from 172), which can be felt when accelerating up a hill or on-ramp.
Created: June 22, 2010
First photos of the MINI Countryman Cooper S equipped with the Aero Package, just made their way onto the interwebs. Courtesy of BigBlogg, we get a chance to see the first images of this package.
Created: July 31, 2009
MINI John Cooper Works ClubmanTo quote the legendary Sam Cooke completely out of context it’s been a long, a long time coming… But finally, the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman, complete with John Cooper Works Aerodynamic kit, has come.Early in 2008 we were first officially informed of the forthcoming...
Created: April 01, 2005
When MINI unleashed its supercharged Cooper S in 2002, it was a gift from the gods for hot hatch fans. With enough power to exploit the MINI chassis to the full, the model has been a storming success.
Created: January 07, 2004
At the track, Mini Mania's power and suspension upgrades proved a well-enginered package. The Stage III MINI Cooper delivered results that crushed a stock MINI Cooper S. Senior Road Test Editor Chris Walton notes, "You gotta love a front-driver that can get into the elite 70-mph-slalom club. The secret to the Mini Cooper Stage III is to drive it like you're running from the cops. You must trust that the tires will eventually regain grip -- and they do -- on the way to the next slalom cone where you gotta slide it by that one, and so on. I could really feel the limited-slip working at the exit. Where the stock MINI Cooper S hesitates before all the wheels are going the same speed in the same direction, the Stage III says 'Right now!', everything hooks up, and the car blasts out the other side."
Created: November 04, 2002
Autoweek's art director crash-tested the New MINI Cooper S -- the hard way.
Created: July 02, 2002
I went into my local BMW garage this morning and while I was there I decided to take out the new BMW MINI Cooper for a one hour test drive...
Created: March 20, 2002
There's real significance to the 'S' script scribbled discreetly on the new MINI Cooper S - it stands for supercharger. And in almost every way it satisfies
Created: December 18, 2001
An exclusive poll of Britain's national motoring writers and broadcasters has named BMW's beautiful baby as the Star of 2001.
Created: October 29, 2001
Don't just take our word for it: see what AUTOWEEK has to say about Mini Mania's performance upgrades to the New MINI, and its potential for the race track!
Created: August 13, 2001
The hottest pint-size sport sedan of the 1960s, and the original inspiration for the "pocket-rocket" segment, is back. Brought to you by the volk at BMW, the reborn Mini Cooper will come to our shores in March 2002.
Created: July 23, 2001
The New MINI is celebrating its first major award 10-days after going on sale.
Created: July 18, 2001
A rave reception on the streets of Cardiff suggests the new Mini pushes all the right buttons. "This little car is going to sell its socks off," a colleague said as we buzzed a new Mini
Created: July 10, 2001
After the excitement that surrounded the launch of the MINI Cooper, you could be forgiven for thinking that little else on the new car market matters. But nothing could be further from the truth, because this week sees the arrival of the MINI One
Created: June 13, 2001
When the new Mini handlers say they expect to sell upward of 20,000 cars per year beginning in March 2002, you think maybe they're dreaming.
Created: May 29, 2001
The new MINI isn’t so much a rehash of the iconic design by Sir Alec Issigonis — BMW would have been foolhardy to attempt such a thing — as a brand new interpretation of the original ethos. And it works. Brilliantly.
Created: May 29, 2001
Let's get something straight. This Mini bears no relation to the original we have known and mostly loved for more than 40 years.
Created: May 25, 2001
If someone told you that you could have a BMW-engineered hot hatch with a 1.6-litre engine and 115bhp for the price of a Ford Fiesta, you'd think they'd lost their marbles wouldn't you? Yet that's exactly what the German giant is offering British buyers in the shape of the MINI Cooper.
Created: May 24, 2001
The newest MINI road test is in - Auto Express provides a full report...
Why MINI Is So Safe
Created: May 03, 2001
BMW has shown why its new MINI will be the safest car in its class ever when it goes on sale in two months' time.
Created: April 20, 2001
M-DAY is less than three months away, and we can reveal official details on how safe the new MINI will be.
Created: January 12, 2001
The sight of Minis populates my memory of that year. Minis were everywhere, barely bigger than the motorcycles vying for space on the tight streets.
Return of the Mini
Created: October 02, 2000
It's been "missing in action" here for 33 years; but just about every American sports-car enthusiast knows that there is a new Mini in the works - and that it is coming here. The car's worldwide debut will be in less than two weeks, September 28 at the Paris auto show.
Created: September 26, 2000
The original Volkswagen Beetle had it. So did the French Deaux Chevau. And the original Mini from the British Motor Corp. All were popular-selling small vehicles of their day. But they had something else, too—an intangible quality that helped launch a cult following.
The German job
Created: September 12, 2000
FIRST impressions of the new MINI? It was so black and white I thought I was stuck in a parody of Ian Dury's Sweet Gene Vincent - white face, black roof, white socks, black boot, black hair, white wheels...
Inside job: the new MINI
Created: September 12, 2000
From its skinny seats to its bare-bones facia, life within Original Mini was a triumph of logic over tradition. New MINI is very different. Rather unfortunately emphasised by BMW's decision to badge it with capital letters, it is almost 18in longer than its predecessor.