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2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4, an AW Drivers Log Car Review
Created: September 27, 2011
My initial impression of the 2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4? It's too big and heavy to wear the Mini badge. After driving? I am stunned at how much fun even a bigger, heavier Mini can be.
MINI Takes Third in WRC Rally Germany
Created: August 25, 2011
Sordo had a rally long battle with the Ford of Mikko Hirvonen (FI) and after 19 stages and 359.59 kilometres of competition finished 48.1secs ahead of him. For Kris he started the final day in fourth ahead of Petter Solberg (NO) in his Citroen. Despite a rear puncture on the first stage of the day, Meeke only lost 1.1secs to Solberg. However, on the second one what Meeke described as an ‘optimistic’ pace note saw him have an excursion into the vineyards and drop to fifth. Despite this he started a fight back, but then when the car stopped on stage 18 the battle with Solberg was over.
Magna to make another Mini model in Austria: report
Created: January 26, 2011
VIENNA (Reuters) - BMW's  British brand Mini will add another model to the products which Magna builds for it in Austria, newspaper Kleine Zeitung reported on Wednesday.
Q&A with MINI USA on Diesels in the US
Created: January 21, 2011
For the past 4-5 years we’ve been hearing from our US readers one question over and over again; when will we see a MINI Diesel. Capable of over 50 mpg (US) and loaded with torque the Cooper D has been a standout product for MINI around the world. And the forthcoming Cooper SD promises similar effici...
Mini Mania Test drives the new MINI Countryman
Created: January 17, 2011
Mini Mania Test Drive: 2011 NEW MINI Countryman A team from Mini Mania took advantage of the opportunity provided by Niello MINI in Sacramento to test drive one of the new MINI Countrymen. This latest model from BMW MINI seems to be focused to yet further expand the base of customer types that would find a MINI fit into their life style..
Created: December 29, 2010
World Debut The MINI Paceman (Crossover Coupe)
The 2011 Mini Countryman REVEALED!
Created: December 14, 2010
Clearly, the Countryman is a different animal, but the product lineup is similar to other Minis. It starts with the 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman base model, and extends to the S and all-wheel-drive S ALL4.
BMW Considering Two-Cylinder Engines?
Created: October 26, 2010
Oct 26th, 2010 Dr. Klaus Draeger is the man in charge of development at BMW. We’re filing this under rumor for now, but in a recent interview with the German magazine Auto, Motor und Sport he eluded to the possibility of two-cylinder engines in small BMWs and even future MINIs
Created: October 01, 2010
The world premiere of the MINI World Rally Championship car. Based on the MINI Countryman, it is the rally car to watch out for. It is being developed by British rally legends, Prodrive and will be powered by a 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine built by BMW Motorsport. It will be the first World Rally Car designed by MINI for the World Rally Championship since 1967.
MINI Scooter E Concept
Created: September 29, 2010
There are a total of three interpretations of the MINI Scooter E Concept conceived by Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design: two of which will be shown at the Paris Motor Show next week, while the third concept, inspired by the swinging sixties, the hey day of classic Mini is being shown exclusively in London.
Created: September 21, 2010
Created: August 19, 2010
Meet the tiny MINI that packs a mighty punch! Following our scoop that revealed a new smaller MINI is in the pipeline, insiders have hinted that a hot John Cooper Works model will also make production.
Created: July 13, 2010
The concept of the MINI Countryman puts clear water between the new model and the brand’s existing line-up. This new direction is expressed in its confident body design. Measuring 4,097 millimetres (161.3?) in length (MINI Cooper S Countryman: 4,110 mm/161.8?), 1,789 (70.4?) in width and 1,561 millimetres (61.5?) in height, the four......
Created: June 29, 2010
World Debut- The New (Refreshed) MINI
Created: March 16, 2010
Cars are getting bigger batteries while efficiency standards are on the rise worldwide. Through it all BMW has decided to become not only the maker of performance oriented cars but efficient ones as well. Core to that plan is the MINI brand and the future ...
Created: December 23, 2009
Behind the Beachcomber: An Insiders Look at MINI's Latest Concept
Created: November 18, 2009
Created: October 29, 2009
We know that BMW has grand plans for its smallest brand
Created: September 21, 2009
MINIs 2010 Press Kit All Models
Created: September 15, 2009
World Debut- The MINI Speedster Concept
Created: September 09, 2009
MINI Coupe Concept Production Announcement
Created: September 09, 2009
Created: August 26, 2009
World Debut- The MINI Coupé Concept
Created: August 05, 2009
Created: July 23, 2009
The New Mini Cooper Broadspeed Rendering
Created: June 25, 2009
MINI's Mid Life-Cycle Refresh Coming in 2010
Created: May 06, 2009
The Mini Cooper was redesigned for the 2007 model year. Beginning with 2008 models manufactured after July 2008, changes were made to the side torso airbags to improve occupant protection in side impact crashes
Created: February 04, 2009
Created: January 23, 2009
Connie Keane of MOTOR MATTERS test drives the 2009 JCW MINI Cooper - a hip and Euro-looking Mini now with a new top-of-the line, sport-oriented companion to join the hardtop, convertible and clubman models. The new Mini John Cooper Works is designed for the unconventional and it shows.
Created: October 02, 2008
MINI Press Conference Transcript from the Paris Motor Show
Created: September 10, 2008
Created: August 26, 2008
It’s only been on sale for a month, yet the new MINI John Cooper Works has already claimed the title of Best Hot Hatch 2008, awarded by Auto Express.
Created: August 08, 2008
After the burnouts are done and the arm-drop signals the start, drag racing enthusiasts attending this weekend’s PINKS All Out competition may find themselves cheering on a new crowd favorite
Mini Cooper Clubman History
Created: May 02, 2008
Mini Cooper Clubman Less attractive than a drunk Jade Goody, Mini's Clubman doesn't make the best case for itself... hopefully it can claw back some credibility from the drive. I'll come clean from the start. I didn't really know what to exp.
Created: March 21, 2008
FEATURE- BMW's calm before the ‘double cone cyclone
Created: January 22, 2007
Created: May 29, 2005
BMW wants to sell even more Minis in North America, and this is how it's going to do it: with a 4x4 `soft-roader'. A rally car – and possibly a rally team – could also follow.
Created: May 26, 2004
THE German car maker BMW is close to deciding on a major expansion of its Mini plant in Oxford to cope with booming demand for the iconic car. Output cannot grow much beyond the current 180,000 units because the plant's paint shop is already working almost at full capacity.
Created: May 01, 2003
Hundreds of Mini owners in the United States are seeing red over a safety device for their cars that BMW Group won't turn on. The item? Rear fog lights.
Created: March 20, 2002
Mini dealers hope to make their new baby a household name in America. With a base price of $16,850, dealers will get a decent 10 percent profit margin. But they still plan to make most of their money from accessory sales and merchandise.
Created: March 20, 2002
It’s been 35 years since the last Mini was sold in the US. Now BMW is getting ready for the launch of the MINI, and dealers, media and technicians are learning about the new car’s heritage and discovering first hand from people such as Paddy Hopkirk what the car is all about.
Created: March 12, 2002
Some people feel that the New MINI lacks the sporting edge -- which is why the Sussex-based Cooper garages has been developing a high-performance model.
Created: February 14, 2002
If you can't wait for the official version of the MINI cabrio, there is an alternative: have your MINI fitted with an "unofficial" ragtop in Sussex!
Created: October 15, 2001
The rumors from England are that the two colors of MINI seen here will be available only on the Cooper S models, due to be released
Created: October 03, 2001
MINI fans are going to blow their top at the sight of this! BMW has plans to build a whole range of models around its new baby, and the first will be this amazing roadster
Super Cool!
Created: September 25, 2001
A New MINI concept car running entirely on supercooled hydrogen was unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, which closed Sept. 22.
Created: September 04, 2001
THE new Mini is being recalled because of fears that fuel vapour from its petrol tank could cause an explosion.
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Created: August 21, 2001
Quick thinking and a beer can close at hand saved designer Frank Stephenson's presentation of the New MINI
Created: August 06, 2001
An on-line dealer in England is offering £1000 discounts on new right hand drive Mini One and Mini Cooper models.
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Created: July 23, 2001
The award-winning MINI will be joined by more siblings next year. BMW confirmed
Created: July 16, 2001
BMW is holding talks with Toyota about the possibility of buying diesel engines for 30 per cent of BMW’s new Mini cars.
Created: July 13, 2001
Interest in the new Mini has been described as “completely unprecedented”, with crowds of people converging on showrooms to catch a glimpse
Created: July 10, 2001
The name that has graced some of the most desirable Minis of all-time is back. Though not yet officially recognised by BMW, the famous John Cooper Works badge will be ready for action from early next year.
Created: July 09, 2001
Over 1500 orders have been taken for the new MINI in its launch weekend of July 7th according to BMW's initial figures.
Created: July 06, 2001
And here it is, undisguised, sweating it out on hot-weather testing in Arizona's Death Valley. That air intake on the bonnet shows that this is the really quick one,
Created: June 25, 2001
A new Cooper visits a northern California car show.
Created: June 04, 2001
A wooden dashboard, Sport Suspension Plus, heated door mirrors and an auto-dimming rear view mirror – it's all available on the dazzling new MINI. BMW has unveiled the full range of options this week, and the good news is...
Created: May 24, 2001
The new MINI has been launched in Perugia, Italy and the occasion has been chosen to announce that Britain – the home of MINI – will be the first country in the world to see the car on sale (7th July), two months before anywhere else.
Created: May 21, 2001
BMW Financial Services NA, LLC (BMW FS) is launching a group of services to support the company's MINI brand.
Created: May 21, 2001
Rumours have it that the Cooper S model of the new MINI may not stay as top-dog in the showrooms for long...
Created: May 10, 2001
Volume production of MINI One and MINI Cooper began on April 26 2001, at BMW Group's Oxford plant, on schedule for UK and European launches in July and September respectively.
Created: April 26, 2001
Volume production of MINI One and MINI Cooper begins today at BMW Group's Oxford plant on schedule for a UK launch in July...
Created: April 24, 2001
Motorists in the market for a new MINI have already placed £50 million worth of advanced orders...
Created: April 19, 2001
BMW Canada announced today that it has named TAXI as its advertising agency for the Company's new MINI brand.
Created: March 28, 2001
It's the most eagerly awaited car of the year and potentially the most controversial of the decade. Expectation is huge, as anyone interested in cars has an opinion about it – before it's even turned a wheel.
Created: March 27, 2001
MINI will not be attending this year's London Motor Show.
Created: March 13, 2001
Coinciding with the reveal of MINI ONE in Geneva, BMW Group has announced European performance figures for the MINI COOPER, due in the US from March 2002.
Created: February 27, 2001
BMW has finally unveiled its MINI for the masses, the sub-£10,000 entry level version of the rejuvenated car that it hopes will emulate the success of the classic original.
Created: February 26, 2001
The new entry level Mini will be unveiled at the Geneva motor show next week. The Cooper versions have been displayed at previous motor shows, but news of the non-Cooper Mini which will be known as Mini One has only just been revealed.
Created: February 19, 2001
Rumors abound that mid-decade BMW will replace the current MINI engine (a Tritec unit manufactured in Brazil) with a BMW-designed engine using gasoline direct injection, probably the same engine that will power the BMW 2-series.
Created: February 16, 2001
MINI announced today the selection of Crispin Porter Bogusky, Miami, as its Brand Advocacy Partner. Crispin Porter Bogusky's role will be to support the launch and on-going development of the overall MINI brand experience in the US market.
Created: February 15, 2001
At a presentation by BMW in Holland it was announced that New MINI production will begin next week at Cowley. However, Mark Harrison of MINI UK denied this.
Created: February 12, 2001
The fact that Toronto might not be hip enough to get a Mini franchise gives you some idea of how different BMW's strategy for marketing this new line of small cars will be.
Created: February 09, 2001
Jeep concept may use New MINI's engine A Jeep concept vehicle could be the first to use an early version of the supercharged engine destined for the New MINI Cooper S.
Created: February 06, 2001
By offering its workers a deal they could hardly refuse, BMW has avoided an industrial relations dispute that could have threatened production of its new Mini in the UK.
Created: February 06, 2001
The MINI dealer network begins to take shape this week with the signing of MINI dealership contracts by BMW (GB) Ltd. All BMW dealers were offered the opportunity to sell MINI as a distinct brand, separate to BMW cars, and all dealers took up the challenge. 95 per cent received the thumbs-up this week to progress with their building works, and the recruitment of over 300 new staff in the MINI outlets.
Created: January 22, 2001
The first Mini dealership contracts were signed by BMW this week,in preparation for the launch of the new Mini. All BMW dealers were offered the opportunity to sell Mini as a distinct brand, separate to BMW cars, and all dealers took up the challenge. Around 95 per cent received the thumbs-up this week to progress with their building works, and the recruitment of over 300 new staff in the Mini outlets.
Created: January 18, 2001
MINI by name and mini by reaction. That's exactly how the Americans greeted the new MINI when it made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show.
Created: January 15, 2001
Waiting lists for the new car are so long that BMW are waiting until the last minute to put the cars into dealerships.
Created: January 15, 2001
Despite the current craze over huge sport-utility vehicles, there is reason to believe that the small car may be on the verge of a boom in the United States.
Created: January 14, 2001
A mini British invasion, or rather a British MINI invasion hit Los Angeles today as the team bringing the all-new MINI COOPER to the US landed to show off their little British legend.
Created: January 12, 2001
One of the biggest draws at the Detroit motor show previews during the past week has been the new Mini from BMW. But market analysts are questioning whether the car - even in the performance Mini Cooper version - will attract the 20,000 buyers annually that BMW hopes for in the North American market.
Created: January 12, 2001
One of the biggest draws at the Detroit motor show previews during the past week has been the new Mini from BMW
Created: January 12, 2001
BMW's new MINI is currently on display in Munich, according to MiniWorld reader Wolfgang Tarnofsky.
Created: January 11, 2001
BMW AG's Mini Cooper compact car drew a crowd when it was unveiled at the motor show in Detroit, but doubts linger as to how well it will sell in the U.S. The Mini, which the German luxury car maker hung on to after disposing of the Rover group last spring, will go on sale in Germany and the U.K. this summer. The U.S. Mini Cooper version will be available in the U.S. from spring 2002.
Created: January 09, 2001
THE MINI makes its US comeback this week with the launch at the Detroit Motor Show. The model doesn't go on US sale until March next year, but just like VW has used the new Beetle to re-kindle sales, BMW hopes the revamping it has done on Mini will bring a resurgence for the 1960s icon. Selling for around £13,000 in the US, the Mini's main competitor will be the new VW Beetle.
Created: January 08, 2001
Woodcliff Lake, January 08, 2001, … MINI COOPER today made its US debut at the Detroit International Auto Show following its triumphant press and public unveilings in Europe.
Created: November 22, 2000
The prestigious British Mini and Bentley car brands may be swapped in a deal believed to be under discussion at BMW and Volkswagen. The possibility of Mini being transferred from BMW to VW in exchange for Bentley has been discussed at boardroom level in Germany. Such a move would result in VW having ownership of the world's two most famous small car brands in the Mini and the Beetle, while Bentley would be reunited with Rolls-Royce.
Created: November 02, 2000
The new MINI COOPER, due to be unveiled in the US at the North American International Auto Show in January 2001, has been wowing crowds at its home debut at the British International Motor Show.
Created: October 26, 2000
MINI, a division of BMW of North America, Inc., has retained Roth Associates to consult in the brand's search for a Brand Advocacy Partner(s) to manage the launch and on-going support of the MINI brand in the U.S. "This is not your run-of-the-mill agency search.
Created: October 19, 2000
New Mini looks set to become a high street name under plans revealed by BMW at the Birmingham International Motor Show. As the long awaited replacement for Britain's best loved little car made its UK debut at the NEC, BMW announced a radical marketing strategy for its new baby.
Created: October 18, 2000
A BMW boss has stressed the importance of the new Mini to the British manufacturing industry. Speaking at the British International Motor Show in Birmingham, Dr Norbert Reithofer said: "At a time when there are questions hanging over the future of some car manufacturing operations in the UK, the investment in plant and jobs at the state-of-the-art Oxford factory are a shot in the arm for the UK car industry.
Created: October 17, 2000
BMW's new MINI made its UK debut and attracted huge attention today at the International Motor Show in Birmingham, a week after getting "the thumbs up from potentially its fiercest critics," MINI's general manager, Trevor Houghton-Berry, said today.
Created: October 12, 2000
The press conference (which was packed, as was the stand for the duration of both press days) featured BMW's top two execs, who spoke about the role of the MINI (yes, according to BMW, it's all caps) as a premium brand alongside BMW and Rolls Royce (starting in 2003). They announced a price for the Cooper "well under DM30,000", so I'll let the rest of you do the various conversions. An entry level Mini and high end Cooper S were also confirmed.
BMW Reveals Mini Family
Created: October 06, 2000
The newly born Mini is set to expand into a family of models, including a cabriolet, an estate and even a pick-up. BMW, which retained ownership of the brand in the wake of the Rover crisis, is giving visitors to the Paris Motor Show a preview of how the new models could look by showing a computer-generated film of each of them.
Created: October 03, 2000
Designing and building the new Mini, which was launched at the Paris Motor Show, was a 'high-risk' decision, according to the man who led the design and engineering team. Dr Burkhardt Goeschel talked about the car as it continued to draw huge interest at the show.
The Mini finally grows
Created: October 02, 2000
Forty one years after it was first produced, the Mini has attracted a middle aged spread. The new-look model unveiled at the Paris Motor Show is 11 inches longer than existing Minis. At 11ft long, it is now similar in size to family hatchbacks such as the Ford Fiesta.
Created: October 02, 2000
The new Mini, the sensation of the Paris Car Show this week, could be stretched to create a Clubman Mini wagon or a two-seat pickup truck version of the legendary British small car, its designer said on Friday.
Created: September 29, 2000
The relief of ending BMW's troubled association with Rover is clearly showing. The 56-year-old professor of engineering was in good spirits as he launched the company's new Mini and its new name: the MINI. "We are the only car company in Europe not to have any weak positions," he says.
Created: September 28, 2000
Created: September 27, 2000
Mini mania is about to start. If BMW AG has its way, this fall will mark the beginning of frenzied anticipation for Britain's longtime favorite small car, the Mini. The cute, economical auto with the heart of a race champion is being reincarnated in a new, modern package by BMW, which now owns the Mini name.
Created: September 26, 2000
Move over, Volkswagen New Beetle. Out of the way, Chrysler PT Cruiser. Mini is coming back. Great Britain's longtime favorite small car and 1960s trendsetter is returning to U.S. shores for the first time since 1967. The new model—sporting a new spelling in all capital letters: MINI—will be sold by a select number of BMW dealers starting in early 2002.
BMW's little problem
Created: September 18, 2000
The new Mini is too little and too late. Not little in the physical sense - it is 18in longer than the original - but in the scarcity of advanced and clever ideas. That it is late is indisputable. It can be argued that a new Mini should have appeared 30 years ago, but even the car that goes public this week will have taken nearly seven years from the idea to delivery.
Paris debut for Cooper
Created: September 12, 2000
At the same time as the world's media see the Mini for the first time, anyone with access to the internet can do so too as the unveiling will be broadcast live on the Mini web site at www.mini.com . The wraps come off at 11.30 am UK time.
Created: September 12, 2000
Following on the heels of the retro-looking Volkswagen New Beetle and the Chrysler PT Cruiser, the Mini, the little British car that revolutionized the small car segment in the 1960s, will return to the U.S. market in 2002, BMW AG said. Over 30 years after the last Minis were sold in the United States,
Created: September 08, 2000
German luxury automaker BMW said on Thursday it has begun installing assembly equipment at its Oxford, England, plant for the Mini, the little car it inherited from Britain's Rover. BMW will spend $330 million on machinery, equipment and plant work to prepare for the expected Mini production launch in early summer of 2001, the company said in a statement released in the United States.
New Mini Faces The World
Created: September 06, 2000
The car that refused to die has finally met its match! The greatest four-wheeled icon ever to hit the road is ready to roll out of showrooms once again and capture the imagination and hearts of millions of motorists across the globe.
Created: August 02, 2000
BMW is snubbing the British International Motor Show and launching the new Mini in Paris instead. The decision by the German group is a major blow to organisers of October's show in Birmingham. The German group confirmed the long-awaited launch would now take place at the Paris Motor Show, just two weeks before the National Exhibition Centre event.
Created: July 19, 2000
There is growing speculation that Rover might want to build a small car aimed at the same sector as the new Mini. Rover is also wary of giving too much credence to suggestions that the Austin and Morris names could return. The indications are that in particular it would like to bring back the Austin Healey marque.
Created: June 09, 2000
UK components in the new Mini which is to be built in Cowley by BMW, will contain only 40% of components sourced in the UK. This compares to the current Mini which has a local content of 95%.
Created: April 24, 2000
BMW AG said on Monday that Alchemy Partners was its first choice of partner to buy its loss-making Rover car unit, and that it expected to conclude negotiations soon with the private equity firm.
Created: April 05, 2000
Celebrities from across the country are being asked to turn their hands to car design, to mark the launch of the new Mini. In the run-up to the launch of the new Mini, the car is teaming up with a number of leading celebs and artists to produce specially designed one-off ‘Star Cars’.
Created: March 30, 2000
One night after work I decided to stop off at Mini Mania just to see what was going on -- and I am now very glad that I did. Don Racine saw me pull up and asked if I would join him in his office to discuss a matter of importance. He asked if I might be interested in becoming involved in a "focus group" discussing future plans for the Millennium Mini.
Created: February 23, 2000
BMW's concept model of the new Mini incorporates the style and economy of its predecessor. Its U.S. release is scheduled in about 18 months after a 30-year absence.
Created: February 06, 2000
BMW, emboldened by the success of Volkswagen's nostalgic New Beetle, is considering bringing the Mini back to the USA.
Created: February 03, 2000
The new Mini will make its official world debut in October 2000 at the Birmingham International Motor Show.
Created: January 30, 2000
Top executives of German car maker BMW have for the first time suggested that they may have to close down their UK subsidiary Rover Group because of mounting losses.