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BMW Mini Cooper
MINI Cooper S Oil Catch Can Installation Guide
Created: May 09, 2018
Protect your investment in your MINI Cooper S engine with this welded oil catch can with push lock fittings! Incorporates mesh baffling to slow oil vapors so they cool & condense inside the can. Kit includes everything you'll need aside from common tools to install in under 1 hour. Call our experts today!
MINI Cooper Short Shift Kit Installation Instructions
Created: April 12, 2018
The ULTRIK Short Shift kit will reduce the shifter movement between gears by almost 20% on your 10/2003+ MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S manual transmission. The easy to install extension is simply slipped on and pinned to the bottom of the stock gearshift lever. No need to remove the entire shifter.
MINI Cooper Shark Injector ECU Upgrade Install Instructions & FAQ
Created: April 11, 2018
Enhance your manual transmission MINI Cooper & Cooper S with the Shark Injector! Enjoy more torque, quicker response, smoother running engine, with one upgrade. Easily reversible to stock software leaving no trace. These installation instructions include the FAQ. Unit is not available in California.
MINI Cooper Rear Spoiler Wing Installation Instructions
Created: November 22, 2017
Add the JCW Carbon Fiber Roof Spoiler to your MINI Cooper for enhanced aerodynamics. The OEM rear spoiler not only looks great, it also improves your MINI's ability to stick to the road. Simple bolt-on installation with these instructions. Fits: 2007-2013 R56 MINI Cooper & Cooper S Hatchback .
Created: November 10, 2017
Upgrade your MINI Cooper ECU with these remove & replace instructions, and gain exceptional horsepower and torque. Renowned for smooth drivability and exceptional reliability this software has been proven to be the best. NM software re-maps boost pressure, ignition timing, air fuel ratios, throttle response and rev limiter (manual trans).
Created: November 09, 2017
High performance forged pistons that can handle boost & maximum horsepower for your MINI Cooper. CP forged pistons feature superb ring seal, higher vacuum, lower blow-by, greater durability and increased horsepower and torque through the powerband. See this article for specifications, recommendations, ring gap measurements, and honing instructions.
How-To Install a BSH Oil Catch Can For MINI Coopers
Created: November 29, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Install a BSH Oil Catch Can For MINI Coopers
How-To Install a Thermostat Housing on a MINI Cooper S Gen 2
Created: August 30, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Install a Thermostat Housing on a MINI Cooper S Gen 2
How-To Install a High Flow Induction Kit in your MINI Cooper
Created: August 15, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Install a High Flow Induction Kit in your MINI Cooper
Find the best Intake Upgrade for your MINI Cooper
Created: April 08, 2016
Mini Cooper Intake Upgrades are designed to improve the flow of air into the engine by replacing the restrictive stock airbox and filter. Gains are typically felt in the mid-to-upper RPM with typical horsepower gains of 4 to 6 HP.
Find the correct Cold Air Intake K&N for your MINI Cooper
Created: February 26, 2016
Cold Air Intake upgrade is one of the simplest performance upgrades you can do to your Mini Cooper and Cooper S. Whether it is a simple filter replacement or a complete Intake Kit, these products are 'bolt-on' solutions with no permanent modifications to the Mini and completely reversible to stock
Mini Cooper Cold Air Intake K&N Typhoon Installation Instructions
Created: December 30, 2015
The K&N Typhoon air intake is designed to dramatically reduce air flow restriction as it smoothes and straightens air flow. This allows your engine to inhale a larger amount of air than the factory air intake. More air means more usable power and acceleration throughout the engine’s RPM range.
Mini Cooper Intake K&N Typhoon for JCW & GP 2011+
Created: December 29, 2015
The K&N Typhoon air intake system is a free-flowing, mandrel-bent aluminum tube air induction system designed to fit Mini Cooper JCW and GP models
FInd the best Water Pump for your MINI Cooper
Created: December 10, 2015
Mini Cooper Water Pump Application Guide to help you identify the correct item for your MINI
Performance Upgrade Kits for F55 and F56 Mini Coopers
Created: October 28, 2015
Mini Cooper Performance Upgrade Kits including Engine Upgrade kits and Suspension Upgrade Kits.
Find the right Main Bearing for your 2009 R56 MINI Cooper
Created: October 21, 2015
Mini Cooper Main Bearing Identification Instructions.
MINI Cooper Crankshaft Pulley Harmonic Fluid Damper
Created: October 12, 2015
Introducing the Pro Series Fluid Filled Harmonic Balancer for the MINI! We know the stock Cooper S Harmonic Balancer fails ofer time due to the deterioration of the rubber supports. This unit is a far better design, more durable, and Costs LESS than the factory replacement!
Ignition System Maintenance and Upgrade for your MINI Cooper
Created: August 21, 2015
If your Mini is starting to run a little 'rough', approaching high mileage, or you noticed your gas mileage falling off - the ignition system is one of the three main areas (air, fuel, & ignition) that you need to inspect.
FInd the correct MINI Cooper Timing Chain Factory Replacement
Created: July 08, 2015
Mini Cooper Timing Chain MINI factory replacement parts. The Timing Chain and related components are typically replaced during an engine overhaul, or if the timing chain 'stretches' beyond acceptable limits. When this happens, the timing chain will start to make 'rattling' sounds.
Find the correct Engine Motor Mount for your MINI Cooper
Created: July 01, 2015
Mini Cooper Engine Mount Motor Mount Application Guide. The factory original engine mount is a hydraulic unit that tends to fail over time. If you see a black mess under the engine mount, the fluid has leaked out and it has failed.
How to find the right Clutch Replacement for your MINI Cooper
Created: June 19, 2015
Identifying the correct MINI Factory Clutch Kit can be confusing. The part number varies depending on the production year, Cooper or Cooper S, and engine type. The chart below should help you find the correct kit. The clutch on the Mini is designed to function properly at a given horsepower figure (plus some headroom).  As the Mini engine gets upgraded producing more power than stock, the increased horsepower can overpower the stock clutch's clamping force and/or the friction material on the clutch disc.  This can cause excessive clutch slip and the net result is a burnt clutch making the Mini non-operational. 
How to choose the right Cat Back Exhaust for your MINI Cooper
Created: June 12, 2015
Make an Educated Decision on the Performance Cat Back Exhaust system that fits your MINI Cooper to a "T". Our MINI Cooper Performance Cat Back Exhaust Application Guide lists an assortment of manufacturers for all MINI makes and models. Explore your options, discover which exhaust manufacturer is right for you - and make an educated decision.
Find the correct Flywheel for your MINI Cooper
Created: June 10, 2015
Application Guide for Factory Replacement Flywheels.
MINI Cooper Valve Cover Gasket and Tube Seal Replacement
Created: January 08, 2015
MINI Cooper Valve cover gasket replacement & Spark plug tube seal replacement
Advisory Notice for Operations in California (CARB)
Created: August 22, 2014
Please note that certain aftermarket exhaust systems may not comply with applicable California laws and regulations
NM Engine Torque Arm Bushing Insert Installation Instructions
Created: February 22, 2013
ROUND TYPE Premium Engine Torque Arm Mount Insert is made of polyurethane and reduces engine movement allowing for quicker and more direct transfer of power from the engine to the wheels.
NM Hi-Flow Induction Kit Installation Instructions - US Models
Created: February 22, 2013
MINI Cooper Hi-Flow Induction Kit Installation Instruction for US model MINIs
MINI Cooper Hi-flow Induction Kit G2NME2112 Installation
Created: February 22, 2013
A lower cost Hi-Flow intake system without the Inlet Tube for the turbocharged MINI Cooper S models with the N18 engine. Stainless brackets and silicone couplings are all designed, engineered and manufactured to fit and perform.
Created: February 22, 2013
NM Turbo Heat Shield Titanium Installation Instructions for R55 R56 R57 R60
MINI Cooper Billet Aluminum Catch Tank Installation-NM
Created: February 22, 2013
MINI Cooper Billet Aluminum Catch Tank Installation Instructions
MINI Cooper Performance R53 Camshaft Installation Instructions
Created: March 08, 2006
Installation instructions for the NME6041 camshaft for the MINI Cooper S
NMD1020 ULTRIK Short Shift Kit Installation Instructions
Created: March 08, 2006
Reduce your MINI Cooper's shifter movement by nearly 20%! Fits 2002-09/2003 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hatchback, the easy to install extension is simply slipped on and pinned to the bottom of the stock gearshift lever.
MINI Cooper Skid Plate Installation Instructions NMA3041
Created: April 07, 2005
Even a stock MINI is fairly low to the ground, and when you install lowered springs or low profile tires you should absolutely protect the bottom of your drive train.