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Dynaplug® Tire Repair Tool
Created: January 21, 2015
Dynaplug® was designed as an easy-to-use solution for DIY tubess tire repair will make fast, permanent repairs on 98% of all tubeless punctures.
The Pirelli P-Zero™ Trofeo - D.O.T. Approved State-of-the-Art Track Tire for Serious Driving
Created: April 06, 2012
The P Zero™ Trofeo achieves improved grip, uniform contact pressure and better control at speed.
The Pirelli P-Zero™ Trofeo - D.O.T. Approved Track Tire
Created: April 05, 2012
Even in the most demanding sessions, it ensures high levels of grip and constant trajectories. Although engineered specifically for the racetrack, the P Zero™ Trofeo is also approved for road use, enabling travel to the track
Created: August 24, 2010
Mini Cooper Flat tire automatic monitoring system can need periodic resetting- this procedure tell us how to do it.
Resetting the Flat Tire Monitor
Created: September 05, 2007
Resetting your MINI Cooper Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a fairly simple and basic process. However, the steps differ slightly, depending on the year and make of your car. Follow the simple steps outlined in this article specifically created for your MINI Cooper or Cooper S make and model.
Improper Tire Pressure May Drastically Affect Your Gas Mileage?
Created: April 22, 2007
How you treat your tires actually goes a long way in determining what you spend on gas. Tires are often neglected because people do not know that they affect their gas mileage. A good tire maintenance culture will not only make your rides safer, it will also leave a little more in your pocket.