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Mini Mania
Created: November 14, 2018
Check out this resource rich Q & A with real life examples MINI Cooper related questions from our customers and our answers. Do you have your own question? Leave a comment below. Mini Mania is the leading online source for classic Mini and MINI Cooper parts.
How to Use the WISHLIST Feature on Our Website
Created: November 20, 2013
Wish your family could read your mind and get you what you'd REALLY like for the holidays? Mini Mania’s Wish List feature is just what you’re looking for!
BMC Name Changes
Created: March 30, 2012
The British Motor Corporation (BMC) was formed in 1952 by joining the Nuffield Organization (Morris, MG, Riley, and Wolseley) with the Austin Motor Company. It was during BMC’s reign that the Mini was designed and introduced.
Advanced Street Driving Skills
Created: December 11, 2009
Advanced Street Driving Skills Created: December 11, 2009 Now that we’ve spent some time explaining where engine performance comes from, and how to get more out of your MINI Cooper S or Cooper, we need to inject a note of reality. No matter how much potential speed and performance an owner builds into a car, fast is as fast does. At the end of the ra..
Created: December 28, 2005
Unleash the full potential of your MINI Cooper or MINI Coper S! Mini Mania introduces the Unichip computer software upgrade kit that optimizes your MINI Cooper or Cooper s for PERFORMANCE. The stock MINI Cooper software provides a delicate balance between efficiency and performance for the average MINI Cooper owner. For the performance minded MINI Cooper owner, the Unichip upgrade shifts this balance towards performance by re-mapping the software and greatly increasing the sampling rate, all without sacrificing reliability. Multiple computer maps are available to match the level of modifications on your MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S.