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Flexpod Products - Bracket types and attachments
Created: April 11, 2013
Flexpod products - A explanation of Bracket Types and attachments. Style of mount: Fixie vs. Pro Series Fixie Our Fixie mount is an all-in-one style bracket. It attaches to the back of the tachometer, and reaches up to mount your phone at the optimal 2 o’clock position i...
Cleaning Vinyl and Leather Seats with Prima Car Care Products
Created: April 01, 2013
The most common problem leading to ratty looking seats is a combination of material stiffening due to age and stitching degradation. We can prevent both by following the steps outlined below.
MINI Cooper Door Panel Removal
Created: March 13, 2013
Understanding how to repair the Door Panel on your MINI could also include the need for any of the many little parts involved- ask the experts MiniMania.com
MINI Cooper Seat Back Recline Adjuster problem 02-06
Created: June 30, 2010
If your seat back angle adjuster suddenly stops working, here is a simple and 'free' fix that seams to work for most people.
MINI Cooper Door Latch Actuator Repair, 2002-2006
Created: June 28, 2010
Mini Cooper Door Lock repair instructions complete with all the parts needed to do the complete job right the first time from the experts at MiniMania.com