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Cylinder Head
MINI Cooper Cylinder Head Performance Improvement
Created: January 06, 2006
It is really un-nerving for me to think about all the conversations I have with people that think that simply installing a bigger camshaft, a smaller supercharger pulley, a high flow exhaust or a better intake will be “THE” answer to more performance. The over-used statement that the internal combustion engine is a simple ‘air pump’ never seems to get the point across. The Engine is really a complex number of components that MUST work together to produce the power to turn the crankshaft, that turns the transmission that turns the wheels that move the car. It is simplistic to think that simply changing one component without considering the rest will result in the optimum performance increase.
MINI Cooper Cylinder Head Performance Improvement Considerations
Created: December 30, 2005
There is no single 'magic bullet' upgrade that will take your MINI to optimum horsepower, as all components are designed to work together to give the best performance. This technical paper explains what happens when an upgrade is installed on a stock cylinder head, and what changes you might want to make next to take maximum advantage of that extra boost.